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105: Ice-Floe Inferno - mockingod
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 8 - 105: Ice-Floe Inferno - mockingod
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Owner: mockingod

World: 8
Exits: 1
Theme: Fire/Ice Mixed
Music Options: 1, 2, or compose your own.

Briefing: This is the last level in world 7, located directly before the castle. As such, it should be a "summary" of ideas from the world, incorporating both fire and ice into it in a creative way.
So for this level, what I was planning to do, was use the Bowser Statues (which I assume will have gfx replacements). Basically, what they will do, is be shot, and melt certain ice blocks within a 1 block radius of where it travels. I will think this through so that it wont break the level in any way. The player will have to use the L+R buttons, I will signify it in a message box. I have also thought up a little bonus game I would use with these blocks.

Yep, that's a quick runthrough of what my level will be about. I will add more fire gimmicks if I think of any, but I've had this idea for about a week already and was hoping to get this level to incorporate it.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

The way you describe the level makes it seem like a "standard" ice level with fire melting ice blocks. Also, I'm not sure about what you mean by "one block" radius. Does that include the tiles above and below the sprite as well, or just the sprite itself?

Well, as I said, I am thinking of more gimmicks as time goes by.

Also the one block radius means one block above, to the sides, etc.
So this is the progress I have on my level as of now: click for video

It isn't much of the level, but I spent lots of time on tileset mixing and stuff like that. The glitched blocks are where the custom blocks are going to be at. I'm also thinking of a puzzle that could be made with the blocks.
I feel like you should be making this a right->left level where players have to follow the fireballs without letting them despawn, while also dodging past obstacles. With a left->right structure players will have to reach the statues and then backtrack, which I think limits your design options. Or perhaps a combination would work.

The first smwcoin seems rather straightforward and early to me.

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Thanks for the feedback, I actually had a combination of the sorts drawn on a piece of paper. I also thought the SMWC coin was a a bit too easy to get, so I'll try and add a twist on how to get it.
I'd also recommend a palette change on that ice; it's looking less like a fire/ice mix and more like a fire/toothpaste mix. Now, that may make Mario's breath feel icy fresh, but tastes can be deceiving, and instead of causing Mario to slip about as intended, it just ends up stick to his shoes and staining his overalls and the like. That's just embarrassing for everyone involved.
Maybe a longer follow the fire segment would work here, with a right to left format. ou could make it a race of sorts, where you need to keep the fire on screen to progress. Maybe some parts, where you need the iceblocks intact to progress, but then need the next set destroyed.
Yes, I was thinking of making a race with the fire sort of thing where you have to keep the fire on screen but it also melts the floor while you're running on it. Also, sorry I haven't been making updates recently, it's just I haven't done a whole lot of progress that would be actual showable content. I'll be sure to upload some images of the bonus area I'm making soon.
So here is a video of some progress I have made on my level. It isn't much, but I have been busy the past few days. I have a new computer now, so hopefully I may be able to create new parts of the level.

E: o, and I also darkened the palette of the ice. So now that we know our level's gimmick, I need a name for the level. I'm not entirely sure on what to name it, because I'm having trouble finding words.
This is a creative gimmick. Did someone offer to recode that sprite such that those fireballs will actually affect the blocks (or will it even be possible)? If not .. well, that would pretty much kill the whole idea. If so, then great. I'm looking forward to seeing just how creative you can get with this - it'll certainly stand out as being unique and different from the other two fire/ice levels.

As for names, two come to mind on the fly:

Liquefy Labyrinth
Thawing Trail

I'm sure you (or someone else) can do better than these though.
Nobody has offered to code it yet, but I'm sure somebody will soon. The sprites are going to be custom sprites, and so are the blocks. I'm thinking up more ideas as time passes by.
Looks very nice. However, I see much more Ice in the level then Fire...


Your layout has been removed.
I like your design here. :)
You are very creative with the level gimmick which I really like since I know other designers of other hacks that tend to concentrate too less on a certain theme or gimmick and thus make the level feel redundant.
IU would actually suggest to use another background for the stage once your stage has been finished like the one used for the other finished Fire-Ice-Level. :)
Hopefully the blocks get coded soon so that we can actually see your ideas get realized!
Sorry for not posting in a while, but progress will be pretty slow because I'm having a killer headache for like 2 days now and it's hard to concentrate on ideas for my level. I'm thinking of calling the level something like "Searing Snow" or something. Not sure on it, but what I am sure on is that someone can make up a better name. There isn't much to show, but:

The statues are now ice.

Stuff will fall. (As you can see in this image, the grinder and the koopa will fall).

More of the fire following area. Where the shell is, there will be a blue koopa ready to kick a shell at you. It sort of killed itself in this image, so I'm going to figure out a way to fix that problem.
Alright, so my level is pretty much almost done, nothing much show though because it's only like 2 more screens than my last update.

I really really do need my blocks and sprite coded though because it's pretty much the only thing I need done.

So if someone can do this for me, it'd be really great:

1. Bowser Statue Sprite that shoots out 3x3 fire, the middle is the fire part whilst the outer 8 "blocks" of the fire will be interacting with the blocks later mentioned. (Graphics be original ones.)

1. Slippery block that will "evaporate" in a puff of smoke when said fireball in the sprite request "comes in a 1 block radius of it" or touches one of the 3x3 invisible tiles.
2. A "switch-like" block that shoots out the 3x3 fireball sprite.
3. A slippery block that if the 3x3 fireball comes in contact with it BUT only the middle 1x1 part, the fireball will disappear.

(I'll draw the GFX for the blocks using the blanks in ExGFX17F because I got Ripperon's permission).

As much as I love your idea for the level, if you can't get anyone to code these sprite for you, you may want to start thinking up an alternative gimmick. :/
Your weekly update is due, and I'm gonna safely assume no one has come up to code these things yet :\
Layout by LDA during C3.
Lightvayne you obviously havent been keeping up, p4p2 has been coding the stuff for me and it should be done tomorrow. After some making of graphics and maybe some tweaks, it should all be done. (Also you could say I've been given an exception, but I really haven't asked.
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