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125: Frigid-Fried Frenzy - amhunter


Yoo, I may be pretty late and all, but I noticed how your level name has like a triple alliteration with F, but what if you like make a triple alliteration with Fr instead, like Frost-Fried Frenzy or something, that would also take out the generic "Fire" in the title ("Ice" was replaced by "Frost" so that's cool).
Just kind of a random thing I wanted to say.
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you know leod, you got yourself a pretty good mind there. ;)

I'd like to go with Frost-Fried Frenzy, good thinking there!
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I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Personally not a fan of that type of jump. There's always that semi-random chance of Panser spawning a fireball when you're on your way across.

I somehow managed to forget why I took this screen.

Ignoring the Panzer not there anymore- suppose I miss the jump and I'm at where Mario is. How am I supposed to get back up without taking damage?

You should put an ON/red wall up on that block the firebar on the right is using. It's better safe than sorry for someone to skip over a good portion of your level.

Note the red on the ledges beside the pipe.

Palette 6 shenanigans, which SNN covered.

Too slow on taking the screenshot and I can't rewind in SNES9x (I also refuse to use savestates for this project unless I'm trucking through a level), but glitched lava splash tiles... which SNN covered.

This is a result of the side effect from the slippery blocks I asked for you to work around. SNN covered this already.

I think the initial BG position is set too low here.

Palette 6 shenanigans.

This pipe should just be replaced with a patch of snow because of that slippery issue I mentioned.

Somewhat mean-ish jump for big Mario.

Just replace these cement blocks with ice or vice-versa.

I'd personally make Nipper plants vulnerable to fire, but that's ultimately up to you.


Pretty mean jump to make... then again, I've done some pretty "mean" jumps with the two SMWCP1-2 levels I've done at the end of my levels; so that's up to you.

Overall, the level is a vast improvement to the "BS"-filled version you did prior, but still rough around the edges. Please note that these screens were taken before you made a second update for the day, so many of these comments may be already addressed and you can just discard them or whatever. I haven't tried your latest version (I'll skip that in favor for your next one), however. Just be sure to add a second checkpoint at the entrance of the last sublevel.

I'll see if SNN can help me with that 2nd checkpoint. Other than that, I believe I got those bugs fixed. We'll have to see with the next update.
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Ok, here is a new IPS.

Level 125

Have fun. Please ignore the lava splash bug on level 29 and there is not a custom block inserted on tile CFA, so the lava still doesn't kill you on level 2A.

Oh, plus, I can't do much for that 2nd checkpoint, but I'm sure SNN will take care of it when the time comes.
Your layout has been removed.
Realized I have skipped a few levels, so let me just fix that.

This was an alright-ish level. Only notable changes were made to the first SMWC coin which required a fire flower in order to melt ice blocks which weren't introduced anywhere. They've been replaced with turn blocks which you should capespin instead. For convenience, a green switch block is placed near the coin so if the switch was pressed, the coin is practically yours. And in the second sublevel which had Bob-ombs, Venuses and hopping flames, Bob-ombs were replaced by shelless Koopas, so you don't have any tileset-specific sprite you can carry elsewhere that would look garbled.

Aside from that, the FG has got some palette adjustments, and I made a new background. It's not the best thing ever but should be good enough to replace the old version.