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105: Ice-Floe Inferno - mockingod


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It's not really Lightvayne's responsibility to keep up with you though. It's your responsibility to post "oh hey, p4plus2 is coding the stuff for me, so it should be done soon".

Regardless, I'm glad to hear that someone finally took up your request. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Sorry, but I don't catch every post that goes through these forums and as SNN kinda said, I shouldn't have to search for updates. All I'm trying to do is help keep the project moving along, by making sure people are staying active.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Just a mini update until my sprites and such get done:


Those circled blocks are the custom blocks, the evaporating blocks and the fire shooting blocks. The fire shooting block's yellow color is now blue as the evaporating block.
You sent me in some sprites, and I inserted them into the last base ROM. What are you still lacking, out of curiosity?
Those sprites were buggy in a way, because p4p2 must've misread my thing somehow. Right now, p4p2 has recoded the sprites and I am awaiting access to his server to download it. I should have it ready for testing tonight if I get the sprite/blocks.

E: tomorrow p4p2 was busy with homework.

I'll have something playable by Wednesday at latest. Tomorrow at least.

E2: Make that Thursday at latest, Wednesday at least.

But I revamped my level and theres now more fire landscape.
Alright so I've got the sprites and blocks, and there are a few bugs in them, such as it cant be hit from the side with a throw block, thus the second half of my level is sort of nullified. Don't worry, I'll tell p4p2 and hopefully I can get the bugs fixed by tomorrow, have the level editing done tomorrow, and testing will start tomorrow night (here).

A few bugs are that the message boxes don't display anything. I'm going to fix that tonight. But in the meantime, if you guys want to test my level and see what I can improve on, then be my guest.

(I never tested if the IPS works so if it doesnt: fuuuu)

(Also if something is too hard, then I think I know what part is being talked about... Actually I think I can think of 2 parts that will be a bit too hard to perform.)

Not bad, but a few things I would recommend.

Maybe have the fireball block use the fireball sound when being hit. It just seems to weird being silent like that.
Also the hit box on the fireballs them self seems a bit off. Trying to duck under it when it looks like its clearly going to miss Mario, still ends up hitting him.
And finally, is it just me or does the level seem a bit too short?

Other than that, good job.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I was going to try ask p4 to add a sound, and yes I realized the hitbox was off by just a bit. Yeah, I knew it was going to feel too short :/ ill try and add more segments before the midway point.
add the following to the BRING_ON_THE_FIRE routine AFTER BMI NO_FIRE to give sound:
LDA #$17

As for the hitbox change the cfg file to 2D then find:
LDA #$A0
STA $167A,X
and add the following AFTER it:
LDA #$0C
STA $1662,X

That should fix both problems.

Well not 100%, but it covers all the bugs that I knew of, and ones that were mentioned. I fixed it up to make some hard parts easier. TEST MY LEVELLLLL.


Note 2: Please don't delete my thread because of late-ness because my level is done, and I have something fully playable. I just need to do some touch ups when I have some feedback.

You have nothing to worry about, your level is pretty much done with the exception of play testing.
As for your name choice, that's not going to work, It needs to be an alliteration of some sort or needs to rhyme. While both Inferno and Ice both start with I, they are 2 different sounding "I". The I in inferno, gives kind of a E sound, while the I in ice give more of a long I sound...s
Layout by LDA during C3.
What about "Ice Floe Inferno"?

That will be fine, title updated.
Layout by LDA during C3.
...didn't think level used to have a background? Eh.

As for the gameplay itself, I think it's a creative execution of the fire/ice gimmick. Some parts actually felt too easy for world 7 - namely, areas in the first half. Other parts felt a little rough around the edges. I'll point out a few below.


I gotta say, I really dislike the use of first-person.

Sort of blind coming back down, especially since there is a pit right to the left of the player. Might be worth setting this part up so that you can actually see the platform below.

Consider adding a second reflecting fireball in there. As it stands, staying to the right renders it pretty harmless.

..come to think of it, as a whole, that is a pretty easy coin to get. Why don't you try moving the fireball block over to the right a bit and throwing some firebars in as obstacles?

Extend the platform below one tile to the right.

You're making me spin jump on a Podoboo?


Get rid of this wall, as it adds a rather iffy effect when you enter the pipe.

Honestly, the throw block generator seems completely arbitrary. Why don't you just put 3-4 regular throw blocks in there?

Whoever coded this block needs to make the fireball spawn a few more pixels to the left. As it stands, it's possible to get smacked by it if you're on the right side of the block.

See the hole above? Move it to the left one tiles. Given the slippery physics, it's very possible that someone could fall, tap right a tiny bit, and die.

Other than that, it's a pretty creative level overall.
I fixed everything but the podoboo thing and the block.

1. You arent supposed to podoboo hop, you're supposed to hit the fireball block and fireball hop. I changed it before your post though, and added melting blocks. I also added a big arrow on top of the fireball shooting block so the player would notice it more.

2. p4plus2 isnt on yet.
Although I don't usually have a lot to say about levels (and this here post is no execption), I might as well share a couple of thoughts.

First off, I agree with most of SNN's points (really wondering why I didn't think of mentioning those when playing the level :/) - execpt for the Podoboo spin jumping part, perhaps, as I was under the impression you had to spin jump on the Bowser statue's fireball with the Podoboos being mere obstacles.

I'm probably alone on this one, but I kept forgetting you had to scroll rightwards to spawn certain fireballs. Coins placed along the wall (or maybe even little signs saying "R") would have saved me some confusion.

Is this fireball supposed to only melt the upper row of blocks? Even as small Mario, it was a pain squeezing through these one-tile gaps.

The ending felt rather abrupt. Mind... spacing out things a bit, both to the left and to the right of the goal point?

On a side note: I probably just didn't pay enough attention, but I didn't really see what keeping the top fireball with you would unlock. Was it required to get the last SMWC Coin or something?

The top fireball would unlock the last smwc coin. Also that was a bug I was worrying about with the melting of 1 block. I will fix that.

Magi has revised both the ice foreground and FPzero's fire tileset that appear in this level, so all levels that included those sets will have their aesthetics affected. Luckily, FPzero's ocean foreground remains unchanged.

The background was made by me, to spark new life in this level, and to give its name some actual meaning. The level has been mostly condensed under one sublevel, but it's mostly unchanged other than that.

Oh, and the music is Burnt Ice Beats instead of both that and Ashen Snowfall.
Just so you know, I'm very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now.
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