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12F: Synchronized Sector - ToxicRave
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Here is a .ips of the improved 1st section of the level.

This seems a solid revision thus far; the level still keeps Mario on his toes, but is less unforgiving than the previous version. I still do worry about the "tripping" effect of those vertical columns of disappearing blocks, but I'm not sure exactly what could be done about that aside from breaking up the continuity of the block flow, which doesn't seem ideal, either.

The transparent layer 2 lava is an interesting idea, but the areas where it intersects with the rays of light look rather odd and reveals the dot matrix style of the light beams a little too clearly (also, the fact that the light rays cut off before the final horizontal row can be seen slightly in some emulators). What's more, the lava now scrolls at a slower rate than the layer 1 FG, which seems a bit disconcerting.

Also, while I know the layer 3 windows are just a stand-in for a prospective future factory layer 3 BG, it occurs to me that, you could probably get away with having no layer 3 at all. Between the light rays and the layer one pseudo-BG objects, just having a black void for a BG really doesn't look all that bad in this particular style of level, and certainly fits better than the mismatched bricks and castle windows.

That all said, I look forward to what you have in store for the improved second section.
I think it's better now, though, that Dry Bones-Turn Blocks situations still annoys me. I can see this a place where a lot of people can die, and it's probably most because of avoiding the Dry Bones, or getting hit by it. Maybe taking that Dry Bones out from that small, claustrophobic ledge will do the trick.

The other thing is, how do you get that Mushroom? O.o

I had no problem getting the mushroom o_O

The only I complaint I have is the path to the first SMWCCoin as it requires you to be small Mario in order to get it (BMD).
Layout by LDA during C3.
I mean 1-Up o.o
@Rameau's Nephew - I can just put the lava back on layer 1 if you want, but I was thinking of maybe putting the lava on layer 3. So we can have the lava scroll the same rate as layer 1 and make the lava transparent to.

@Giant Shy Guy - I can just get rid of the dry bone. Also, to get the 1-up you have to be Cape Mario and get a running start off of the fast moving blocks. Then, you launch yourself into the sky and then slam yourself onto the ground, making the 1-up mushroom fly into the air.

@Lightvayne - You suppose to activate the eating block which will eat the appearing/disappearing blocks, and will let you able to get the SMWCCoin.
Originally posted by notgoodwithusernames
slam yourself onto the ground

I never slam the ground when flying (purposely), so I would have never thought of it O.o

Pretty well thought out there!
Here is part of the 2nd section of the level, and some things that I fix in the 1st section:


Please note that I didn't end up making a vertical level because I didn't like how it was going. So I plan on making a horizontal level instead.

Also, there is a test door at the beginning if you don't want to play the whole first section again.
The second half is now significantly less trial-and-error based than the previous version, and the inclusion of the mushroom scales (or whatever they're to look like in the final version) was an unexpected surprise--I hope you can also find some additional uses for them in the rest of the level. Still, there's a few spots that struck me as a bit questionable:

- This first obstacle doesn't offer very much leeway--by the time the vertical barrier has disappeared, the player has only a very small window to land on the horizontal block chain before it moves out of range. This seems to require a little too much precision, especially for the very first obstacle in this half of the level (meaning the player will need to repeat it every single time they lose).

- I think just the L-shaped disappearing block structure is a tricky enough obstacle here; adding in the horizontal block chain moving in the opposite direction as well is really giving the player too many things too keep track of at once in an area where Mario is compelled to constantly keep moving. This can prove especially vexing as the rightmost platform only really comes into view once the player lands on the L-shaped structure, making it all the more difficult to work into one's timing calculations (especially since one's attention upon landing on the L-shaped platform is largely taken up by not falling into the abyss/making it passed the vertical part of the chain without getting blocked or crushed, leaving one little time to think about the landing). This was easily my biggest mass-murderer in the level, by a significant margin.

This looks super-neat, but the awkward tripping effect when Mario stands on the downward-moving disappearing block chains really manifests itself strongly here, especially as nearly every player's first instinct here is going to be to jump on the blocks, not over them, scarcely expecting that landing on what appears to be a normal, downwards-moving platform will largely immobilize them, with fatal results.

Finally, this gap seems a little too difficult for big Mario to squeeze through, which is made all the more noticeable considering the player gets a mushroom just a short time before.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to work in just a small number of non-saw enemies throughout the level as well. I know the block arrangements are intended as the main obstacle for this section, but just a few more folks for Mario to interact with could add a nice little bit of variation--and I'm sure bouncing off of foes could be integrated quite nicely into the synchronization theme.

(On a side note, someone desperately needs to draw another factory background, as that gear, bare brick and cracked window one really looks woefully out of place in all levels not named Musical Mechanisms).
Thanks for the suggestions and feedback Rameau's Nephew. Here is a updated version of the second part of the level:



I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by Rameau's Nephew
(On a side note, someone desperately needs to draw another factory background, as that gear, bare brick and cracked window one really looks woefully out of place in all levels not named Musical Mechanisms).

Taken straight from Petroleum Passage. If this is used, all of the required ExAnimation tiles will need to be moved to GFX22F.

Say, that BG fits pretty well here. The moving pistons and gears are extremely appropriate for the concept of a level based on constant, synchronized movement, as well. I think that'd definitely be a fine choice for this stage should there be an easy way to include all of the necessary ExAnimation tiles.

As for the latest IPS, I'd say it's coming along nicely now; this version feels a good bit more lively than the previous with the added enemies, and the obstacles feel a bit more intuitive as well. One thing I would suggest, however, is to introduce the idea of using the Paratroops as stepping stones while waiting for the blocks to appear in a more favorable position in a way that isn't instantly fatal if you fail very first time--the concept is fine at its basis, but it took me somewhat by surprise initially. This could be as simple as putting spikes rather than lava under the very first Parakoopa used in this way.
I have to agree with RN and the others, this level is shaping up very nicely. I must say though, I found the jump below to be very discriminating, it took me about 15 save states (although that may be biased because, well, I suck).

I was thinking about this earlier today and since this level is not yet complete I thought it might be a good idea to bring it up here. Is there a single bonus room in W8? I don't remember a single one, playing through all of the other levels, although my memory may be faulty. It might not be a bad thing to add a bonus room somewhere into this level for a little variety. (This hack in general I found to be very devoid of secrets and bonuses) And with this gimmick in your palms, think of all the possibilities for bonus games! You could incorporate P-switches, to make block snakes that without a p-switch to activate some sort of checkpoint would require some cracker-jack timing.

Or something even more interesting, like a vertical level with two paths, a vertical chute with a ladder for you to view the second area parallel to you, which contains a bunch of disappearing/reappearing blocks, this second area would only be accessible by a shell. And at the bottom of this area could be a block passage with a 1-up or the likes in it, which would only be collectable with that shell, which must be kicked with proper timing to receive. There are so many available ideas, it just irked me so much I had to post this!

Take it or leave it, its all up to you in the end.

Mod edit: Repaired image.

Hmm. . . not sure what to say so I'll just stop talking. . .

So uh, what became of this NGWU? It's been quite a while.
Sorry about the long wait guys, the design of the level is basically done now, just may need to do some tweaking here and their. Here is what I got so far:



I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

This version checks out well for me. No real complaints except that it's possible for the lone spike at the bottom of screen 0A, level 5F to be a blind drop.

Design-wise, I'd say this level's pretty solid from my perspective as well. Just two spots that sort of bothered me:

I still think this setup's a little too confusing to start the second half of the level with, as it requires a series of not-immediately-obvious actions to be performed in fairly rapid succession, with no real chance to analyse the situation from a point of non-danger.

- Firstly, the first vertical barrier doesn't disappear until the floor under it has also disappeared--something the player's unlikely to notice the first time unless they've scrolled the screen as I did in this screenshot (and most players won't do this if they don't expect to need to). The end result is that unless the player already knows this fact ahead of time, they're likely to fall into the lava, without even the fastest reflexes being able to save them from this boily demise.

- The second part of the setups (seen in the second screenshot) essentially requires experimentation to figure out while not offering much opportunity to safely do so. Perhaps the player might guess that it's necessary to bounce of the Paratroopa here, but since the toytle is moving horizontally and there are two possible "chamber" here between the vetical barriers, they have the much bigger question of where to bounce, yet lack the opportunity to think about the answer (and attempting to make the bounce from the first "chamber" has a decent chance of causing the player to land directly inside a materializing block). In this respect, I would perhaps recommend making the Paratroopa the vertical variety, so the question of where to bounce off of it no longer arises, and it's simply a matter of figuring out the general idea of the bouncing and having appropriate reflexes to pull it off.

I had to shake my fist a bit at this part, I must confess. It's actually not a particularly difficult obstacle to get past, of course, but somehow, the way it's used in the level rubbed me the wrong way. You see, it appears in an area where the player is, in essence, panicking slightly--they know they have a limited time to get back before the P-switch runs out, and are perhaps not being quite as cautious as they might otherwise be. Then, suddenly, this barrier appears in a place where it did not appear before, and with no indication that it would appear there on the return trip. It puts limitations on how to make the appropriate jump which the player was not expecting to encounter, and may not realize they have encountered until they've already made the jump--again, another obstacle effectively based on foreknowledge of the obstacle's presence, with instant death as the punishment for failure. Admittedly, this one's a lot easier to get right by sheer chance than the setup at the beginning of the level, and the player's not likely to screw it up more than once, but at the same time, it can feel a good deal more frustrating due to the fact that it requires a great deal more backtracking after the player fails.

Otherwise, though, I'd say this is a huge improvement over the first version, and puts the synchronization gimmick to a much more enjoyable and interesting use.

You might want to fix the animation of those background gears; remember, if you want two different ExAnimations to synch up, the difference between their slots needs to be a multiple of 8.

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So I edited some things you guys pointed out, and I also added in a bonus room:

I'm fine with the main path as it currently stands, though I found the bonus room a bit difficult to test properly due to the shell currently being invisible. Incidentally, why are the shells/Koopa Troopas currently invisible, anyway?

Two things I wonder about, addressed to the general public:

1. Is there any way we could perhaps alter the disappearing blocks so Mario does not "trip" when standing on a vertical column of the blocks "moving" downward? This would help eliminate the more awkward aspects of the staircase setup on screens 09-0A of 12F.

2. Are the mushroom scales used anywhere else in the hack? If not, could we not perhaps globally change their graphics to screws or something else thematically appropriate?
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