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Hypercam Help

Im trying to record ZSNES with Hypercam, everything works fine except It doesn't record audio at all, and I have no idea what the problem might be, so I cant say anything else...
Try this:

1. Find something to record audio.

2. Start recording, and put the Hypercam on.

3. When you're done, stop the Hypercam and recording device.

Haven't tried it, but I think it might work.

A good tool to use is this. It's called Audacity. I have it, and it has not only recording, but many other features.
You tried clicking the sound option, right? Also, you didn't specify which version you have.

Sound is recorded fine for me. Here are my Hypercam 2 settings.

Record sound box is checked.

Record sound box is checked.
Sample size is 16 Bit
Sample rate is 8000 samples per second

License is NOT purchased.

Idk if Hypercam decided to reset its settings, but this is what I have, and my latest video had sound. I hope that helped.
That didn't work Pester. I have version 2.14.02
Hypercam records by mic. Make sure your mic is plugged in.
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I tried that. Didn't work.

Get a different recorder. Camstudio records audio, it's what I use to record and it works great.


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Originally posted by 554
then how do you download it? i cant find the link to download!

Click Camstudio in Azure's post.
Originally posted by Azure
Get a different recorder. Camstudio records audio, it's what I use to record and it works great.

But when taping zsnesw with it, it is sorta crappy, because... the graphics and stuff sorta move... you'll see
Just back here to browse a bit.
You may have to set your start X and start Y click on screen Area then to the right "select region" Select the place where you want it to record. Also, You may have to do the same with width and height. If you need any more help, PM me and id be glad to help you out
Why don't you record your movie, without sound. Then, using Sony Vegas Pro you can just add the music that you want, into it?
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The audio will stop syncing with the video near the end.
look at and search how to record sound on hypercam
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