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Megaman 4 - Final Boss by Botcrazy
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N-SPC Patch Required: No
Sample Bank Required: No
The final boss theme from Megaman 4. I'ts pretty fast-paced and exciting, most likely suiting a boss fight.

Tags: "Final" "Boss"


Not quite enough I'm afraid. Unfortunately, we already have a far superior port of this song from Project Megasong (check for "Mega Man 4 Soundtrack"), so to replace it, a higher quality port is required. Nevertheless, I'll point out some issues you can fix in future songs, or if you wish to pursue this.

- No octave re-designation at the beginning of every channel. When the song loops, it may be off. Add o# (where # is the octave being used initially: 0-6) at the beginning of each channel to prevent this.
- Unvaried percussion. A long string of @27 gets boring to listen to, real percussion switches between bass and snare drums, so do so as well to make it more appealing.
- Unvaried instrumentation. @6 is great and all but, it defintely doesn't warrant the usage of it on all 3 non-percussion channels. Mix it up a bit, as it stands, it sounds quite boring.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Music - Megaman 4 - Final Boss by Botcrazy