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Hey guys,I don't know much of ASM to make this project without help,so I'm here to request help...

My ideia is a new hack with much levels,new powerups and new mechanics,but based on the original games,for example, a world may have as theme the candy world from Super Mario 3D World,and other world the beach theme from NSMB(DS)...

Can I create a team for make this project?

Thanks and Sorry for my english XD

I'm much lazy and I like Castlevania Symphony of the Night...
I and idol have opened a team hack focusing on resources from the latest C3 à la mice.

Anyone wanting to participate with me should send a PM to me (later idol) (SMWC or Discord) and one of us will send out a link to the base ROM and to the Discord channel.

Keep in mind that, for now, only level designers are searched for this hack. The level design will focus on a variety of level like VIP or JUMP, from traditional levels to Kaizo-lite levels.

Okay, my layout looks ugly.
(My English is not perfect)

Super Mario World Future The Shadow Queen Returns
People working the project
Leader (Toad64 aka Coolorangetoad)



SMWF The Shadow Queen Returns is the main project on SMW Central that i working on for the past 1 and a half years and was inspired by other hacks like (Do The Mario Made By Tobio) and 3+World made by (Yoshi master). This Hack using Custom ASM of Sprites ,Blocks ,Uberasm and patches as well has Custom Music for this hack however some music are use in other games and hacks

Tool I used
Romi Sprite Tool (Note: On a Old Rom)
Uberasm Tool

This Plot contains spoiler of Odyssey and Paper Mario The 1000 year door.
The Hack take place after the events of Super Mario Odyssey. when Bowser couldn't enable to get Mario. Bowser was asleep for a while. After that bowser wake up to find out that bowser was in a Dark Cave which has a purple koopa. the purple koopa tell bowser that the purple koopa is actually the shadow queen. The Shadow Queen tell Bowser that they has a plan to take over the world however to order to do this plan they has to build a machine that take a year to order to build it.
A year later
Mario was asleep but a toad wake up Mario that many toads has be in prison at Bowser Castle. It up to Mario to save those innocent toads but Mario doesn't know that the shadow queen was alive again.

who do we need

Custom ASM.
Level Designers to redesign old levels and new levels.
Writer for the Dialogue and for cutscenes.
Custom Graphics.

How to collab
Send me a PM on SMWC or YouTube or MFGG or discord and Show me your work, if it's good enough, i will accept you and you join the team hack.

I also update the todo list

Todo list(for people who join the team hack)
Redesign 3-Castle (level number 18) Note: You don't have do the boss room, I've do it.
Underground music for the hack (No Samples)
Snow music for the hack (No Samples)
New Level Names for (Level Numbers) (002),(003),(004),(008) and (009)
Desert map music for the hack (No Samples)
Remap the PIXI Hammer, Boomerang, Fire and Ice Bros Sprite Tiles to SP4 to SP3.
New Level it is open for claim (Level Number 102)

if you want to add custom sprites, block, graphics, patches, uberasm stuff, music and Map16, ask me first.

Once you done any todo list stuff, send me a pm or on discord.

Userbar made by Green Jerry

Supporting a unpermaban on eri7

Hello everyone! We of Team Välfärd, developers of Extra Mario World, are looking to expand our team! We currently have me in the programmer seat, PercentN in charge of tilesets and backgrounds, Eminus as sprite artist, and Ruberjig doing the music. We're primarily looking for level designers. If you're interested in designing levels with several new mechanics ("chocolate flavor", if you will), then this position is for you! Note that we are not looking for one person to design all the levels; we are looking for people who can contribute with good levels. It would be beneficial if someone could helm the level design aspect of the hack, but this is not strictly necessary, as our team work approach to this has been working quite well so far. We still have 6 worlds left to design, so you would probably have a lot of influence in the level designer position.

There is also room for a sprite programmer on the team. I'm currently the only programmer working on this, so someone else who is skilled with ASM could speed things up quite a bit.

If you're interested in either of these things, hit me up here on smwc on or Discord!

In case you want a shorter introduction to the hack, I'll say this: People have called it "the next Brutal Mario", and I find that this is quite accurate. It's meant to be Super Mario World with extra everything: more playable characters (with co-op), new enemies and bosses, new powerups, a new story (minimalist, but still there), and new music. We do have high ambitions and we are getting there, but we can do it both faster and better with a stronger team.

You can find more info in our WIP thread. We have additional screenshots and gifs, trailers, and a demo.

Here are some examples of our current levels:

We’re looking for level designers to work on Extra Mario World!
roughly 4 months ago I started working on a puzzle hack, I wanted it to be like Keytastrophe: Rebirth Edition, levels with chocolate mechanics and weird interactions with the addition of a few levels that required light vanilla glitches and the likes. Then my ambition for the project started growing, I wanted to make something that would stand out, my original aim was to have roughly 45 levels and it was a solo project. I soon realized that I needed some help to realise my full idea, so I stopped working on it and started searching for a partner to make it a reality. So now the hack has become a collaboration project.

Enough with the backstory, let’s get to the real deal:
For now, there are only 2 people working on the project, Atari2.0 (me), I do mostly level design and I keep the log of everything (levels used etc), sometimes I dwell into simple asm. The co-leader of the project is dtothefourth, an asm expert, author of many asm heavy levels, sprites and patches. He also wrote an SMB2 editor/patcher from scratch, I highly encourage to check out his Patreonand his site for more info. His roles in the project are mostly level design and asm.

Since the project got stopped for a while, when I was thinking about what to do with it, I don’t have much to show for now, everything is still to be developed, but this in my opinion is the best time to search for new people interested, after all… the sheet is blank, ready to be filled with all of the ideas! Me and dtothefourth are going to be very busy for the time being and we decided to start working on the hack after Summer Games Done Quick is finished, since we’re going to have more time to work on it (for example in my case, I will have finished all my university exams for the year).

Sooo… after stating all of this, I’m opening the collaboration to everyone who wants to enter, I’m opening it now even if the work on it will start in roughly 1 month because it will give me more time to set up everything to be ready for more people.
We are mainly searching for more people to do graphics and music, but everyone who can do level design and asm is welcome to join as well. If you feel like you can help in any way, just send me a private message here or in Discord saying why you think you’d be a good addition to the team or and I’ll carefully examine every single message.

The original project had only 45 levels in it but since I’ve opened it as a collaboration, it will most likely expand. I would still like to keep the total under 70, to easily manage everything.

The name for now is “Insomnia”, however it may change depending on how it evolves, there’s currently no plot or story to follow but it might exist later in development.

Thanks to everyone who reads this post and considers checking out the project. I will post updates on everything here, however as said in the previous paragraphs, for now I don’t really have anything to show cause the project is still in the idea development phase. “Applications” for every role (level design, asm, music and graphics, with a special care to the last 2 ones) will remain open up until the project will start his main phase, so roughly the 1st week of July.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Team Hacks Thread - READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

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