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Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
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Hey everyone! This is actually the second demo of "Super Luigi World: Luigi's Fantastic Dream", I just changed the tittle name because I personally think that this tittle is better. Anyway, I fixed most (if not all) of the issues in the old demo, and I also (and obviously) have been working on the new levels, here are the screens of some of them:

I'll change the green on the walls of the disco level to an less annoying tone, and detail the graphics of the ice level. I also have been working on a plot (wich is almost finished), and new graphics. That's all! If someone wants to join, well... just post sayin' it, because I need someone who knows how to edit the OW, someone who knows ASM, someone who have a Sexy Parodius ISO, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, beta testers (and I hope I'm not breaking the rules). That's all!(really!)

Well, I can help with bug testing.


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th
YAY for you! YAY! Oh! And I forgot to mention that I need someone who knows to port music samples, insert custom music, and port music with SMW's original samples.

EDIT: Revamped Tittle Screen:


Its pretty difficult to get someone who ports all of the music you want, your better off requesting it or getting some from the music section, wich alredy got some hunderds of songs.

Anyways, the hack is looking nice from what you got here, i really like those graphics, but some of them are too bright. I see you are using redrawns graphics, wich i think its cool but remember, they do not blend well with cartoony graphics, so build around that.

Thats pretty much it, im supporting this hack because, well, im liking it.

From what I see, this hack looks pretty amazing and the levels look very alive and well decorated. I must ask, do you have like a demo for this?

I'd be very interested in trying it out.

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
The first, kinda (kinda?!) glitchy demo is on the hacks section, but the unfinished version wich the is one to be discussed on this thread, well... I woldn't recommend.

Actually looks quite good, but you were beaten to the punch with the Super Luigi World title. Not that a title like that is really original anyways.

Good fucking bye.
Originally posted by Magiluigi
The first, kinda (kinda?!) glitchy demo is on the hacks section, but the unfinished version wich the is one to be discussed on this thread, well... I woldn't recommend.

Oh Okay understood. Well I'll support this thread.

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
OK, so the "Super Luigi World" tittle isn't good eh? I actually, agree with this, but... so... any other names? (with the exception of the "Dreamy Mayhem!" part)

Luigi's Memories: Dreamy Mayhem ?


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th
Would be good, but the "dream" isn't exactaly based upon Lugi's memories (everything will be clarified when I finish the plot, or just show the beta one).


Luigi´s Dreamy Mayhem? kinda rhymes.

Hmm! That's a good one! Really! If nobody post any other suggestion, I'll keep this one.

Fine, double post, well... I'm currently working on a farm-ish level, so, if anyone out there have a Sexy Parodius ISO, could you please rip the rotating cows and corns (all frames), and the milk bottles from the first stage?

What about Luigi's Dream Paradise?

Also, my review about your hack.
Now BEHOLD, the beta storyline:

Once upon a time, there was a peaceful and joyful kingdom, the name of this kingdom was Smilealways Kingdom.
-Smilealways Castle-
There was also the two rulers of the kingdom, a queen and a king, and those two had a little jester to make their boring days happier... but the jester wasn't happy with his job. On the beginning he didn't mind at all, but one day he was just tired to make himself look fool just to other ones' happiness. Thus, since that day, the hatred was growing inside him, he then, was seeking for revenge, but he couldn't find a way to do so. Until... one night, the king and the queen were talking about the source of life and joy of the kingdom, the Starshroom, an ancient item of great powers which if fallen on the wrong one's hands, this one would be granted such powers and the kingdom would be doomed, the little jester accidentally heard all the talk, and thus, he finally found a way to get his so wanted revenge, he planned on luring the guard of the Ancient Temple of the Stars and get the Starshroom for himself... and so he did.
-Ancient Temple of the Stars-
The guards on the day the little jester stole the Starshroom weren't very attentive, and was the perfect day for the little jester to do so, he lured the guard making jokes and telling about them he heard something on the entrance of the temple, and that it could be a thief, the guards ran out to the entrance believing they were going to pursuit a thief and because of this they would be greatly prased for arresting it. The little jester entered the main part of the temple, got to the center of it, and there was what he so much wanted for, the Starshroom, when he put the hands on it, he felt a great power going through his body and consuming him, all the hatred he guarded inside him was unleashed and made part of his body, changing his appearance greatly. He got away with it with ease, due to the powers the Starshroom granted him. Where was he going to...?
-Smilealways Castle, The Next Day-
-Smilealways Advisor: QUEEEEeeen! That little jester that once worked for us stole the Starshroom, he can attack the castle at any moment!!
-Smileways Queen: WHAT?!
-Mad Jester: HyieeaAHAHAHAHA!Remember the foolish jester who once worked for you?! Here he is! And know what he wants? HE WANTS REVENGE! Time to a reorganization on this shitty castle don't you think? HyieeaAHAHAHAHA! *start firing lasers all over the castle, and the Smilealways Advisor gets away*
-Smilealways Advisor: I know what to do! I must call the (name here) Fairies!
-The (name here) Fairies house-
-Smilealways Advisor: AAAAAHHHhh! The kingdom needs your help! The castle got invaded and we think you know what to do! The Mad Jester will soon take over the kingdom! We must hurry!
-One of the fairies: Ah! I know! The Subcons once had a problem like that! We must contact them!
-All of them: Yeah! Let's teleport to there!
-Subcon's Castle-
*Portal opens up and the fairies come out of it*
-One of the subcons: AAHH!
-Fairy: Our kingdom needs your help! We are confronting a problem just like yours, and we know that you know what to do!
-One of the subcons: Ah! I know already, there are four heroes who helped us through the dreams, and coincidentally, both our kingdoms can be visited this way. I hope at least one of them is sleeping...
-Mushroom Kingdom, late at night-
-Mario: Hey Luigi! There's a party at Peach's Castle! Won't you go there?
-Luigi: I don't think so, I'm too sleepy... I'll go to bed.
-Mario: Fine, so ciao!
-Luigi: Ciao! *walks to bed* Woaaaahhh, I hope I have a good night's sleep, *lays on the bed* mmmmph *sleeps*
-Luigi's Dream-
Announcer: And the winner is... LUIGI!
-Luigi: HAHA! Who's the best one on boxing now Waluigi?
-Subcon's Castle-
-One of the subcons: Oh! I detected one! It's Luigi!
-Fairy: Great! Invade his dream and tell what's happening already!
-One of the subcons: OK!
-Luigi's Dream-
*Portal Opens up*
-Luigi: Eh?
-Subcon: Luigi, you must come with me! I'll tell what's happening later!
-Luigi: But... I don't want to...
-Subcon: SHUT UP AND COME WITH ME ALREADY! *pulls Luigi through the portal*
-Subcon: Fine, there's a crisis on the place you're going to, just go exploring and stomping everything that seems suspect!
-Luigi: *strongly shakes the hand* RELEASE ME! RELEASE ME ALREADY!
-Subcon: *accidentally drops Luigi, and he goes to the wrong portal* NOOOO! You will end up in a place too far away from the castle!
-Luigi: WHAT?! NOOOO!
*Game Begins*

So, what do you think? Tell me!

Interesting storyline there! Also, those screenshots shown look great, I like the graphics, it looks very bright and colourful, and the YI graphics also fit well where they are used. Seems like you've got a very unique hack in the making!Free counters!
Themes of the worlds:
1: Grassland
2: A lot(?) different Grassland
3: Ice
4: Prehistoric/Food
5: Forest
6: Desert
7: Crazy City/Haunted/Outer Space
Special A: Trials Of Mind
Special B: The Center of Luigi's Mind: Luigicant.

So? What do you people think?

EDIT: Added another theme for world 7, and added "lot" on world 2.

Sounds good, but make sure you make the bit different grassland quite a lot different than the previous world, or it might seem a little/boring repetitive. Other than that, not bad.Free counters!
Perhaps the second grasslands could be like Africa, with yellow dead grass everywhere (no offense to Africa, just recalling what I've seen on Animal Planet).


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]

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