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Here's one about IPS files and Addmusic.
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Here's a question that's probably a n00b question... Forgive me.

I tend to be a little over-cautious with my IPS files when I patch them... Sometimes you'll try to apply two or more minor patches (you know, the ones from the SMW Central database under "Patches", not actual hacks) and it'll eff up the whole Rom. To make things goofier, Lunar Magic expands the Rom when you save it for the first time, making some tweak-patches weird.

Now, I read somewhere that the Addmusic program requires a clean SMW Rom to function. Now, I have around 2-and-a-half levels done in my hack, plus some of the Overworld, and I'm thinking of adding some custom music, since I already have custom graphics, sprites AND tiles... How would I do this? I'm thinking of backing up my hack, getting the clean Rom, applying the music to it then patching the hack back to the music-ified Rom... Would this work? If not, what would? Technically I could find this out through experimenting, but nothing sets me off more than a corrupted hack, even if I have a backup, 'cause I'm slightly paranoid about my IPS not working for some random reason (which has happened in the past, though never with SMW).

If I left out any vital info, let me know. Thanks for your help, and peace out. --Schwa

P.S. While we're on the subject of Addmusic, if anyone wants to recommend a good theme for a city-type level (like in Megaman X's Highway Intro Stage), please do so. The first level of my hack has a similar feel to that stage, see, and none of the trustworthy Music in the database seems like it would fit...

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I can't say I totally understand your question, but here would be my answer:

LM allows you to save your levels as a file, and you can then load them back into another rom. I did this to take levels from Super Mario Allstars + World and put them into the normal Super Mario World. (Just because it's "cleaner" that way.) You could just save the levels and import them to the "musicified" hack, if I'm correct. Don't hold me personally responsible, though. ^_^

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

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Since it would be much easier to read if put into a step-by-step list, I'll do it for everyone's sake.

1. Use addmusic on a clean 1MB SMW ROM.
2. In LM, extract all the levels (this can be done with one menu option), and then insert them on the ROM with music.
3. In LM, extract the ExGFX, and insert it to the ROM with music.
4. In LM, extract each Map16 page and insert it to the ROM with music, one at a time.
5. In LM, extract your bypass list (this can be done with one menu option as well) and insert it to the ROM with music.
6. Use Blocktool, Spritetool, anything necessary, on the ROM with music.
7. Open your ROM in LM's overworld editor, and then do the same with the ROM with music. Then, click 'save overworld to ROM' on the ROM with music.

That should transfer levels, overworld, blocks, sprites, ExGFX, and map16.

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Originally posted by snowguy1372
In LM, extract each Map16 page and insert it to the ROM with music, one at a time.

Why one at time, if you can press F5 and F7 to export the FG and BG and F6 and F8 to import the FG and BG?

Also, remember that you can just open the clean ROM in Lunar Magic, save a level and it will automatically expand to 1MB.
I tried Snowguy's trick, but I had to tweak his methods... I found it's vitally important that you use BlockTool and SpriteTool on the Rom BEFORE you import the levels. Otherwise it eats all the Extra Bits on your custom sprites and sets them to 0, making them normal sprites, and you get all these weird error messages.

Also, getting the Overworld to transfer required some creativity. Apparently if you open a Rom with a changed Overworld, keep the Overworld Editor open, then load a Rom with a regular Overworld, the Overworld Editor will show the changed one, then if you save the Overworld Data, it saves it to the new Rom. That's a cool trick. :)

Other than that, I got it to work perfectly. Thanks for your help guys.

Oh, and to darklink898, I believe Lunar Magic expands Roms to TWO MB, not one MB, but I could be mistaken. My current SMW Rom is 2 MB and I only have a few things changed. But hey, you've probably been doing this longer than I have and I don't wanna sound like I'm challenging your experience... :P

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You say you're looking for a good city theme eh? Might I recommend trying one of the following in the Music section? (Ctrl + F to find them)

Sonic and Knuckles - Death Egg Zone
Sonic Advance - Cyber Track Act 2
Metal Gear Solid - Special Mission
Paper Mario - Goomba Village (if it's a town-type thing)

They're all in there, but the names may be off >_>
Hilarious! I actually imported Death Egg Zone as the theme for the city before you suggested it, and you seem to be psychic! XD There's a slight problem with the drums though... Ah well, no biggie.

(Some of the drums turn off when you hit a ? block, and turn on again when the song loops.)

It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
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