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019: Tropical Turnout - 1UPdudes
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 4 - 019: Tropical Turnout - 1UPdudes
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Owner: 1UPdudes

World: 4
Exits: 1
Theme: Cave
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: This should be a lead-in to world 4, the beach/reef area. Try to consider throwing in some sandy aspects here, though not to the point where the level becomes desert-like.

Im currently making this level now.
Seeing as it leads into W4 Im going to make the main level be in a cave while at the end open up into a beachy, and more vibrant area.
So far I just have a slight chunk of progress cause I only got this level today, Ive got two screens done so all I ask is you ignore the bad koopa and various other pallettes.

I dont have a BG yet to bare with me. :3
Including the color of the BG, it doesn't look much like a cave now, but more like a night-beach. Don't have more to say actually, since it's just Mario + A few slopes + water + green koopa + 2 turn blocks.

Your layout has been removed.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Disable LM's palette animation- click the Coin icon in the toolbar and un/check the obvious box.

I believe you should base your level off a pre-existing one, so you can get all the palettes without copying them.
Also, good to see that somebody finally took this level :P Don't disappoint us, now!

aran - Graces of Heaven
Rights, I re-did the level, (two screens haha) with the correct base pallette.

Any suggestions for a BG?
Also whihc number are the caves tracks, Ive had the idea of making a suggestion for a music list so people know what songs are in the rom.
If this is somewhere please link me it.
Composition list

Also, regarding the BG, quite a lot of people have been designing their levels without a BG because there aren't a whole lot of them yet. Until somebody gives you one, you shouldn't worry much about them.

aran - Graces of Heaven
Ok then, and thanks for the list!
All I ask is that you try to incorporate a fair introduction into the water/beach world. I'm not expecting a full-blown ASM gimmick or anything like that (well, unless you think it'll enhance your level), but definitely try to do something more than just making the graphics look like a cave. Think of a creative idea, and roll with that.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
My idea for the level is to start in a cave, the mid point will be just before the next section which will lead into a sorta "tropical" grassland, which I hope to incoperate some kinda of underwater bonus area to put a SMWC coin in.

First of all I have my main level parts roughly around 90% done, all that is left are BG's and slight tweaks.

The name I have for this level is, [/IMG]
"Tropical Turnout"

The name is this as the level starts in a dank cave, then after traveling through and underwater channel you end up outside on a beachy grassland.

In the Cave, The first SMWC coin appears!

The Porcopuffer turns up, I need an invincible one for this level. Ive made the request.

Into the underwater channel! (No BG yet)

More Stuff

We made it to dry..umm "dryer" land!

Beaching on a Beach

I hope you guys like my progress, Its being pretty fun messing around with all the stuff in the base rom for me to use.
Looks good!

But, look at the dirt beneath the sand slopes (mostly at screenshot 2 and 6). Don't know if there are tiles for those, but they look a bit weird.

Your layout has been removed.
Always lovin' your level design dudes :3
From what i see, the level looks very fun, hope to have an ips to play it soon.

Like /Everlude
Follow @Ludus.Art

Bloop: I know what you mean, Its kinda like a YI tilest, it looks abit cutoff but really its not. Sorry if that doesnt make any sesne XD
And thanks!

TheGamer: Cheers! I will get an IPS out once the level is nearly done, exlcluding BG's.

But there is a problem, I get bad slowdown at some parts of the level.
Ive changed sprite numbers in the lakitu head option but there is no luck in some places. Any help here to what number I should use?

Im thinking its to to do with the tide, as you need to tick a box in LM which says less sprites on screen... Im unsure though. :P
I hope the underwater channel part doesn't involve too much sitting around waiting for enemies to cross...

When you say "invincible," do you mean not killable by sliding, or not killable period?

Looks nice so far though. You know how to advertise well with screenshots, at least, which is more than I can say for several users...

...anyway, looking forward to something I can sink my teeth into :b

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART

I believe the fastrom patch will be applied at the end when all the levels are complete. As long as the area is not over-swapped with sprites, you should be good.
Layout by LDA during C3.
The underwater Area looks a bit too hard for world 4, especialy considering your level might be a bit long. Give the player more space to move, also, as AxemJinx said, you shouldn't make it so you just have to wait for the enemies to cross.
Axem: I mean what I say, An invicible Porcupuffer. It cant be killed by any means, mainly as the level would be sorta bland without it.
As for the underwater part I will space it out abit.

Lightvayne: Thats a good thing to here. :D

aj666:As I said earlier, I will edit the water section to give the player abit more leway.

As of now I have a question,
How do I use multiple midway points.
The first one is at the end of the cave section
The second one I want at the start of the last section.
Any help on that?
Place a regular midpoint where the first one would be, and then place a second midpoint wherever you want the second one. Once I do the necessary patching, I'll include it for you.
Thanks for the info S.N.N!
Im currently tweaking the underwater section.
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