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119: Radiatus Ruins - Ludus


owner: Ludus (aka TheGamer)

World: 7
Exits: 2
Theme: Floating Islands
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: A double-exit floating islands level. Consider having platforming high in the sky, with clouds coating the bottom of your screen.
Your layout has been removed.
Thanks for giving the level to me Josh, i really appreciate it.

Now i'm going to tell a bit of mt plans for the level.

First, the level will have 3 parts, each with a different gimmick, i already have a vague idea of what gimmicks i'm going to do, but it's too early to tell what i'm really going to do with those gimmicks.

Name: still none.

Area 1: Some floating pieces of land, and clouds, i'm planning on using This tileset:

The gimmick here will be around different kinds of clouds, still didn't thought on what each one will do, but i want it to have around 5 different clouds.

Area 2: There will have some ruins around the pieces of land, and a secret cave, that will be open by draining the water of a waterfall, and a gimmick worked around wind.

Area 3: A big castle ruins, with some undead monsters and ghosts, i will also use the Piano Player enemy that i'll ask someone to code, and make a gimmick around him. As well some mechanism system inside the castle, that will open/block/change the layout of the ruin.

Secret Exit: This is the fun part, to obtain the secret exit, the player will need to re-visit an already passed level to open a passage to get the key, still need to see what i'm going to do, Uhrix and me are thinking in what we will do here.

That's it for now, i'm still drawing the tilesets i will be using for the level, and when i'm done with it, i'm going to start the level layout.

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I'm particularly interested to see how the secret exit turns out. I'm happy to see evidence of communication among level designers (:

It seems like you have a ton of little ideas planned, and that's good. Two things you should be careful to do are introducing (and executing) everything properly and being elegant in that you don't over-explore any one idea.

Sounds good so far, and I like the stone pattern on that tileset.
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The tileset you got there really fits your level. One suggestion would be to tone down the blue color on the clouds just a little bit.
Tone the blue in the clouds down, it doesn't look too appealing and for the love of God, please don't abuse narrow passages like you usually do, it just doesn't work well.
Your layout has been removed.
The tileset looks nice!
I like how clouds are incorperated into the FG.
Looks cool, TheGamer!
Hope to see more progress from you!
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Thanks for all the feedback guys, i really appreciate it.
Originally posted by
One suggestion would be to tone down the blue color on the clouds just a little bit.

Those palettes are not final, it uses the base rom palette for now, when i start with the layout of the level, i'm going to make the changes.

Originally posted by
please don't abuse narrow passages like you usually do

Don't worry, i'm not going to do that.

i'm Going to show some more stuff soon.

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Looks pretty neat, I can't wait to see what you and Uhrix are planning :P
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Thanks GN =)
I have a update on my tileset.

Any idea for decorations are welcome, i will be glad to draw it.

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I like the way that looks; very nice and easy to look at. But for whatever reason, the bricks don't really blend into the ground very much, try making the ones in there a darker color than the ones on the surface. But otherwise, keep up the good work.
With tiles like that and the overlap you have going on, your level looks like a prime candidate for layer 1/2 mixing.
Lynnes: Thanks, going to fix the bricks.

FirePhoenix: The overlap was actually made on paint, since i don't have a map 16 ready yet, i'm mixing the objects with the YY-Chr and paint. And i don't really am going to make Layer 1/2 mixing, i'll make a BG once i'm done with the FG.

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Showing some progress in the tileset, i can say that i'm almost finished with it, and i'll start the layout of the first 2 rooms soon.

Forgive cutoffs and design, since it is only to show the new graphics.

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That's ... awesome =D

If i had to find some constructive criticism, I'm not too fond of the Stonehenge type blocks, they look ... i dunno, slightly off. Like the tops not balanced quite right... That's about as detailed I can get though =/
Thanks =D
though i don't really get what it's wrong with the Stonehenge =/
I'll try to improve it, but i'm not sure what is wrong with it too.

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Don't worry about it, I'm pretty sure it's just personal opinion, there's nothing actually "wrong" with them.
IMO, the clouds on the screenshot you just gave are a bit too "repetitive". I would suggest you make the slopes more steep, or make it straight in a few places or just do something. Right now, it looks kinda repetitive as its zig-zagging up and down.
mockingod: I may remake the clouds, i don't like them as they are right now.

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