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024: Frivolous Fires - Agent Q


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A final test will do the trick.
Version 6
Version 7
Good Stage,AgentQ:

1)The stage looks like a bit hard!!
2)Name idea:Twilight Canyon!!

What think about this?
There's really nothing glaring that popped out at me. Other than being able to farm 1ups on a couple of fences (I vaguely recall SNN mentioning possibly adding the patch to disable this or perhaps there was a reason why it couldn't be added?) and some slowdown on screens 08/09 (which will likely be resolved with the FastROM patch), I think the level holds its own for the most part. I did begin to get a sense that the level was beginning to drag on near the end - this could be because of the constant labyrinthine sensation throughout the level and/or the sudden drop off in sprite usage near the end though.
@Roberto zampari
Interesting name, but I'm sure the level names must have alliteration of some sort. I'm going with "Frivolous Fires" at the moment.

You're right about the last few screens. I had more sprites located near the end but then I began getting the "Maximum 85 Sprite Limit" message and decided to cut some enemies and obstacles.
"Frivolous Fires" is a nice name, actually. I'd say that would work well.

Now, before I get into my feedback here, I have to ask - you drew the BG/FG yourself, right? I see no reason why you couldn't have, being that I pretty much explicitly stated that we're not using any stuff from commercial games. If this is the game, I want to applaud your art skills, as this tileset (FG/BG) is extremely nice.

Anyway, I don't have much to say about the level. Like Milk said, it held itself up quite nicely, and while you didn't go overboard on anything "fancy", it felt creative and progressive enough to work. I have a few minor complaints, however:

If you have space for one more sprite, a second Grinder may work nicely here...

...and if you don't, then I'd recommend getting rid of this flame since it seems to despawn if you approach it from the right.

My only other complaint is more of a suggestion. I kind of want to see you draw some spikes/thorns/something more fitting than Munchers. I'm starting to really grow to resent these, and even a small graphical swap is more appealing than seeing this same plant over and over.

Other than that, thumbs up.

EDIT: I just read your earlier posts, and it looks like you did draw this stuff. That's really something. I'd love to see you do up a few more backgrounds for the hack if you're interested (once this goes through and all that), since you're pretty awesome at it.
Many thanks S.N.N. I just got done reworking the spike graphics and changed the MAP16 to make it behave like a top only/bottom only hurt etc.
I've also removed the flame and replaced it with a grinder.

The level's pretty much complete then.

Also, I'm down to make a few backgrounds for other levels.
Yeah, that's much better. I'd say you're cleared then, so you can send me your level's resources whenever.

As for backgrounds .. well, there are a few we need right now:

-A generic sky background.
-A metal factory background (see: level 12B).
-A cave background.
-A forest background.

If any of those pique your interest, then they're free for the picking. Can't wait to see what you cook up for them.
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