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10F: Terrifying Timbers - Masashi27
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Owner: Masashi27

World: 6
Exits: 2
Theme: Graveyard/Carnival
Music Options: 1, 2, or compose your own.

Briefing: This is the first level of the carnival world which rests on the OUTSKIRTS of the carnival itself. It should be a general outdoor haunted themed, which leads into the carnival at the very end. This is a slightly tougher theme to design, so be sure you know what you want to do with this one before you claim it.
cuz I'm having a good time, having a good time~ ♪

...I hope lol

I will post the ips soon. Stay tuned, bros! b
Alright, I've got a few ideas for this level.

I'm still thinking of a good title. 'Colorless Cemetery'.. perhaps? nah

This level consists of 3 areas:

1) Area 1 (Level 10F): A dark, spooky level with a few gravestones, enemies and.. uhh stuff (<- Sorry for being vague. Give me another week please. I need a bit more time to think of gimmicks.) I might program a few sprites.
Music: Ghost house 2 - Lunar Wurmple
BG: ---
FG: A Grass FG

2) Area 2 (Level AA): Mario enters a pipe now. The pipe leads to a dark underwater cave. I will put a 'dark room with a spotlight' sprite and a red '?' block at the entrance. There is a secret exit in this cave. Things get creepier! ^_^ woo~~
Music: Factory Level 1 - Slash Man
BG: ---
FG: ---

3) Final Area (Level AB): A short sublevel. There will be a goal ending roulette. Yes, this is the area where Mario finishes the level. Give a round of applause to Mario! :D
Music: Carnival Level 3 - MidiGuy
BG: Y'know that carnival BG in level 1F2
FG: A Grass FG
Actually, I changed my mind, I will put the secret exit in sublevel 'AC'. Also, the name will be 'Colorless Cemetery'. I actually like the sound of it.

4) Switch Route (Alternate level) (Level AC): A secret, treetop-themed level with a key at the end. This level is located on top of the main level (10F). It can be accessed if Mario jumps onto a green switch lift. This level is slightly harder than the normal path.
Music: A song based on Lunar Wurmple's Ghost house 2 port.
BG: The same as level 10F (Field BG)
FG: Treetop FG

In order to get to level AC, Mario must jump onto a 'green exclamation mark platform' (I will put the platform sprite in the main level (10F)) located in the middle of the level. The platform will be rideable if Mario passes the green switch palace. If Mario doesn't pass the green switch palace, then only an outline will appear. I got this idea from the Crash Bandicoot series. Level 10F is a forest/graveyard themed level, and since the alternate path is located on top of the main level, I will make level AC a treetop themed level.

I seriously gotta start drawing GFX ._.
Whoa.. 4 consecutive posts D:

Anyway, this is how my level looks so far:

Progress 1

Sprites aren't there at the moment.
I'm planning to draw a gravestone.

Edit: As I have mentioned in my earlier posts in this thread, the title of this level will be 'Colorless Cemetery'. If you don't like this title, then we can discuss a suitable title here.
Looks a little flat. Try adding some slopes.
Also what type of enemies are you going to use since it's carnival related graveyard?
Oh oh what about Monochrome Mortuary.

Yeah, the first few screens do look a bit flat, but I won't be putting slopes and such because slopes are quite long and they take up space. Also, I don't think they will suit this level..

I added a few bumpy ledges, though.

Here's my progress:

^The entrance of the level

^This is where the first SMWC coin is located. It's not hard to obtain the first one.

^Run, Mario, Run!!!

^A random screenshot. There is nothing important here.

^The midway gate.

^There is nothing much to comment on this screenshot. Just avoid those fireballs, and you're good to go.

In terms of sprites, I will program a few ghost/haunted-themed sprites. How about birds that drop a bunch of redeads? xD hehe.. Nah, I'm not that evil lol

Monochrome Mortuary does sound epic, but hmm.. I will think about it.
Thanks, though.
Maybe a few pictures of the 2 other areas, or was it 3 other areas? I would like to know how these look like too :) Also the progress you did is looking cool, I like the palette with lava lotuses. :)
Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, it's 3.
I still haven't started designing the sublevels yet. I will get on to them after programming a bunch of sprites and a block.
The title will be Terrifying Timbers.

I'm practically done editing the first level.
I just need to finish coding the sprites, and put them in the level.
Dosnt real look haunted yet though. There is a graveyard FG in the graphics page, maybe you could use that for an area.

Smiles :D
Alright, I will check the tileset.
Once again, guys, I will put a few creepy custom sprites to make this level look as creepy as possible.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know.
Wow,that stage reminds Aquatic Ruin Zone!!
Only need the underwater zone!!
Welp, I finished coding the fake gravestone sprite.
It might look a bit strange, but oh well.

Check this video to see how the sprite behaves like.

Edit: Yes, Yoshi is in the level. I just put him in the level to check if the sprite interacts with him.
That's a bizarre movement pattern you've got there...looks like it might go off-screen too easily if players rush past it, or it might die before attacking if players jump on it during its walking phase. Just standing on a platform above it seems completely safe, too...

...I'm not necessarily saying it won't work, mind you- it just seems a bit strange to me, is all.

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
Thats a pretty cool tomb. You should have the fake tombstones a diffrent color then the real one's. Just like the falling
spike in SMW. Are the graphics for them just place holders? They could use a bit of work. Especially the sad face,
it should be more like a thwomp.



I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

I don't see that sprite being too much of a threat with those movements. It takes too long for the tombstone to "jump" (meaning Mario can just jump over it without trouble) and when it does, it lands too far away from Mario, allowing him to waltz away like nothing happened.

@AxemJinx and MrDeePay: Well, fake gravestones are considered to be weak enemies (If you'd know what I'm talking about). Which they can be easily killed or easily avoided. Maybe I can decrease the jump timer ($1534,x) to make the sprite jump at a much lower interval.

@2dareduck: Thanks.
Well, if the sprite has slightly different colors, it will make the level a bit easier to beat. What I can do is I can notify the player that there are a few fake gravestones in the level. There is a message box at the very beginning of the level, so.

Yeah, they are like place holders. Well, thwomp's facial expression is kinda.. y'know.. scary lol
I understand, levels in world 5 are meant to be creepy, but eh.. this sprite should be depressed rather than being mad.

Thanks for the feedback, guys
I think I should redraw the GFX tiles of the sprite.
More screenshots...

Uhh.. It's so dark in here..
Yes, this is the entrance of level AA (Underwater cave sub level).

Mario somehow managed to navigate himself to this part of the level. Hmm.. what's up there?

Eh, let's just move on.


I want to use sprite 6C (Spotlight Mod), because the original spotlight sprite uses the GFX file I don't want to use. It also overwrites the important tiles in sp4.

GeminiRage (or anyone else who has sprite 6C), if you're reading this, could you please send me the modified spotlight sprite? Thank you in advance.
Which sprite were you trying to use? Because I remapped it to be used with most ghost house enemies (except Big Boo)

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