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12A: Pyro-Cryo Castle - Pikerchu13


Here we go. Probably the worst offender of all levels of SMWCP2: long, claustrophobic, unfair and spammy.

Salvaged by Minish Yoshi design-wise.

Salvaged by me graphic-wise.

It always bothered me how the graphics didn't represent a castle at all, but more a cave than anything else. Well, it was some sort of underground base. But the execution definitely wasn't the best.

After a good bunch of discussion on Discord, we agreed to take another path regarding its theming. We've decided to make it more of a castle. And so, I tried my hand at drawing again, and attempted to make a castle with touches of underground and factory elements. In other words, some sort of improvised base inside a castle found partially underground. And with the BG done, we needed some updated FG to go on with it. I did it again, and created small castle assets while also revamping Pikerchu13's original cave/industrial tilesets. Water and lava graphics were redone, and the falls replaced with the ones found in Plateau Pumps.

That's not all, though!

It always bothered me, too, the way palette ExAnimations were handled in this level. Pretty sudden, unsynced, badly initialized... and that had to be changed. And the changes were done, with multi-palette ExAnimation and a touch of color math ASM - check out the final results below:

That was surely the level which has got the most changes of them all. Hope they're satisfying enough!