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what do you do to entertain yourself when your bored?
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just a wonder, everyone gets bored at some point, some things i do is play games but whats if you get bored after that? how about computer time, nothing to do, how would you entertain yourself then?
(dont use my example unless you really got nothing else to go on)
Dunno, I think I'd go outside and play some soccer. Or watch TV.
inb4 someone says fapping

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I normally watch TV too, I have a series of my favourite TV programme recorded on the TV and I can just watch an episode of that.Free counters!
I usually go here when I'm bored or bother people on IRC to death.
Or I watch anime or eat.

Your layout has been removed.
I sleep.
I either:
  • play Minecraft
  • play some roms
  • hack some roms/SMW
  • watch some animu
  • watch some movies
  • play some other computer/flash games
  • research some random topic on wikipedia
  • Now that I have an ocarina, i can practice
  • draw
  • fap browse 4chan
  • browse the site endlessly
  • browse Youtube endlessly
  • go on IRC and have Sonikku entertain me
  • raid the refrigerator
  • make a layout
  • do something random like making a list <_<

yeah that's about it
Play games. Watch funny youtube videos..Thats it.
Break my record times on Rubik's Cubes using the beginner method. 42 seconds is pretty beast.
Work on the other non-school related projects that I'll probably never come to a conclusion with until I'm in college.
Catch up on the LPers that I'm too lazy to watch on the opening day of a new episode.
Play what I stole borrowed from my friends' houses.

I either:
  • Fap
  • Play Wii
  • Troll on Omegle
  • Troll Dragonite
  • Work on my hacks
  • Hentai
  • Porn
• Layouts
• Pokémon hacking
• Work out
• Write
• Draw
• Go on the IRC (EVEN IF I always get bothered there by multiple people)
• Go here
• Go to other forums
• Work on my soon-to-be-finished website
• Program
• Megaman hacking (This is a new one)
• Listen to music

as you can see I have many choices

Just sit there doing nothing, thinking about being bored.

That's my biggest hate about life. Boredom.
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Originally posted by MrL
Just sit there doing nothing, thinking about being bored.

This. It's exactly what I've been doing for the past hour and will continue to do after I get off SMWC. I'm basically just too bored to want to do anything that could make me unbored (ie lazy, tired, etc).
why do you think i'm here When i'm bored i'll either start playing some games, visit sites, or watch anime. Also strangely enough, as soon as i remember that i could be doing something that i need to do like homework, i'll suddenly stop being bored and remember something else i wanted to do.
  1. Decide to code a layout and lose motivation
  2. Decide to learn PHP but lost motivation
  3. Decide to learn C++ but lose motivation
  4. Decide to play Touhou but lose motivation
  5. Decide to learn how to script with Danmakufu but lose motivation
  6. Watch anime and browse the site endlessly wasting my time on #chanofice while browsing 4chan and playing various flash games
- Watch raocow (or any other random videos on youtube.)
- Play Oracle of Ages on my GB emulator (or some other game, but right now I'm trying to beat OoA.)
- Talk to some people on MSN.
- Go on IRC.
- Attempt to compose a song.
- Attempt to port a song.
- Listen to music.
- Eat.
- Look at some random threads on the site and sometimes post in them. (Such as this one.)
- Check Facebook.
- Other stuff...

That's about it.
Originally posted by moltensnow

  • Fap
  • Hentai
  • Porn

I'd criticize you, but truth be told my habits were almost exactly like that when I was your age.
Anyway, althought I wind up doing a variety of things in the process, a single obsessive tendency has come to dominate my free time- research. For whatever reason, I have an obsession with knowledge, one that drives me to take extreme measures- I will spend hours on end lurking communities that I have no desire to be a part of, developing theories whose implications I cannot care less about, and viewing material that I am inclined to be repulsed by. I have absolutely no idea why- although it is possible that I enjoy the validation that these actions provide me with- and, as I have said, it has driven me into repulsive situations.

Erstwhile TheCowDestroyer / TheIncredibleCowDestroyer.
PC Games.
Moar PC games.
Other sites (Wikipedia or Uncyclopedia).
Browse DeviantArt searching for something cute, or sexy.
Listen to rock music.
Watch TV.
Watch MLP: Friendship is Magic.

they say... i forgot
I tend to fall asleep if I am bored... o:


-I may practice my ASM, when I am bored(though, I still do so when I am NOT bored)

-I also may watch AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd)

-Come here

-(*Fap*/18+ material) (two years less won't hurt)

-Watch TV



-Go outside, and walk randomly around the Neighborhood.

-Start a project, and stop half way through. =/

Yeah, That's me...
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - what do you do to entertain yourself when your bored?

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