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Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
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In my opinion, no. But if the cake has ice cream on top of it, it can work.
Also, you will put something saying that the green blob is a springboard, right?
In MY opinion it makes sense... but I'm STILL waiting for more opinions.

Anyway, I didn't post anything lately because I was waiting for more opinions and remaking the tittle screen, by the way, Upa was moved to another part of the level where you don't need Mr. Blobby to go out.

The 97% finished tittle screen:

(Lower part)

(Upper part)

The tiles of the older tittle screen are animated, but the frames of the luigi picture are animated (blue "scrolls" to the right, yellow downwards, green to the left, and red upwards), the stars are animated too, but their animation isn't the normal one, is a more detailed verion (the big ones use 8 frames as opposed to the normal 4), there are still some unused tiles (but very little) so I will add more decorations, I hope I can do more, but there are no unused palettes and as I said VERY LITTLE unused tiles.

But now... tell me what you think.

You're really cramming this hack full, aren't you? That's ok, I guess. The stuff you are adding really make it all dream like, like the name implies.


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th
@Mariondoe: thanks.

@Mario's Hat: sorry I forgot to tell you I was going to add a message about Mr. Blobby, anyway I'll add one on the 2nd level, because it's there where he first appears.

I told you that I was going to add more decorations didn't I? Well... I did so!

(Lower part, duh)

(Upper part, duh again)

Well, tell me what you think!

Wow! Great title screen! Amazing idea!
GvS ~ u:11380
Can you make something that ISN'T busy for once? Everything you show off is waaaaay to busy.

Too bad, because the hack has potential.
I like the busy feeling of it, feels really dreamy. The title however, is very unreadable to me. Maybe that could be fixed, nothing more.
Luigi means business :)

I think it is a good concept that the title moves up. (down or whatever)

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

@GeorgeVsSonic: Can you give criticism that IS constructive for once? Every criticism you give is waaaaay too destructive

Too bad, because your posts have potencial. [/parodius-like post]
But if you want it so bad, your wish is my command:

@GravityxHammah: I didn't get it, say exactly what't unreadable on the tittle and I might fix it :).

@Ooroo: Thank you very much :D, it moves up (starts on the city part, and moves to where the tittle is).

Anyway, still waiting for more opinions.

The pink text is very unreadable to me. If it's too hard to change it, nevermind what I said.
GvS ~ u:11380
Sorry for telling my opinion, looks like not all users are mature enough to take critism.

What can I explain more about it? It's too busy. What do you want me to tell more?

Remove some decoration, so it doesn't hurt my eyes anymore. You know, I just try to help you, so would you PLEASE just take what I say as a mature user instead of making fun of it? Critism is supposed to help you, not to troll you.
@GeorgeVsSonic: I AM mature enough to take "critism". But it's like, I post an screenshot here, and you say it's "busy", and then I post more things and you don't say anything, after thousands of years (obviously, this is a hyperbola) you post again, but saying the same thing (but in a more mean way) and that annoyed me. And the strange thing, is while I was visiting another hack's thread, you said the "owner" of the thread that his level was "busy" and said he was supposed to ADD MORE decoration... wich is contradictory to what you keep saying to me. My hack is not supposed to be another of those "dread" hacks, it's supposed to be bright, colorful, and very light-hearted. The inspiration for most of the levels comes from the Parodius series, making the levels even more decorated, colorful and thus "bUsY", even the tittle screen idea came from a Parodius game: Gokujō Parodius!. So if you were thinking somthing like "Why is his level design so senseless and BuSy?" That's the reason. I'm sorry I'm no 1UPdudes, or other "famous" person so you can't say my level design is the best in the whole world, or that I'm a hacking god, and can't "apple polish" me. That's the way I like to hack, differently from most people, instead of keeping a level with nearly no decoration, or using a VERY GENERIC style, I like to keep nearly to every level with a vibrant, "joyful", and wacky style. So, I won't remove even ONE LITTLE star from that tittle screen, not that I don't accept "bad" criticism, no, but you were already annoying me.

GvS ~ u:11380
Sorry if I offended you, I really tried to help. And maybe my opinion is shit, it probably is. So don't listen to me and continue with the awesome work and please ignore all my posts in this thread from now on, as I only make things worse.
I usually haven't posted anything in a long while, but I have to say, you are a good redrawn artist, only a few of us exist at this moment, or at least I think. It makes me happy to see that my redrawn Luigi is in good hands. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see the final game. If you ever need help with graphics, PM me, I may be of assistance.


OFFTOPIC: @Georgevssonic - I dont wanna get wholly involved. i just say youre opinions are one thing, it was just how they were said. so yeah, no one else wont really mind now that you explained it. And no, At Least A FEW others think you make things make sense.........sometimes....but dont get wrong.

I like this hack.In the hack, are you using Sample Tool in anyway?

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

@GavityxHammah: Sorry, but I can't change the pink on the text, it's kinda hard and other things would look weird.

@GeorgeVsSonic: No, no, your opinions aren't shit, it's just like Ooroo said, it was the way they were said, just don't complain about the decoration and other things... because... you know... that's my hacking style :P, you aren't making things worse, it's always good to have someone supporting your thread :). But now, let's leave this dumb discussion on the past and move on! YAY!

@Luigi: As said before "it's always good to have someone supporting your thread", so, welcome! And I may PM for some graphics sometime... hee hee.

@Ooroo: I may use it (the Sample Tool), but first, I want to design the levels.

Anyway, I said I moved Upa to another place on that cake level... so, here's the new place:

(Luigi: I wonder what's up there...?)

(Luigi: Oh great, another cave '--)

(Luigi: Wow! It's Upa, I played your game!)
(Upa: Goo goo daa daa!)

As you can see, it's now a more of a "secret" cameo, wich in my opinion, is cooler.

WELL, sorry for the lack of updates... I was thinking, do I include the forest world in this demo or not? It'll be a [dumb] moai infested world, here are two pics of the first level:

(keep in mind that the issues on those screens will be fixed, so, don't tell me what's glitchy)

I also am "opening" OW Dessign signups, and now I have another question for you:

Do I draw the worlds for you, so you can see how it's supposed to be?

Answer both questions, please.

(Also, do you know anyone who knows ASM, whose wouldn't get mad if I asked for some sprite? Hee hee... now there are 3 questions...)

WOW! Amazing YI styled forest! I'm think you have to fix/draw trees for FG. It looks... weird. Just draw something like the FG.

You have a cutoff!
Looks really awesome. Im really loving you style.
As Luigi370 said maybe you could make your own BG? It might look better than the YI one, but still the FG and BG fit together. :D
No, the FG trees.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]

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