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127: Volcanic Panic - FPzero


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I like this alot, but IMO in the first screenshot where you the level off, those two green switch blocks could be moved or separated since someone could crawl in there and get stuck and let go of the button and do a death glitch. Just my opinion though, if you disagree strongly then kick me now...

Otherwords, this level is quite the lava place :)
Just giving a quick textual update. I managed to get some designing in while on the bus today for the inner volcano part. it's going well so far. I'm waiting on the BG Aquamentus drew for the outside areas so i can insert it and have a proper BG. Overall the first half of the level has been made easier because after criticism and my own judgment, it was too difficult. This hasn't neutered the level's difficulty though, it's still plenty a challenge. Once I have something substantial to show I'll put up some new screens but for now I just wanted to check in since it had been about a week since my last update.

Well that wasn't so quick after all...


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by FirePhoenix in the Shivering Cinders topic
I just want to inform you that my level is much easier in the first half and is actually potentially going to undergo a bit of a change to make this progress better.

What do you specifically mean by that? I'm holding out on doing more for my level since I want to squeeze a little more feedback out of it and seeing what else you're going to do with yours. Especially when I said that I had feelings that what I did of my level was harder than yours.

Then again, all of the World's levels aren't finished, so there's that small possibility that SC may be shuffled to be even LATER in the world, but still.

I mean that I really threw a lot of crazy line guide stuff before the midpoint and I want to go back and rework them a little to be more progressive in terms of the difficulty of their constructions.
Wow it's been 7 weeks. Um, I don't actually have any progress to report, I've kind of been addicted to both Minecraft and Terraria, in addition to some real life things going on that I won't get into. Hence my absence from the site. Anyway, I do plan to continue with the level eventually and have something ready for the deadline.
If necessary, ask someone to hide the programs on the computer, so you can't find them.
Anyways, I look forward to the next part of your level. Work hard.

(previously superdragonyoshi1. sup yall.)
Way to set an example -_-; I can only hope that Minecraft/Terraria was NOT the overridingly major reason...

...I mean, I'm not particularly worried about you finishing by the deadline, but...yeah.
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I'll just mention that issues relating to college played a major role and leave it at that since this is not the place to get into these things. And yes, I certainly didn't set a good example, I'm aware.
This is still being worked on. Due to extenuating circumstances I have received a short deadline extension.


The level will be done before my extension is up. Bear with me.
With the discovery of the Vertical Autoscroll being inserted, my secret path is taking a bit of a more difficult twist. Now to use all the line guide timing skills I got making the inner volcano section to make things a hectic rush up the side of the volcano.

SNN's played a little of the level without the secret path so there's been some testing, more testing will be done as soon as I can get this area finished.
Well i don't seem to be getting much attention here but I posted a demo in the testing thread:

Level 127 - Volcanic Panic

Things to note/I am aware of:

- Do NOT use the small door at the beginning, that is a testing door.
- There is a bunch of cutoff detail in the inner part of the level.
- There is no background on the secret path.
- The wall details have not been added after the midpoint.
- Venus Fire Traps have wrong layer priority, this is not my fault.
- The outline switch blocks next to filled in ones are there for testing purposes.

i can haz up daet?

I played your demo you posted in the testing thread, and has the same thoughts on it SNN had. I would love to see how the level has progressed so far
Layout by LDA during C3.
He's done the level design-wise, he just needs to include the background stuff (hence why I haven't been pressing him for updates). I'm not sure what's taking so long though.

Other than a few graphical updates, such as reusing my fire/ice background for a pure fire level and Magi's fire tileset changes, as well as FPzero sending in some updates to the level itself...

...The level remains mostly the same.Unfortunately, I'm not very active on the site anymore like I was before; I'm mainly on Discord now. Thanks for understanding.
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