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Tip: If you place a moon, midpoint, or dragon coin through Map16, it will always respawn whenever you reenter that sublevel. It will not respawn if you add it through the Add Objects/Extended Objects window.
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102: Digsite Dangers - allowicsous/Lightvayne
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Yes, the sprite clipping should fix the first problem, and perhaps the second, but I don't think the last one can be fixed with that.

Anyways, I found some more stuff to report =D

This isn't really a bug as much as a personal opinion, but I think you should make it possible for the player to run to the ledge below, instead of absolutely having to jump

This one is a two in one problem 8D
First off, we have the one where part of marios shoe is showing. But there's also a more serious one; if you jump to the right, you get warped to the next section(with the scrolling).

The mummy here dies instantly upon entering the screen, though it might get fixed once the rom is updated.

Personally, I don't believe this dead end to be very fair =/
It looks legit from above, but once you enter it you're pretty much doomed...

Can you guess where I am in these pictures? Perhaps I'm hurt and in a flashing state?
Well, no, I happen to be above the ceiling :V

Though it doesn't get me far =P

As for how I got there,

Oh, and I forgot to mention:
I really had fun with this level. the design is very appealing, and it was generally very enjoyable to play through. I'm looking forward to the next part. ^-^
First let me tell you that I absolutely like where this level is going so far.
I didn't encounter many problems in the first room aside from the one that have already been mentioned before. Basically try to fix the wrong palettes on some enemies as well as on the spikes.
I love the concept of the second half introducing the downward vertical scrolling section which is reversed to Lynnes'.
However, I have a somewhat different personal oppinion to Sind. I actually think that this section is a little bit too easy as of now since I hardly got any problems to descend to the bottom. In most cases you barely had to jump but could simply press the run button and the move key without getting troubles.
Thus I would NOT change the part Sind has commented on in the previous post since it is one of the rare occasions so far where you actually have to carefully jump. I also like the part near to the end of this section since it is a bit more difficult to master.
Thus I would suggest to put a few more spikes on the ground so that there would be few to no sections (apart from the beginning, where you would have to get introduced to that sort of gimmick) where you could just run without taking care of singe obstacles.
As SNN said I would suggest to speed up the second half of the autoscroll section that you will work on next. Try to rely less on bottomless pits during the sped up section but rather let Mario have to run long passages from one side of the screen to the other while having to jump over spikes.

All in all it is quite nice. I like it a lot. :)

I've actually tried to reply to all the comments twice so far, but the first time my latop crashed and the second time the battery died :P

Anyways. Most of these problems have already been resolved, including the pause glitch. I sent the code fix that Lynnes gave me to SNN for this section and Lynnes portion too. It seems to work without a problem.

The level it self so far is done, but I have some palette issues to work out first before I release another version.

Thanks for all the feedback so far ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.


Everything should be done except for the NCP at the end. He's suppose to mention something about the rumbling after you exit the pyramid. Also I just noticed the Goombas feet are a weird color at the end which I'll also fix.

Questions? Comments? Answers?
Layout by LDA during C3.

Triple Post:
The level is complete. Gave the files to SNN. I'll post a final ips here in a bit.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

Block this hole off.

I suppose there is a teleport block missing.
Originally posted by Punk Sarcophagus

Block this hole off.

Er, no. If the player is mental enough to go back down that hole, then they deserve every life lost.
-The palette in the pre-boss room is terrible.

-Speaking of which, why hasn't the boss been placed in this room yet? Both the boss sprite and the graphics have been in the ROM for over a year now.

-The vertical rising room has a glitchy sand palette.

-On top of that, the room is supposed to speed up halfway through and it doesn't. This used to work ages ago and neither myself nor Lynnes could ever figure out why it suddenly broke.

-The main block pushing room still needs to be split into two separate rooms, otherwise you end up with a shitload of slowdown by the time you reach the last puzzle.

Not sure. The boss is in now, however I'm missing the gfx for this.

Sand room pal has been fixed, but no one has picked up sand dune background palette yet since we switched to the new one a few months back.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by S.N.N.

Originally posted by Lightvayne



aran - Graces of Heaven
This one was also modified. Sorry for being lazy and not upload any pics, but well, the base ROM update just came so you can check the level out for yourselves. Do note that Madame Mau needs to be rewritten from scratch so there's no boss fight for now, and a placeholder goal roulette was inserted instead.

Base ROM is here.

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