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Ask anything about SMW Hacking - 2019 Edition
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Is there an easier way?
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
GvS ~ u:11380
You can find them in the ExGFX section too. Press Control + F and type in Sideway Munchers.

e: Shit I fail.
Originally posted by PokefreakofBACON
Is there an easier way?

I'm afraid not, but you could use this ExGFX to your advantage to save you the time of manually rotating them.
Octopus: Try changing it to one slot using a 4 8x8s: 16x16 animation instead of two slots.

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by majora211
Have you tried using an empty save slot?

yea. But it still won't work (no matter what I do, when I change my overworld I start a new file.)

So remember kids! If you ever get caught having tosave a princess from a foreign land after getting dragged down a drain pipe, jumping while spinning in a circle can help you greatly by allowing you to jump on spinning saw blades, ghosts, and allow you to control your jump better!

Question: Can you disable the way that the midway point makes you big? I dont want it to make Mario big.

074CD $00:F2CD 33 bytes Objects The code for the midway point tile (Map16 tile 38, not the extended object).

$00F2CE (x74CE) - What object you get after breaking midway point tape (default 02 - none).
$00F2E2 (x74E2) - Change to 0x80 to disable midway powerups (or EA EA to make them always make you big, even if you have a better powerup).
$00F2E5 (x74E5) - What powerup midway points give you.

$00F2E9 (x74E9) - What sound effect midway points play.

Play around with the bolded part a bit and you should find your answer.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hi! I'm new to yy-chr and...can someone explain how to find layer 3 gfx from the savestate of another rom?

Hey everyone, Wal-Mart!
You probably have to switch to 2bpp SNES graphics in YY-CHR when opening the savestate, although I'm not really sure. This would probably be useful to you.
@DarkSideHacker~ Remember (if you haven't already) Rename the "YY-chr.eng" file to "YY-chr.enu" That way the Text will be in "english" (only if you're using version 0.99)

~Welcome to this site. #w{=D}
@Keypas Thanks. I forgot you had to do that...
@Iceguy Hehe, that tutorial was the reason I wanted to do this. Problem is, I've set it to 2bpp (and loaded the right palette) and couldn't find anything resembling a BG. I thought there was something you had to do with the + and - buttons, but I can't really remember.

Hey everyone, Wal-Mart!
Oh.. right. Well, look through the entire ROM in YY-CHR. If you can't find any graphics at all then bad luck: the graphics are probably compressed. I'm not really sure how you could decompress the graphics though, maybe you could use this.
How can i put other items in the item box?
i.e. spring board or p-switch?
I'm sure there's a couple of custom blocks on this blocks pack that does something like that.
Originally posted by Koyuki
I'm sure there's a couple of custom blocks on this blocks pack that does something like that.

Thanks but i'd rather it in an .asm file
Or atleast know what the sprite number is.. (2F for springboard doesn't work, insted get mecha-koopa)
Here's the blocks in ASM format. and IIRC. what sprite goes into the Item Box is the original Sprite Number-73 (or -74)
I change my layout every 4-5 months
Thanks :)
I want to make ex-animated blocks, but I need more space than the single ExGFX file I can choose in the super gfx bypass dialog. I checked the LM help file and stumbled over smth. called "Alt ExGFX" when using ex-animation. It states that the alt gfx file can be "up to 0x8000 bytes in size" but what the hell does that mean?
normal ExGFX files can store "graphics" within a resolution of 128x64 pixels if I am right. I just don't know what to think of 0x8000 bytes, can't visualise this in my head...

If anyone could explain that a bit better.
And how can I use more than 128x64 pixels for ex-animation data?
with Lunar Magic 1.8x, you can use more than half of a ExGFX file for ExAnimation. you can have the file be 16x13 tiles (Basically 3/4 of a 8KB ExGFX File) and 0x8000 bytes is 8KB which is a whole 128x128 ExGFX File
I change my layout every 4-5 months
Has anybody else has problems with Lunar Magic 1.82 and spritetool? every time I inset a sprite and the extra bit is set to 01 it gives me a what ever sprite would have used that slot. (Eg. 04 and It gives me a green koopa which is sprite 04.) Is anyone else getting this problem or is my rom just bugged in some way? Thanks for any help

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