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11F: Stratus Skyworks - Lightvayne


Originally posted by drmatt13
Its impossible to fight the elite goombas riding a yoshi

aran - Graces of Heaven
There are some kind of glitched graphics (Looks like fireballs to me) that keeps appearing at the left side of the screen.

EDIT: Also, I don't know if this is the right thread to talk about this. Sorry if I did something wrong.

No, this is the correct thread. I have noticed this issue a while back but haven't had time to look into it. I'll place it on the list
Layout by LDA during C3.
Doesn't one of edit1754's patches cause that? The Sprite Status Bar maybe? I recall having a similar problem and finding out it was because a bunch of extended sprite RAM addresses were set to zero, including the X position. At least, I think that's what happened.


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imamelia, that's a good guess, but it doesn't explain the upper one in the first screenshot.

The real explaination is that it's a bunch of instances of cluster sprite type 0A, who, for some reason, always have the X high bit set (as well as having garbled graphics). They're spawned by the INIT routine of custom sprite 58.

I don't know if either of these sprites are used elsewhere, but it is safe to assume that they will garble in all other levels. I recommend replacing their codes with BRK and checking if anything breaks, as well as removing the 58 from here.
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The glitching is a result of the rain cluster sprite mucking up somehow.

This was overall a nice level... except that getting the key to enter an unforgiving sublevel wasn't. By default, you required both Yoshi and a feather to get the key. But now that a Blue Koopa is provided, you can use it to fly, and no longer need a feather for that. And since the secret sublevel was extremely unfair and uninteresting, it was removed. The door was replaced with a keyhole. Good enough for a secret exit.

And new aesthetics! Magi's new cloud BG, Falconpunch's cloud FG, Dr. Tapeworm's industrial/metallic tileset, and pipes drawn by me, based off of the old ones.