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Super Mario Advance: Part 0 - Prolouge - by MarioScatWorld

Hack Name: Super Mario Advance: Part 0 - Prolouge
Author: MarioScatWorld
Description:Plot: When Mario was 0 years old in 2000, he saw a jackhammer go into the floor. Out came what would be his 15-year friend that was a cloud with no name. When Mario was 1, he called the cloud "Cloudy." They played days and days. After all, Mario is super-human.

15 years later, Mario found that he was at Dinosaur land. A note said so but...
He found the note was a dream.

A few days later, Mario found a real note that said:

Cloudy is at Dungeon's Drop.
- Toad...


Credits: Levels Mario's Shop, The Path to Money, The Bank, Cloudy Helps, Jump Across and Jail made by me and Cloudy is back! made by Nintendo originally as YOSHI'S ISLAND 4.



Unchanged overworlds aren't the best.

Blatant level 105 edit (you only changed a few tiles).

Wait...have you changed anything AT ALL?!

You just removed the ground from level 106 and gave a cloud to fly it over. Therefore it was the most boring level ever.

If you're going to make an SMW hack, surprise or not, you'll have to edit levels and stuff in-depth!
I recommend you to read the Hack Submission Guidelines (especially rule #2) again.