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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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Originally posted by Neutron
2) Lunestia (princest) is a pretty old ship actually. Yea, incest disgusts me eh.

Actually, those aren't your usual Celestia and Luna, just look at their hair.

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So it's young princest...

Still, seeing what's the fandom capable of, i'm not surprised at all.

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Oh, I'm not grossed out. Just went WTF.

In fact, I tried to look up a romantic shipping fic with the two. Couldn't find a decent one, alas~
I'll tolerate shipping even though I don't really support it. However I do like Doctor Whooves x Derpy, and my favorite is Appledash. Not sure why about the latter (cuz, even though I'll tolerate f/f, I don't really like it and I always have and always will hate m/m). It might be because they're my 2 favorite characters. Other than that, I don't ship ponies, and the concept of other pairings (except for the obvious ones in the show) don't interest me.

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I'm quite on the same boat as smbmaster99 (except i dislike AppleDash, the only lesbian ship i like is FlutterPie/PinkieShy). My favorite shipping would be SoarinDash TBH. I absolutely can't stand the more popular ships like OctaVinyl or LyraBon, and i'm neutral about m/m.

i just lurk sometimes
Originally posted by smbmaster99
I always have and always will hate m/m

Braeburn is sexy and you know it. Not sure who I'd ship him with though... Caramel?
Ship him with himself.
Or Hoity Toity!

Also I have no idea what the exact date was for me getting into this show, but it was JUST before this thread was made, I believe.
Maybe one or two days prior to that, because Quizler requested a Fluttershy layout and I had no idea who that is.

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Originally posted by smbmaster99
I don't really like it and I always have and always will hate m/m

Wow, double standard, much?

Anyway, I'm okay with shipping, as long as it's not Rule 34. I actually find Twilight Dash kind of cute, but everything else, I just ignore. Shipping can get sort of crazy, you know, so I stay away from it in general.

Also, Discord-x-Discord is a totally legit pairing.
I found this on youtube:
(silly pony Applejack)

I'm not the only one who's noticed that in quite a few polls that AJ is usually one of the most unpopular characters- sometimes even getting beaten by background ponies, right? :C It makes me all sadly and stuff.

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AJ is best pony to me. Her status as most underappreciated is saddening, but oh well.
Being both a huge fan of David Larsen's work, and quite interested in rap battles, this pushes all my nerd buttons at the same time.
Sorry Big Mac, you lost.

If if I were now I'd have to choose Twilight. Sorry RD, you moved to 2nd place...


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I'll have to agree with you there, Kaijyuu.
As much as I prefer Big Mac, Blueblood nailed it.
Favorite ponies:
- Pinkie and Fluttershy share the first place.
- Derpy
- The CMC share the third place
- Applejack
- Twilight

i just lurk sometimes
Rainbow Dash has been my favorite pony since I became a Brony. I liked Twilight Sparkle as well.

Layout by piranhaplant.
Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
My favorite is Pinkie Pie, but I like Applejack and Rainbow Dash too.

(Also, Hi, I'm new around here)
GvS ~ u:11380
Welp, finally done watching every single episode. Can't wait for season three. Man, why didn't I go watch this earlier? It's clearly one of the best shows at the moment.

And my favourite pony is Scootaloo, but Pinkie Pie has a close second place. Man, Scootaloo is just too cute~

If I made a top 5, it'd look like this:

1. Scootaloo
2. Pinkie Pie
3. Applejack
4. Rarity
5. Sweetie Belle
My favorite has always been Rainbow Dash, and Applejack has always been my second favorite.

My favorite CMC is Scootaloo. I sure hope she gets her own episode in season 3; Sweetie Belle and Applebloom got theirs =P. My favorite (background) filly is Dinky Hooves C: and Derpy Hooves is my favorite bg pony. I'm hoping she gets her voice back, even if the chances are pretty slim.

This is a demo for my fangame, Super Mario Bros Odyssey
Well, in general, all ponies are COOL!
It's very very very rare to find a brony who says "I don't like <Insert name of the pony here>.
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