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101: Crumbling Catacombs - MajorasMask9
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Interesting concept! I have some suggestions if you want.

In the first area, I think it would be cool if you added a prize other than just a 10-coin block if you jump over the crumbling bricks (then again, it would get overused every time a player restarted the level, so maybe it's best as is).

I think the SMWC coin hidden in the area with the black background is slightly unfair. How is the player supposed that there is land under where the coin is when the tiles act like a pit just a couple tiles to the left? For example if a player breaks the bricks and falls without pressing any direction on the d-pad he or she simply dies, whereas if a player hugs the wall to the right he or she is safe. I don't think this is very consistent.

I really liked the areas that incorporated the quick sand tiles with the fire bro. and the koopa's shell (the shell area especially). I think developing even more areas similar to these ones will help the level a lot!

Very nice!

Just little nitpicks here, I didn't find any major bugs in the level.

It was hard to grab onto those vines as Super/Fiery Mario.

I think it looks kinda odd how the pillar isn't supporting anything.

That falling rock surprised me the first time, since it killed me and I hardly noticed it falling, other than the sound and breaking animation.

My only other nitpick is about the palettes. I think it would look better if the bricks that you could walk through had a slightly different palette. It's easy to think they are solid, since they use the same palette and graphics that the solid bricks use.

I really liked the layer 2 scene at the end with the falling pillars, that was really neat.

-I actually considered putting bigger rewards in the first screen, but I didn't like the idea too much. It seems like it'd be too easy to get quick rewards from there as you said, and I didn't like the idea of having a powerup there since it could be easily missed. That coin block and the rock at the end are enough of a reward for me!

-I fixed the second SMWC coin so that it's actually visible, and the player will know something is down there. The tiles that are walk-through with layer priority are like y-flipped versions of the standard solid tiles, and have a very minor color change to them. I figured that if the player stopped and looked at the area, they might see the alcove in the wall there. If a lot of people are bothered by this, I might just change it to make it easier to get to, but I kind of like it the way it is, and I haven't died attempting to get it in any test run myself.


-Really? I actually thought it was easier to grab the vines as Super/Fire Mario myself :P. I'm not sure if I want to change that at this point, the main reason I had the vines up against the ceiling was so that you'd be right up against the ceiling when you grabbed it.

-I'll throw one of those cracked pillar tops on the top of that one awkward pillar.

-I'm not sure I want to change the palettes/graphics for the walls you can walk behind any more at this point. The tiles are used pretty infrequently, and in a few areas they're used to cover up secrets. In other areas, I feel they stand out enough to not be too cheap. The main reason I started the level off with a second fall was to introduce the tiles, since you fall behind some of them. They're y-flipped from the solid ones and have a very slight color change, and in areas where the paths were necessary I put in a more obvious-looking solid floor and ceiling.

@S.N.N./Lightvayne/Whoever edits posts: I'll go with Crumbling Catacombs for the level name. That's actually almost identicle to a name I was thinking of earlier today, but I like this better. (I like that tatanga)
Hmm, just a quick name suggestion. "Crumbling Catacombs" seems to fit the level slightly better to me, but that's obviously up for debate.

I've done a few updates in regard to feedback I've been getting here and in the testing thread. One of the things in particular I want an opinion on is regarding the second SMWC coin (the one people have problems with).

Does this look any better?

From the start, I didn't exactly want to make it obvious that a coin was down there. I wanted it so the player would look at it, see the discolored wall and notice an alcove there and find a SMWC coin. But the more I thought of it, the more cheap it seemed. I put a broken block tile on the side so that you can just barely see the coin, but I don't know how effective this will be when the actual SMWC coin graphics are in. Worst case scenario I could update the ExGFX file afterward making it more/less visible if I need to.

I also put some missing blocks around the corner of the alcove to make it clear where the solid floor becomes a pit.

I also tried to make the walk-through walls with layer priority stand out more, as you might notice from that picture. If you didn't notice this, I could try to make them stand out a bit more.

EDIT as I cannot double post: I'm uploading another IPS of my level. This addresses issues that were brought up in the level testing thread and in this thread.

Final??? IPS

Changes include:

-Slightly more noticeable walk-through walls.
-A falling spike in the part with the first vine climb where no one jumps because they aren't blind.
-Hopefully less noticeable 2nd SMWC coin that isn't too cheap to find/obtain.
-Moved the last Fire Bro. on the sandfall up higher to prevent the player from wanting to hop on him.
-Minor cutoff fixes.
-Minor LevelASM bugfix (this glitch only appeared in the last update).
-Fixed layer priority issue with the wall past the goal roulette.

In regard to that last Fire Bro, I assume the bug where you can't hop on him while standing in the sandfall can be fixed in the sprite code, but I wouldn't know what to do for that. When in similar scenarios with other sprites (swoopers, paragoombas, koopas) they act as if you jumped on them.

I left the third SMWC coin jump the same. I didn't exactly find it too hard, and other people don't seem to find it too undoable. I intentionally made the coin visible before the jump so that you would see you needed a shell, and it was intended that you'd mess up if you didn't bring one.

At this point, posting in the level testing thread seems redundant considering how minor all of the changes I've made are. I'm going to go through it myself in Lunar Magic a bit an send an IPS to FirePhoenix I guess (if this is still necessary and things haven't changed since the "Read me first!" thread was made).
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 5 - 101: Crumbling Catacombs - MajorasMask9

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