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123: Crystalline Citadel - Incognito


owner: Incognito
World: 8
Exits: 1
Theme: Ice
Music Options: 1, 2, or compose your own.

Briefing: This is the first ice themed level in world 7. Use it as a foundation to introduce the concept of slippery floors, and dangerous ice obstacles!
There is actually an open level? Claimed if so.
No, it was actually reserved by GN the other day. If he doesn't reply in 48 hours though, it's yours if you want it.
Oh, alright then.
I take it I'll have to reply here and not in a PM to S.N.N.?

Alright, I'll start working.
aran - Graces of Heaven
I've had a lot less time on my hands which I've been able to work than I thought I'd have. I know this will get better later on, though.

Things I've thought out:
This level will be a fortress. It's quite unexpected of the player, but I don't like the lack of fortresses in the hack. I'll be sure to go easy on the difficulty, because several people have told me, directly or indirectly, that I make too hard levels. I'll be sure to keep the level interesting and not make the level too easy, however.

I'll continue this tomorrow, reason bein I don't have time right now.
aran - Graces of Heaven
I'm pretty interested in the visuals of this stage. Since it is an ice themed level it should also look like a castle or fortress made of ice. Maybe you find some appropriate tiles or create your own.
That last post probably gave off the vibe that I haven't really thought of anything really related to the level, didn't it.

I haven't done anything on the level design itself, because I find it very hard to create a good level not knowing what tiles I can use.
As for the level itself:
123: A main entrance level. This level will also serve as a level where I can put small "sublevels" that connect to other levels using secondary exits.
x-1: A center room of sorts. This level will be vertical, and will be sorta tower-like, just like Snowhead temple's similar room in Majora's Mask.
x-2: A sublevel where the main gimmick of the level will take place: Layer 2/3 water slowly rising throughout a horizontal level, which will make this level play differently if you're slow or fast.(Note that this is subject to change, I might make the water activate an air meter, since the water would still be very cold.
x-3: A generic exit sublevel. This may use the ice part of metalgearhunter's tileset, since his level is right after mine.
aran - Graces of Heaven
Nice. However, I've got two suggestions for you. Maybe you like them. One is concerning the gameplay, the other the visual style.

1.) As for a nice gimmick or gameplay element that could be added here I would suggest a similiar concept to the one seen in the following video (at around 10.55): It's basically turning the water to ice via switches, however you have a limited amount of time to get to the next switch before the ice turns to water again. You might either add an enemy like in the video I posted or you might add a text box that says that the water would be so cold that it would cause instant death. Instead of the timer you could add the timer sounds of a pressed P-Switch. Basically everything has already been coded since Jimmy actually used switches for said effect in his stage.
While you should still stick to the other idea with rising and sinking water you could add one or two rooms in the x-2 sublevel that would contain suggested concept. So that it would go like: x-1 - x-2 (timed water) - x-1 - x-2 (rising water; also midpoint) - x-1 - x-2 (optional; timed water) - x-3!
What do you think of my idea?

2.)What about drawing a tileset for a frozen fortress or at least making a request? I still think that it would add lots of atmosphere to the stage! I think since you decided to work on a level that is actually defined as an ice themed stage it should definiately look like one. :)
Thanks for the reply!

Anyway, concerning your suggestions;
1)I like the suggestion, but I don't really want to put in more than one real gimmick into the level. Also, it'd feel a little... wrong to make two levels in the same world, separated by only one level use the same gimmick, only the first one has a timer and the second introduces it. If the levels switched their positions, I'd consider putting it in.

2) I actually did request a tileset, but I never got any replies back. I'm still looking for graphics, but I've started to complie some stuff from SMWCP/random custom stuff.
Here is the original request post:
Originally posted by GN
I've been looking around for a tileset to use for my level, but it's sorta surprising how many castle tilesets that are unique and very hard to use for the purpose I'm going to need them to, so here is a request:

An ice fortress sort of thing with 16x16 and 32x32 ice cubes, and a frozen stone block and frozen "generic" castle ground, with some smaller background-like bricks I can use as decoration. Some other types of decoration for the level wouldn't be useless either(I don't have many ideas for aesthetics at the moment).

I'd like to be notified by PM if you're done with it, and many thanks in advance.

So yeah.

I actually thought of putting Yoshi into the level, but this is still a fortress level, and it also seems like other people are using him a lot. Maybe I can use him in a bonus area, though.

Edit: @Ludus: Thanks a lot! :D
aran - Graces of Heaven
I take the challenge =)
Will be doing the graphics, it don't look it will take long, so yeah, will try to have it finished in ~3 days (No decorations, it will probably take longer, but i'll work on it)

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I kind of loved how this is turning on. ideas?

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Wow, that tileset looks amazing so far. I can't wait to see it in use!

Anyway... I always liked icy fortress levels, and I am pleased that there will be one. As for Yoshi, I think that he is actually underused, so maybe you should put him in the level.
Lovely. <3
It's a large improvement over what you first showed me, but where did the 32x32 blocks go? Are you putting them in later?
Can't wait to get to make a level with it, though. I hope you'll be done soon. ^^
aran - Graces of Heaven
Looks pretty sweet so far. Hmm, yeah once he has the basic ground tiles finished you can start though hopefully Lupus will work on some decorations while you are designing the stage, which you can add later. :) 'Cause this man has lots of potential in drawing graphics. Will he also draw a BG?
Sorry for the double post but it is time to show some progress on the level! Give us some screenshots of your stage!
I didn't know you're in the position to demand for progress updates.
For all we know, GN could have PMed SNN with an explanation for why he hasn't posted updates, or he's just really busy right now and tries to push it back as much as possible until SNN tells him to.
Your layout has been removed.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

He's been posting some progress in the S/V topic, though small amounts of it is of the actual level.

I've got about 8 screens of progress of the first section of the level, most of the time spent has been figuring out Map16 and fixing stuff. And waiting for the graphics, of course.

It's not worth it to post an IPS, because I think the level is too hard currently, so I'll give you a screenshot instead:

Custom sprites are Ice Pansers.
It's not very much, but since I just found out a way to use LM on the school computers, I'm able to work a lot more on the level.
Edit: While you're at it, could you think up some level names for me? It seems like some of you're much better than me when it comes to things like naming. Thanks in advance.
aran - Graces of Heaven
Oh well, sorry, I thought anyone could demand for updates as long as the required deadline (of one week) is exceeded. Welp, guess I was wrong.
At least we got a very nice screenshot for my post. It looks really awesome. The graphics are pretty sweet so I'm going to extol Ludus as well for creating such an awesome and unique tileset for this stage.
As for the level design this room does not seem to be too difficult to be honest. I think judging the room's difficulty just by watching a screenshot of said section it just feels right. There is never more than one obstacle to handly at the same time. :)
So I just read your request in the Resource Request topic. I guess you are going to include a horizontal room with rising water? Will the water kill you and thus act in a similiar way to the rising toxic water in DKC 2's Toxic Tower level?
Also, I hope that this level will be rather lenghty due to its unique tileset.
As for level names what about "Frigid Fort" or "Frigid Fortress"?
Another nice aliteration might be "Boreal Bastion".