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01E: Seaside Spikes - Skewer/Aja


Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Do not make a gauntlet.


Don't worry, I'm not going to put that much effort into this.
No need to worry about that. With the way I've been designing levels lately, it won't even take more than three minutes to complete the level, two if you run right through it. That being said, you'll miss all SMWC Coins for I'll have placed those deliberately out of the way, extending to maybe four minutes at the most.

Do disregard this now, I've made some... advancements in this levels's difficulty.

Anyway, that aside, I've made some new graphics for the occation, and to give the level a fresher feel.

Eh... I'd actually recommend replacing the gradient in the sky with HDMA. It looks a bit abrupt and weird right now, but it would work as a placeholder.
Check out my music!
HDMA actually isn't up to me on this one, sorry about that.
Well, if HDMA ends up being out of the question, at least try to make the 'transition' a little smoother,
Check out my music!
Add this to levelcode.asm and levelinitcode.asm

		LDA #$00
		STA $4330
		LDA #$02
		STA $4340

		LDA #$32
		STA $4331
		STA $4341

		REP #$20
		LDA.w #.Table2
		STA $4332
		LDA.w #.Table1
		STA $4342

		SEP #$20

		LDA.b #.Table2>>16
		STA $4334
		LDA.b #.Table1>>16
		STA $4344

		LDA #$18
		TSB $0D9F




		JSR level101

and replace the table1 and table2 with this:

db $01,$26,$49
db $07,$26,$4A
db $01,$27,$4A
db $07,$27,$4B
db $01,$27,$4C
db $06,$28,$4C
db $02,$28,$4D
db $05,$29,$4D
db $03,$29,$4E
db $04,$2A,$4E
db $05,$2A,$4F
db $03,$2B,$4F
db $05,$2B,$50
db $02,$2C,$50
db $07,$2C,$51
db $08,$2D,$52
db $06,$2E,$53
db $02,$2E,$54
db $06,$2F,$54
db $03,$2F,$55
db $04,$30,$55
db $04,$30,$56
db $03,$31,$56
db $05,$31,$57
db $02,$32,$57
db $7A,$32,$58
db $00

db $02,$8E
db $06,$8F
db $06,$90
db $06,$91
db $06,$92
db $06,$93
db $07,$94
db $06,$95
db $06,$96
db $06,$97
db $06,$98
db $06,$99
db $06,$9A
db $06,$9B
db $06,$9C
db $06,$9D
db $06,$9E
db $7D,$9F
db $00


This should give you a pretty neat background gradient, something like this:


If you want something else, just tell me and I'll whip up something else(or you can do it if you want).
Too bad I don't have internet connection at home, or else I would've saw this. It'd be better if whoever's incharge of this (Lightvayne #w{=P}) put this into the levels himself.
Levels 01E and 053 to be exact.
Anyway, regarding that; here's the Full Version of "Sandy Scamper"

Again, please read the above AND the readme inside the pack before criticizing please. That being said, I'd love to hear what you think, and what could be done (aside from HDMA). Thank you.
I haven't tested it. Judging from the what I see:

1. Palette is awful. Also I'm assuming you copied palettes from other levels. Well, we can always changed the palette after the level is finished.
2. Name. We already have a "Scamper", might as well use another word.
3. Why do you use different graphics for the On/Off. This hack is going for continuity, and those are not the global graphics. It's fine in Crystal Conception though, as it's part of the theme of the level.
4. Add a blacker outline to that tileset you drew. It stands out too much with all those black-outlined graphics.

Will download it later.
I finished testing the level. I couldn't find anything really wrong with it design-wise (minus the pipe that leads to nowhere and a springboard that is just there). However, conceptually it's a standard beach level that doesn't serve up something memorable or different from other levels. It's a pleasant level but the graphic on the OW represents a structure of some sort (?), maybe that structure should be incorporated into the level somehow. To me, it seems a bit short as well.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

This is JOE: The Level. The terrain is somewhat varied up, but the enemy distribution screams that they're there to populate it and pose little to no threat to the player. It's in dire need of a mulligan.

I don't really know what mulligan is, please explain that to me.

As far as I can tell, I can't do anything about the overworld; community said they wanted a beach level, I made/am in the process of making one. So any kind of fortress/structure level is out of the question and out of design at this point.

The palette for the background will be changed, but I only showed off this level for design wise as far as things are concerned. I'll remap the sprites in question; but doing so just might make things harder than they're supposed to be, but you all will be the judge of that.

Judging from what I see, should I:
-Redo the level as far as the main section goes?
-Extend it and introduce more complexity in level design?

I'll add a darker outline to the graphics.

About the palette, I sure do hope you are talking about the background punk, 'cause if so...
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. a couple of days ago...
No internet connection while working, can not see your comments and helpful suggestions while working over the weekend.

Another thing about palette, I'm really going to need to see two things: more comments about said palette sharing your view to see if it really is infact horrible. 2, constructive criticism please, palettes aren't my strongest point, so I would love to see what I could do to improve it instead of improvising. I would actually love it if somebody who's good with palettes to take what I have in my level and do something specific for it. I can do that right?

Originally posted by cstutor89
but the graphic on the OW represents a structure of some sort (?), maybe that structure should be incorporated into the level somehow. To me, it seems a bit short as well.

I'd be fine removing the fortress on the overworld if need be. We don't have any real beach levels from what was pointed out. I thought the level played out pretty well. I wouldn't say you have to completely redo the level, but you could probably change some parts up a bit to bring in some complexity. I don't see any problem with the palette other than the background which was already address. At this point I think you are doing pretty good and look forward to the next update.
Layout by LDA during C3.
As far as the level goes then, I pretty much plan to increase the levels length by half of what it is right now, incorporating some complexity, but in order to keep with the whole beach theme, I am not going to be doing too many "floating obstacles".
No this is not an update as far as content goes. I'm working on this, but rather slowly. Not much to show so far, but if you've played the level I submitted earlier, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to be changing somethings up from the original design to incorporate longer "challenges" to getting the SMWC coins, and that will mean REALLY going out of your way to get them.

Otherwise, progress is slow due to a report that I've been working on for class this week, so yeah; no show able progress other than minor tweaks. Just wanted to put that out there since I haven't shown anything in this thread for a while. I should be able to work on this Friday, and that being said, I won't be able to show anything until Monday...

Other than that, I do need help with naming. I'd like something with "Sandy" in it, and since I'm having people go on something like an "out of the way" path for SMWC Coins, I was thinking...
Sandy Scramble
How much can I bet "Scramble" is taken up too???

but if people aren't okay with that, then please come up with something neat and creative for it if you'd like. SMWCPII will love you for it #smw{:TUP:}!!!
So, any progress of the level? If nothing occurs, then we could pass to other user. #w{:s}

Yes, finally I get to work a bit more on this thing. While graduation is on it's way, free time has finally hit me like a bomb. And I worked non stop on this level all day long. There are definitely things that still need to be done, like the HDMA for example.

Actually, about the HDMA, I didn't copy the code that was given to me and since I don't have internet access at my SMW Hack Work Station, I really couldn't implement it; however, I will by next update. Oh yes, and by the way, I rearranged some sprites and increased the over all difficulty of the level. The level is not ready for insertion into the Rom because I believe my copy of the SMWCPII Base Rom is not the most recent version. You are still welcome to take a look into this update. Please play it, tell me what you think is wrong, and what could be done like always.

Also, a side note, I'm not aiming to please everybody with this. I want this to be beach level absent of gimmicks. I'm trying to limit the amount of floating pipes and roof mechanics, showing a fun level can be made with sand and water.

As a plus, I renamed the level to Brutal Beach Bash to fit the new increase in difficulty. Hopefully this isn't a John Smith level anymore, but now one you'll have to think twice about attempting. Without save states it can really drain your life count, so it's basically a gamble.

"Do I really want to skip 3 other levels and risk all of my lives on this secret level? Ah, secret levels aren't that hard."
Be prepared to eat your words

Also, another side not, do read the change log or readme before asking any questions... and this full post obviously. No tl;dr. 85% of above is important stuff.

Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Do not make a gauntlet.


Unfortunately yes, there are some gauntlet AREAS, but the level itself isn't one.

Brutal Beach Bash
***You have been warned***

***---CHANGE LOG---***
• Expanded the Level 1E by "Double", officially doubleing the time required to complete
• Rearranged sprites in some areas as par MrDeePay's request
• Difficulty increased sharply
• Renamed Level to "Brutal Beach Bash" to fit new difficulty
• Added Blue Switch Palace and Yellow Switch Palace blocks in isolated areas
• Level 01E Level Test - Sandy Scamper.ips removed
• Added file "063.level?"
• A readme update. (Obviously)
• Added "Gauntlet" areas despite Punk Sarcofogus's pleas, sorry man.
• Probably succeeded in making this level one you might want to stay away from now... unless you feel like you're up to it.
• Since it's a secret level, it is now a gamble of life. I told you not to tell me "bring it" (or related) :P


In Before a Post!!!
Originally posted by a random user that might post this or similiar
"Why would the level be one you might want to avoid? Why would you do that!?"

It's a secret level, and it bypasses a good portion of the world. A secret exit. I want to make this level sorta like a gamble. You can either take the regular lenghy road, which is probably easier; or you can save yourself some time and traverse this harder level.*

Oh yes, by the way, I'm trying to be snarky. Not trying to a smart ass with this post, so don't get offended.
What, I can't have a little fun here every once in a while?
Oh, and the level download is located where the good stuff is. *wink wink*

*Saving time is subjective though, you might end up spending more time trying to bypass this level than you would the others if you're not up for the task.
Oh i love that song. All levels should be required to have that music.

I enjoyed the level,i wouldn't say it's hard because i got pass it will only a 2-3 deaths. I demand difficulty with out spamming of enemies! Also I think you under estimate the power of Mario's ass. He can easily kill all those fire lotus things. Place them in nice flat areas but don't get rid of the slopes, i like those.
Originally posted by 2dareduck
I enjoyed the level,i wouldn't say it's hard because i got pass it will only a 2-3 deaths.

That's exactly what I'm talking about right there, you're taking a chance. BTW, I thought it was hard... wow, my definition of hard must've dropped a bit, and that's SURPRISING considering what all kind of hard stuff I've pulled out on my own work.
I'd like to say that I fully endorse having this level be harder than the three other ones. I'll test the level later(typing on phone).

Thank you.
aran - Graces of Heaven
So... if the level is good, or if you want me to make other changes that need or wish to be made; please let me know, I'll look into it and see if it can be done.

Other than that, the HDMA thing... if somebody else can really handle that, it'd be really helpful because with how SMWCPII's latest base's are getting set up and all, I find it severely difficult to handle HDMA (actually anything regarding the "code" and "hijacks" folders). That stuff is way too advanced for me.

Another note, I was told I needed to make a place for the Bowser cutscene; well, I have a place. I was also told I didn't need to worry about making the cutscene and stuff aswell, so if you run into a seemingly useless place with an SMWC Coin, then you might have run into this cutscene area.

Otherwise, if nothing else, I'll give out the final patch around Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on circumstances.
I'd say it's more along the lines of World 4 and its length. There's a few things that need to be fixed (moreso in the underground water section with some really iffy jumps). Most of the changes are cosmetic.

Level 1E:
- Screen 5: Blue Coin + Invisible Block can be eliminated.
- Screen 8: Coming out of the extra area with the 1st SMWC coin is a real pain mainly due to the L3 water and the Invincible Turtle especially if you are small. There's only a small window of opportunity to actually escape out of there without taking a hit coupled with the fact that Small Mario gets affected by the water current. The Purple Pipe is strangely colored too.

Level 53:
- Screen 2: Again another small window of opportunity here to get past this ball throwing Chuck without taking a hit.
- Screen 8: There's a ton of enemies with projectiles here just to get a small prize of 1-UP.
- Screen B: A tile is missing.
- Screen C: Change this pipe to a normal pipe.

Level 63:
- Screen 0: Remove the Blue Switch Blocks, at this point in the game, most people won't have these things and there's nothing above of any value to get up there having them.
- Screen 2: Same as Screen 0.
- Screen B: One Yellow Switch Block, not 2.

Level 57:
- I didn't find fault in this section, but for some reason I don't feel like this section really belongs with Level 1E.

Level 59:
- Screen E: Secondary Exit needs to be set to #24 to lead to Level 63.
- Screen F: As much as this idea in this level is clever it has to be utilized properly, the section with the fish (upper left corner) in this section is not that great. It's cramped you have very little time to actually make a jump that happens sometimes while jumping at the wrong time means instant hit (and if it's Small Mario death).
- Screen 11: Rip Van Fish needs to go in this section, it's way to cramped and too easy to get hit here without any way to have any chance of dodging.
- Screen 12: These first two jumps in this level is pretty much the same problem as Screen F.

EDIT: I do think this level should be harder and/or longer to deal with because you're skipping pretty much the entire World with just this one level.