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110: Carnival Caper - 2dareduck
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 6 - 110: Carnival Caper - 2dareduck
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Owner: 2dareduck

World: 6
Exits: 1
Theme: Carnival
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: A fun fair styled level. Consider various ideas that might work in a carnival - a fun house, adventuring through game stands, a big top, a roller coaster, etc. It is highly advised that you communicate with the other carnival designers to share ideas and to make sure we don't end up with duplicates.

I'll be using these koopas for my level.

If any other Carnival themed level creators want to use them, i'll send you the .bins.


I also use these graphics since well... i drew them and they're perfect for my idea.

I like the screenshot so far, it nice setting of a dock with a grand carnival in the background (It'd be nice if you could add "scream effects" into the music a few time to add more carnival flavor to the level), and nice looking Koopas to boot! Try adding some animations to the BG like a bottle bobbing up and down in the water or a roller that goes up and down the track (now possible with LM's ExAnimation settings)

I'm not to fond of the FG in this set, they look rather too "polished" in the bad sense, assuming that is a wooden dock. Try adding more detail to the platform such as wooden planks on top of the thin, long ones.

Kinda aim for something like this:

Which is basically the SMW ghost house set but edited to look a bit more smoother. Also in your Graphics, make the lower parts of your column look different than the upper parts, as though they were worn down by water/algae now grows on it.

Also, I think SMWCP2 should use/make sprites that are mainly for decoration, kind like the Yoshi House birds in SMW or the butteryflies/dragonflies in Yoshi's Island. This game could use a bit more detail/life :>

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
So hey, did you like .. just draw that now? Because it would rock as a global ghost house graphical change if you wanted it in.
I'll fix the foreground dock like you said.
As for the making a roller coaster to go up and down, that would require alot of Exanimation. What I do want to make are the flags to wave back and forth and the ballons to go up and down. Also loving the idea of a bottle floating in the water i might try it out. I don't want to much going on in the background so the player focuses on the gameplay.

Yeah those ghost house graphics look real nice.

Originally posted by 2dareduck

There's one thing that really bothers me about this background, and that's the roller coaster. Where does it go after disappearing behind the tents? The perspective on the water compared to the platforms also looks somewhat odd. I really like the ferris wheel and the tents, though.

Also a suggestion: Why not make those balloons cluster sprites that are continuously spawned and rise upward?

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I can easly fix the roller coaster problem. I just have to edit the ferris wheel graphics a bit. As for the water ima use layer three low tide option so that might fix it.

Cluster sprites would be perfect!!... if i knew how to make/insert them. Are they like normal sprites and are inserted with sprite tool??


This is a graphical update. I fixed the background roller coaster and the foreground dock. Plus this is the first screen of my level.

I will only post graphical updates. As for the level its self you'll have to wait till i finish the whole level and send it for testing. #w{=P}

I'll move this disscusion to my level thread.

Originally posted by BlKry

I'm wondering if these were graphics given to you or something, but the palette looks a bit odd compared to the rest of the level."

As for the graphics for of the chain platform; I made them myself. They were soupossed to repersent like carnival rides. So i made then as colorful as possible. If they look out of place i can just reshade them.

Oh and the level name is Carnival Caper.

I know this is really nit-picky, but I always find it to be a rather annoying side effect of how tile 130 works.

You should try to replace as many of the circled tiles (ie, the pier tops that sit atop slopes) with tiles that have an acts like setting of 100 to produce a smoother movement when running up slopes. Unfortunately, with your current level layout, I could only find 6 instances where such a switch is possible without creating another unwanted side effect where Mario would be able to jump into the pillars themselves from the opposite side. The Green Circle shows an area where you can easily swap the tile for a tile with an acts like of 100. The Red Circle shows an area where I guess you'll have to stick with tiles that act like 145 or 148 though, which you seem to be using for most of them so far, but at least those don't seem to be as buggy as tile 130.

Also, is it just me, or does the BG appear to sit just a little to high compared to the FG? I know the action is taking place on the lower docks, but it seems as though the dock levels (BG & FG) should be a little more level. But again, maybe that's just my perception of it.
I'll try to make all of them act like tile 100 and then add an extension to the dock.


Some more gfx updates. Amazing hammer bros but instead throws !pies!Yum
And also two cannon shooters the shoot pies!!...cannon balls.

As for the level it self the main problem was the diffculty so i had to choices. Go and edit the existing level to make it harder or start all over. So since i didn't want to chuck-a-fy or muncher-ize the whole thing so consequently i started over. Now including the above ^^ stuff. #w{>=)}

edit: yay a 100 posts! now the world will go on with out caring.

Haha, I love the redrawn Amazing Hammer Bro. It's a really nice touch, and the cannon looks good as well. Very nice work so far. :)
(also, I love the Oriental Castle BG you made, it's so great for my level, kudos for that)

Awesome "Amazing Flying Pie Bro"! :)
The one thing you could improve is the end. The player can jump to the right and run in to the wall, which looks bad.
Thank you for making Outrageous Mario World the 11th most downloaded hack on the site!

Ham Sandwich progress: v1378 (Now with more arbitrary version numbering than ZGC!) Waiting to get around to working on it again.

I occasionally stream ROM hacks on Yoshi Lighthouse's Twitch account. Be sure to check it out!

Layout by Counterfeit.
No problem, i was happy to help. Can't wait to see how your level turns out.

Thanks, who knew pies were actually dangerous.

Originally posted by AnybodyAgrees
The one thing you could improve is the end. The player can jump to the right and run in to the wall, which looks bad.

Well i can just extend the dock more to the right but that's just useless extra space. Or i can just block it from the sides so the player can only hit it from the bottom.

As for the level i'm waiting for Ixtab to finish the sprite for me.

What about using P-Balloons in the Level, for a Secret?
So i was pondering on good graphical
replacements for existing enemies to fit a carnival theme.
To make my world 5 level hard i wanted to
use the hopping flame thing but it's not "carny"
enough so i took a whole minute thinking of a great
graphical replacement. Then Bam! It came to me.
Ice cream. Yes Ice Cream, a hopping upside down ice cream cone...that
leaves trails cream behind...
Don't stone me for such radical ideas but
it's what i'll be going with...maybe.
Originally posted by "Rochythetigre"
What about using P-Balloons in the Level, for a Secret?

There is a 100 percent chance that i will use a p-balloon for a smwc coin.

No need to be so self-conscious :p

Ice cream sounds fine. It certainly fits the theme, and the tip of the cone is spiky...I'm sure you could make something out of that.

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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 - World 6 - 110: Carnival Caper - 2dareduck

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