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12D: Petroleum Passage - Skewer
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - World 9 - 12D: Petroleum Passage - Skewer
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There's nothing I can do about the dry bones. Somebody else done the graphics for them. I'm also using the original SP3 (13) and SP4 (03) tha came with the base. So that really isn't an error on my end, more like somebody elses.
Originally posted by Bloop
Players may hardly see those "vines".

Looks pretty obvious to me actually.
Originally posted by Bloop
They also could think that the oil is bad, so you don't try to go into the oil.

The message box says "like quick sand," so that's their fault then.
Besides, they are forced to test it out at 0:50, so that shouldn't be a problem later on.

However, I personally don't like the little ledge at 1:26, you could as well just lower it a few (1) tiles.
The tunnel at 1:39 looks pretty empty, too.

Unrelated, but I totally expected some of the grinders to be homing grinders for some reason.

Your layout has been removed.
I am really liking the graphics and design of this level. I tend to agree with bloop a little bit aout the vines. Just make them a little darker or lighter, or even put some coins around it, just so people know. Secondly, Ithink thatSMWC coin is a little to easy to get for World 8. Otherwise, the rest is looking great!

Untitled Hack Progress:

I like the way the level's been designed so far. And like leod, I expected the grinders to be homing grinders.

I have nothing to add criticism wise that hasn't already been said by everyone else. :\
Heya Gun, good to see you. Thanks for the input guys! Things are going kinda slow, but I want to keep a nice pace with this level so it can be all it can be.
Maybe it's just me, but I expected Mario to sink in that oil much faster than he did in that video.

Other than that, I'm liking the tileset usage in this level, particularly how you've got cave elements infiltrating the industrial structure.

Wondering why I haven't any updates? Well, the thing is is that I'm on vacation and can't SMW Hack right now. I'll be able to get back to work when I get home the Sunday AFTER this up coming one. So yeah... either way, I should have the level ready before deadline.
Thank you for the heads up on that. Just drop us an update whenever you get back.
Not sure if you're back from your vacation yet, but I happened to think of a name for this level. What would you think of Petroleum Passage?

I was actually going to name it "Oil Leak Freak", but I have no idea of what's better, especially considering I plan to use a Low Gravity gimmick for the second half of this level.

Speaking of the Gimmick, the gimmick for the first half of the level is an On/Off dependancy. Depending on which flag YOU set on the ON/OFF, it decides which way you'll go. Will you take an easy, but long path; or will you take a hard, but short path? The choice is yours.

By the way, I was wondering. How do I use that "User Defined Tilemap" version of the KooPHd?


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.

By the way, I was wondering. How do I use that "User Defined Tilemap" version of the KooPHd?

Originally posted by Kipernal
You set it up yourself. The code should go in levelINIT, and look like this:

	;Set up the KooPhD's tilemap
	LDA #$00	;Unused tile	(walking 1)
	STA $7F8800

	LDA #$A0	;Head tile 1	(walking 1)
	STA $7F8801

	LDA #$C0	;Body tile 1	(walking 1)
	STA $7F8802

	LDA #$00	;Unused tile	(walking 2)
	STA $7F8803

	LDA #$A0	;Head tile 2	(walking 2)
	STA $7F8804

	LDA #$C2	;Body tile 2	(walking 2)
	STA $7F8805

	LDA #$82	;Vial tile	(throwing)
	STA $7F8806

	LDA #$A4	;Head tile 3	(throwing)
	STA $7F8807

	LDA #$C4	;Body tile 3	(throwing)
	STA $7F8808

	LDA #$82	;Vial tile 1	(actual vial)
	STA $7F8809

	LDA #$88	;Vial tile 2	(actual vial)
	STA $7F880A

	LDA #$88	;Vial tile 3	(actual vial)
	STA $7F880B

	LDA #$82	;Vial tile 4	(actual vial)
	STA $7F880C

	LDA #$80	;Vial tile 5	(actual vial)
	STA $7F880D

Just change the "LDA #$XX"s to whatever tile you want each frame to use. Vial tiles 1 + 4 and 2 + 3 should be the same.

It doesn't look like you're using any tileset specific sprites (SP4) that Kipernal didn't use for his level, so you could probably just copypaste that into your (sub)level(s) in LevelASM and use GFX 1ED.

Speaking of SP4 sprites, I was hoping somebody would be willing to code a factory enemy for me. (and obviously others) I'll make the graphics when I get home and show them off tommarow, and explain it. Somebody ought to get interested in it since it shouldn't be that tough of an enemy to code... I hope atleast. Otherwise, I'm going to see if I can get SNN to insert a low gravity sprite for me so I can use another gimmick than the casual On/Off thing. I worked with Low Gravity before (Although it was a block) so I should be good with it.
You're about due for your weekly update, and at this point, I'd highly suggest getting a sample IPS ready. There are under twenty days until the deadline, and we haven't seen much besides a video and a few screenshots.
Yes sir, I'll try to get an update in tomorrow. Been some heavy work this weekend, and as usual, no internet access. I just gotta fix up a few bugs with some slowdown (which is strange b/c there is not much sprites on the screen some times...) and I've yet to figure out all this level ASM stuff. Well, I'll see what I can do on my next post tomorrow...
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
I just gotta fix up a few bugs with some slowdown (which is strange b/c there is not much sprites on the screen some times...)

Slowdown won't be a real issue, since later in the hack we're going to patch FastROM to negate some of the slowdown. If you look through some of the levels already in the base ROM you'll find that some of them has a bit of slowdown in certain parts.

aran - Graces of Heaven
Okay, well. As requested I have an IPS up for download. I placed Mario on the level so you don't have to use the Hub.

Oil Leak Freak 2/3rds

I'd say it's 2/3rds done, but others might consider it half or something compared to the other levels; I really wouldn't know.

Conveyor Belts do not work - I used the correct blocks as seen on other levels, but I fear that the conveyors might work via level ASM. So basically, the level will not be as hard as it should be. Sad.

KooPhD - As said before, I don't know how to work that level ASM thing, so I'm not bothering with it right now, but rest a-sure I'll have it in sooner or later.

Slowdown - Already mentioned by GN, it'll be fixed with the patch.

I also plan to have a low gravity kind of thing going on, but if anybody else has a slightly, or even greater idea, please let me know. Somebody is already doing the toxic gas thing, so please leave that gimmick out.
The level looks pretty good from what I've played. The idea of using the switch blocks to change the pathing of the level is certainly a creative idea, and you combine the otherwise bland factory tileset (in my opinion at least) with your cave tiles to create a more engaging atmosphere. Design-wise, it's mostly solid. There are, however, some flaws you might want to look into.

The first thing I noticed were the trash blocks. Nothing tells me that I can "dig" them up with Y. I looked into Lunar Magic later on and noticed you had a message box text explaining this, but it was nowhere to be found in your level.

In addition to feathers, I can keep going through that pipe to infinitely farm 1UPs from the invisible 1UP block in there. Maybe you should make an ON/OFF switch required to leave this room?
EDIT: I just noticed there's also some cutoff above that red pipe in the second screenshot.

Inconsistency: The oil here killed me the moment I touched it.

Don't you think it's a little cheap that getting this SMWC coin means having to run another loop around this sublevel? It doesn't matter that I end up going down the other path as a result of the forced ON/OFF switch, you're still punishing the player with having to go through obstacles again once they get the coin.

Without the Yellow Switch, this jump was quite tricky to make as Small Mario. It would probably be much worse if I was big.
Understand that if Big Mario must crouch-jump to clear a gap, it's considered to be Big Mario discrimination.

Unless I'm forgetting something here, I cannot reach this ON/OFF switch, so I'm stuck. Don't tell me I was supposed to use the Goomba; a lot of players would've probably crushed it before jumping down.

This is a blind drop that has a couple enemies below. I'd suggest moving a Green Parakoopa below this spot so the player knows what they're falling into, or just closing the distance between this ledge and the floor.

I think it'd be better just to have nothing below those Parakoopas instead of this, as it's pretty obvious by this point in the game that players should be using those Parakoopas to hop across ravines when they can't see the ground below.

This jump is pretty much a forced hurt if I'm Big Mario, and we're not even factoring in the conveyor belt!

Odd place for a Venus Fire Trap to appear.

...and that's as far as I could go. One last thing I noticed was that this level wasn't that challenging for a World 8, with the most of the difficulty coming more from powerup stinginess than difficult enemy/hazard setups. Not sure how you intended the conveyors to work, but I doubt they would've made things much harder than they are now.

I would've been a lot harder with the conveyors, that I will agree to. By the way, you said the tileset was blatant correct? Well, I'll try and make some decor to go around the insides of the walls and stuff; however, I'll use up more Map16 if that's okay with SNN.

Other than that, I'll try and rework a couple of the areas to have better enemy placement and what not, specifically in the low gravity room, which I might design a whole new BG for later.
Your tileset is perfectly fine. What I meant was that if it were just the artificial tiles, it would be rather bland, but the inclusion of the cave features and a visible background greatly improved it. Though if you absolutely feel it could use more detail, I guess it couldn't hurt.

I know for sure that I'm going to need more Map16 Space for the "Low Gravity" that'll take part for the rest of the level, as well as a random floating scrap bomb sprite that I could use. I'll put that in the requests. As of right now, since Metalgearhunter is working on his level; and the fact we share the same computer, I won't be able to post updates while he is, and vice versa. It's kinda hard, but we manage when the other isn't feeling motivated.

I'll make a few more decors so that it'll match with the other tilesets, but otherwise, I won't be posting updates until I can get back to work and stuff... hope you see this SNN, we have only one computer, so only one will be able to work at times. This is mostly why we don't update too often. Ehehee, atleast we're devoted to this though.

Other than that, what code do I need to get the conveyors working; because it looks like they use Level ASM.
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