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01E: Seaside Spikes - Skewer/Aja


I still see a few issues that should be corrected:

1-up farming spots

I somehow was able to jump on this note block just right and cause myself to get crushed in the wall. You may want to look into this.
Layout by LDA during C3.
SNN, didn't you say something about a patch that prevents 1ups on vines (or, in this case, ladders)? If so, I think it might be worth throwing in.

Other than that, these will take about three minutes to fix, so yeah. I'll send SNN the (fixed) resources by Monday, as requested.

...And with that, this party's over. 100% seriously this time.
Originally posted by Zero-X
SNN, didn't you say something about a patch that prevents 1ups on vines (or, in this case, ladders)? If so, I think it might be worth throwing in.

It fixes the 1-UP bug on vines. I don't know if it fixes the 1-UP bug in the water though, so if it doesn't, we'll need to fix that later on (most likely during the final beta testing phase for the hack way down the road).

I'll mark this as complete then.

At this moment in time, this level is extremely bugged in the base rom. The BG is a bit screwed up and also the tiles just in general kind of exploded. Not entirely what/why/how it happned, but if Zero-X or someone else would like to take a look at this, it would be appreciated.
Layout by LDA during C3.
As of this moment, Lightvayne has given me permission (after I humbly asked of course) to redo this level. I have accepted, and will soon begin work after I get my thoughts together as to what I really want to do.

I have not kept up with this level, and chances are I will scrap what ever idea for this level was present; in favor of a more... original (or something) idea; but this depends on your definition of original.

As of right now, the thought that is going through my mind is a more Flooded Furnace or some sort, dealing with the element of fire and how water can be used to put it out, and conviently access places not available before.

If you don't like what I have in mind, or believe it clashes with the current world, do let me know. In order for this idea to be successful, I will need to utilize Trigger Blocks. Fortunately, I have experience with this; so chances are I go about making this level without any custom ASM, as that is already in a fritz... I will have more regarding progress on this level in a week's time if there are no conflictions from major members of this work. By Major Members, I mean those who have contributed a lot to this project; and staff members a part of this project. Since this level is being a redone level, I am going to take this very very seriously. Thank you for reading this long post and have a great day!

I am pretty sure MrDeePay was already making a replacement level for this.

I asked MrDeePay about it a while back, but he hasn't gotten back to me. I recently recieved a PM from Lightvayne saying I should go ahead and tack a knack at this if I feel like it. Above all, if I do end up making the level, but MrDeePay finishes his, I can still use mine in one my own hacks; so I really have nothing to lose by trying this. Still, I would love some sort of confirmation about this whole ordeal.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this, other things come up again.

These two sublevels are what I had came up with so far. Feel free to finish what I started, redo everything based on what I did, or something completely different and independent on what I had going. Also, there was a proposal for a side room in the level that would basically have been a "What's Bowser up to?" type deal, since that was brought up during the pre-level signups.

What's Bowser Up to??? If I could get some ideas on how to pull it off, what should be said, etc. I could most definitely do it. I plan to make my own graphics for this level; befitting the SMWCPII style of course. I'll definitely be taking a look at those on the Base Rom when I get home sometime this week. I should have graphics and a background made by Monday next week if I don't anytime sooner.

Thank you for your blessing MrDeePay, I won't dissappoint as long as I get the appropriate criticism when I start showing off.

As for the whole idea route, I plan on doing that Water puts out fires idea, so the level would be a fortress kind a deal on the OW if we have any of those. I'll ask for Trigger Blocks to be implemented after I get everything going.

As for the triggers, should I use instant killers, to prevent "Invinsibility Passing", or should I use hurt blocks???

Instant kill blocks may be a bit too harsh for a world 4 level. If you are worried about someone trying to cheat by taking a hit, you could always make them solid...
Layout by LDA during C3.

We're doing another level on fire?

We have a lot of levels on fire already. I personally think we should stick to a water and beach theme with this one.

EDIT: Actually, yeah. This is a beach world, and I personally don't want to see a level on fire in this world. We don't need complex gimmicks for this.
Why not? This level skips three others, I think it'd be a shame to just roll with the same old theme for a secret. Think about it from a player's perspective.
aran - Graces of Heaven
Because already have a lot of levels with fire in them. I rather want to see some variety in this, and we seriously only have what - ... - actually, no we don't have a full on beach level. All the other levels that are supposed to be beaches either barely touch the beach theme, or is underground. We have a beach world and we barely even have a beach level.

We don't need to have another gimmicky level.

I will agree that I would like to be a more beach themed level, especially if we are going to try and fit the Bowser cut scene in here somewhere
Layout by LDA during C3.
Well, would cut a lot of effort out on my part; I'm okay with a whole beach theme, so I'll do a beach level with the graphics I have handy.

Meanwhile, I still have no idea of what this whole Bowser scene is; question is, is it something I'm going to need to do or is somebody else already doing this part.

If I'm the one doing this, then please give me specifics and details on what exactly I need to do. Otherwise, I'll get to work on the level this weekend and we can see what'll turn out. I won't go for any specific gimmicks on this, just a nice fun level.
How about having Bowser in possession of an SMWC coin as a reward for anyone who listens to a humorous yet pleasantly brief tirade near the end of the level?

Obviously we could also think up a loose variation of the above should you choose.
Check out my music!

The Bowser scene is just suppose to be a side room with Bowser relaxing on the beach along with a brief little side story on why Norveg has control of Bowser's minions. (Bowser rented them out to Norveg for a fee. He's currently using the money for his vacation.)

You don't have to worry about the cutscene itself, but we do need an area where Mario will meet up with Bowser.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Ah, I'll see if I can cleverly fit that in. It would also be a good place to the 3rd SMWC Coin.

Do note I'm not going to make this level very long, I'm going to play through the other beach levels to get a feel for how the length should be.
Nice idea. Looking forward to how this plays out in the long run. Anyways, as for level length, it shouldn't take anymore than five minutes to complete on an average run.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Do not make a gauntlet.