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11F: Stratus Skyworks - Lightvayne


Claimed by: Lightvayne
World: 7
Exits: 2
Theme: Sky
Music Options: 1, 2, 3, or compose your own.

Briefing: A double-exited sky level towards the end of world 6.
Okay, so, I've done a lot of thinking regarding what to do for this level and I finally have some idea of what I'd like to do.

I imagine the general theme of the level as some sort of factory hidden in a cloud. That is, most of the level would take place on the outside, in a landscape consisting mostly of clouds, but with occational factory-like features such as pipes, fans, etc. sticking out. For enemies and hazards, I'd like various types robots and factory-themed devices that would hurt the player.

Getting the secret exit would involve getting inside the facility and shutting it down, making it fall and crash into the ground.

The main gameplay mechanic I want to use is air currents. That is, turning fans on/off, timing jumps, etc. to reach new areas and avoid being blown down pits.

I will definitely need some help with graphics. Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.
Your idea sounds nice, it reminds me of lynnes's forever factory, basically it's a flying fortress that gets destroyed and crashes into the ground, here is a video of the level, maybe you can take some ideas from there.

Also, try not to make the factory part too similar to the factory levels in world 8. Since this is a factory in the sky, maybe you could have some windows in the background, or something that woulf give the players the feeling that they are on a floating factory.
That's a pretty nice concept you have there. Hmm, you might want to use different elements and gimmicks that are fitting to the factory theme but haven't been used in one of world 8's stages.
Let me give you a few suggestions. Maybe you like some of them:

1.) What about using some sort of ventilators? They might be used in different ways. They might either push you from platforms or they might even aspirate you. You might compare those to the enemies in Airman's stage from MM 1. The ventilators might also be on the ground and when you jump on them they psuh you upwards and thus grant you the ability to hover in air.

2.) What about the cloud that has been used in SMWCP's Zephyr Manor. They could fit in here nicely. You could have to dodge electricity, canons, spikes or whatever you want to use there.

3.) You might also use an airplane instead of said cloud, thus including an airpop segment. After all, we don't have any of these in world 6 yet and it might be a good addition.

4.) Another part might include a jetpack segment. I don't speak of the jetpacks that we have seen in Airotastic Assault. I speak of the jetpacks being used in Kipernal's Musical Madness (room 3). Since it is only used in this small room you might also include one segment in this stage.

Now these are some ideas I had and maybe you like my suggestions. :) As I said before I think that you could actually build a great stage. All it needs is one awesome gimmick that has not been seen in another world 6 stage or even several gimmicks if you have the motivation to do some extra work on your stage.
I am also looking forward to escaping the factory when it crashes (some scrolling in the background might create this affect). You might want to use YCZ's code for crashing objects. In this case they would need to be redrawn to objects that belong in a factory, like pipes, vents etc.
Originally posted by Slit08
they might even aspirate you.

What. What do you mean by the ventilators "aspirating" you? Isn't that when you pronounce a vowel or word with the initial release of breath associated with English h, as in hurry?

On a more on-topic note, I like the concept for the level, but want to point out that levels with wind-based gimmicks always seem to be unpopular for some reason. That being said, if the level involves turning the strong wind currents on and off like you said it would, then there wouldn't be too much tricky platforming with the wind blowing you, which is what people don't like.

Anyway, I love the "atmosphere" you've described for the level, and will try to give some feedback that isn't completely useless once I see more details.
Originally posted by Slit08

1.) What about using some sort of ventilators? They might be used in different ways. They might either push you from platforms or they might even aspirate you. You might compare those to the enemies in Airman's stage from MM 1. The ventilators might also be on the ground and when you jump on them they psuh you upwards and thus grant you the ability to hover in air.

Aspirate? /me looks up the word

Ah, that is a good idea. At first I thought you meant asphyxiate, which also would be a nice idea, if some blow out smoke or something. :P

Kieran, when I saw no posts, I was hoping I would get this level, and my idea is similar, sort of, because it is a building, but instead of a factory, I would've made it a hatchery. Still, Kieran, your idea is very good and I am excited to see what else will come.
Just back here to browse a bit.

I know Kieran you been very busy with the website an all, but do you have anything to show us? I love your idea and if you need any help I'd be more then happy to help you.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Well, I talked to Kieran about this level a few days ago on IRC and told him I would team up with him to help him out with the level.

For the graphics, I was thinking about a little bit tileset mashup using the clouds from Aerotastic Assault, the unused factory tileset on level 1FF and a modified background from Dangling Danger, which in turn gave me this:


Ignore the cutoff for now and I'll probably change the palette of the factory set.

As for the fans idea, I was thinking of using the Vents from Velocity Valves which I think would work really well in this level.

I still however need to run this all by Kieran however as he is a bit hard to catch online these days. >_>
Layout by LDA during C3.
That tileset just looks so .. weird with the clouds. It honestly just looks really weird in general.

Would the factory set from 12E be better here?

Update with different colors

I could try 123, if no one cares for this one, but I figured no one else seems to be using the tileset so far, so meh :/
Layout by LDA during C3.

Well, Kieran has come to the conclusion that he no longer has time for this project, so from here on out, I guess it my level.

I'll post an update in a day or two.
Layout by LDA during C3.

Triple Post!
Test me.

Everything it complete up to the midway point. There are 2 SMW coins so far and a key hidden in the level somewhere, though at this point you can't do anything with it.
The glitchy blocks you may find over a pipe are Yoshi Solid Blocks, you have to jump off of Yoshi to go through. I'll fix that later. And the message blocks are empty for now, they will be filled in later.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Amazing level no complaints 10/10 would play again
Your layout has been removed.
Yeah, it's solid so far. One minor thing I should bring up is that the part with the two chains (shortly after the big factory) is a little bland, and might benefit from a sprite or something (Blue Parakoopa, perhaps).

Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do for the half. Just remember to make the level different enough from Vic's in world 1 and you'll be set.
Just a note the Blue Parakoopa is the glitchiest sprite to ever be accepted in the sprite section. Ever.

Anyways not much to say here that hasn't been said. It's a really solid level over all. Nice work :)
Your layout has been removed.
Have you done any further work with this level, Lightvayne?

No, I quit this shit

Of course I do! I got so wrapped up in everything else I almost forgot about my own level :P. I had posted an IPS in IRC a few days ago and forgot to post it here. Anyways,

Click me for free coins!

I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the main path and I still have to work on the inside path for the secret exit. The last portion that is playable will have more to do with On/Off switches when its done.

Also IGNORE THE PIPE AT THE BEGINNING! Its a short cut to the second area, it will disappear in the final version.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Much like Vic's, this is a really fun level to play through. The fast-paced action caused by the vent blocks keeps you on your toes throughout the entire level. I also love how the level allows for some exploration with all sorts of goodies hidden all over the place - there's stuff hidden where I would never even think of looking. Although I still haven't figured out how to get the key - likely overlooking something obvious.

Couple of things: on screen 09 of level 11F, I was somehow forcefully glitched into the cloudmass thanks to the vent blocks. However, I haven't been able to replicate it again no matter how hard I tried, so it's likely a non-issue.

My other issue is with the Elite Goomba itself, so it's nothing on your end. Figured I'd throw it out there nonetheless. I find it odd that Yoshi can't squash him and instead rebounds. I was not expecting that at all and ended up falling to my death. I suppose one could assume this (un)expected course of action as a result of how spinjumps interact with them, but it just It's probably just me though.

Also, on 0F of level 11F, I had the Elite at the top of the screen fall on my head. I think this would be a rather rare occurrence, so you probably don't need to do anything about it, however I noticed another oddity regarding the sprite when this happened. Apparently Mario will kill an Elite Goomba if it falls on Mario. What? Hey, I'll take the fortune, but again, not expecting that.
It's good to see you're doing a little more than Vic did with the ON/OFF stuff. While his level used it as a supplement as the secret exit, it'll be great to see the second half of your level actually focus on it.

Two screenshots: which it just occurred to me now that, unless I'm missing something, it's more than possible to not even catch a glance of this pipe on the way down near the midway. Might I suggest moving it to the right one tile so players will at least know it even exists?

The background is .. you know ..

Oh, and I have a general aesthetic suggestion. As it stands now, the level looks really similar to SDY1's. Given that your level was ultimately "taken over" by a factory, what if you made the clouds a little more grey to indicate the pollution? Furthermore, a gradient in the background might enhance it, as it's otherwise kind of plain.

Good job.

Originally posted by S.N.N.

I originally had that pipe over one tile but figured it was a bit too easy to find, which is why it was in the location it is now, If more people complain about it I guess I can move it back.

As for that auto room, I'm not quite sure why the BG messed up like that. It's never been like that in any of my testings, but I'll look into it.

The second part of the level does focus a bit more on the on/off switches but not so much as to overwhelm the player.

I like the gradient idea and I will try about seeing what those clouds will look like colors a bit greyer.

I should have an ips up soon with the completed "main path" in about a day or so, then its time to work on the factory for the secret exit.
Which reminds me, has anyone figured out how to get the key yet? Is the puzzle for it too hard. As a hint, I can assure you it has nothing to do with the on/off blocks. ;)
Layout by LDA during C3.