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Tip: Entering a door or pipe, activating a P-Switch or grabbing a star, completing the level, hitting a message block, and dying will cause issues on the title screen, such as causing musical glitches, or trapping the player in an endlessly-looping level.
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Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
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How are you going to do those levels? Using an edited Marine pop sprite?
Hmm... yeah! But there (obviously) won't be all those gaming mechanics, so, the level will be kind of easy... but yeah, it'll be on that style.

Hey, everyone! I decided to change some levels of the old demo, I'm currently updating the first level, here's how it's looking now:

As you can see, the BG have been greatly changed, the trees you could stand on are now mushrooms, and there are also pink hills; the palettes are brighter and the upper part of the ground is now grassy, the piranha plant on the BG is most likely to be replaced with other thing. The fog layer 3 is temporary. Comments?

For those who didn't play the first demo and want to know how the level looked before, ask for a screenshot of it. And considering the fact that no one else complained about the SHMUP thing, and about the possibility of removing the time counter, I'll change the old level to a Parodius styled level, and will also remove the time counter.

I looks as good as ever!
I really like the stars in the FG. The whole level is so bright and vibrant. Nice work!
Even if no one did ask for it, I'll post 2 screenshots of each version. just for comparision measures:



Feedback would be appreciated... REALLY appreciated...

feedback, there I said it *shot*

I love this level so damn much for a first.

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

The improved screen is looking a lot better. I like the stars in the FG in the older screenshots. Are you going to change the status bar?
WOW! The graphics have improved a lot. I liked
#yolo what the f * c k !
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀a a a a a a a a a a
It's a secret shhh
Oh, hey there folks! I'm sorry for the lack of posts (of mine) these days, I had a problem with sprite insertion and I had to find a way to fix it. I asked for a solution on the "Ask anything about Smw Hacking" thread, but none gave me attention/ the solution. Then, I just figured out how to fix it myself (as I do most of the times I confront a problem with my ROM and none decide to help me or don't have the answer, [wich are the most cases by the way]). I just posted this so you don't get worried or anything... well... I might post screenshots of the touched up 2nd level by tomorrow, see ya then!:D

EDIT: Pop-tart Cat might make a brief cameo in the Parodius styled level, just so you know.

EDIT2: As I said, screenshots!

This was the part where the level ended, now there are more things up ahead.

And more decorations! And the gradient in the sky is changed.

Who doesn't like jumping on platforms that stand on an endless pit?

Hmm... that hole in the ground is weird... is that some kind of secret?

YAY! Big waterfall!

And SMB3 boxes too!

And now, instead of a door, pipe guides you to the cave area.

What do you think? (Keep in mind that the first screenshot doesn't show the beginning of the level, but the its second half beginning)

EDIT3: If you want to compare the 2 versions, check out this guy's LP of the old demo of my hack.

Ew, double post. I was hoping for feedback, but no one gave it...

Anyway, I was thinking of removing goal tapes, and put green question spheres instead (but with changed tilemap), to prevent the HDMA flicker glitch, and it will also make the hack less SMW alike (thus, more original). But I want to know from you if I should do this or not. And also, say something about the 2nd level (please).

@JDC: Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, I pretend to change the status bar.

I like the second level :) alot. Now you know my pain about no replies..

I think you should add goal tapes to level that dont contain HDMA. If that is a bad idea, then you can do the goal sphere to "disable" the bonus game...

I do art commissions cheap! PM here or DM via Discord for more details.

**Layout by Erik557

Wow, it looks really nice. I especially like the graphics.

Also, NYANNYANcat is making a cameo?? Awesome.

Just back here to browse a bit.
Well, I'm still waiting more opinions, as one opinion isn't enough. But now I need opinions for another thing: What should I replace the chucks with? I was thinking on pandas... but I want to hear opinions. So, if you're reading this, cast your opinion! OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE!

And could someone please rip this BG for me?

But without Cheep-Cheeps and the Blurp and also knowing that from the 4th fake thick HDMA line on, it uses another palette?

I loving the screenshots, and you should go with the pandas.
Originally posted by Magiluigi

And could someone please rip this BG for me?

I already downloaded that BG, I want a complete rip that takes advantage of the BG2 and 3 feature.

Really? Nobody has done that yet? Fine, I'll do it. #w{=P}

I love all the grafics, even if other thing aren't as great, i would defnitely play it to see how it looks.

I saw the LP that you linked, looks very fun and lively, but you should reduce a bit sometimes to avoid slowdown, otherwise is great, the levels were weird (in the good way), there is a lot of effort here, and the result is pretty original.

Keep it up the good work, i just don't know what more to say.

WIP Thread

not so NEW progress! (56.25% done) [18/32]

... Why the first level of like every hack has a shooting pipe.
Thanks for the feedback everyone! :3
I have new screens to show:

YAY! New "Save?" menu and also Parodius font!

Well, thanks to ChaoticFox, I can finally remake the water level of the 1st world.

Did you notice? WaVy HDMA (vertical for the BG, and diagonal for the FG) with gradient! Wiiqwertyuiop is just awesome.

Just a normal screen

Did you notice the new star-shaped decorations on the ground?

Anyway, that's it for now (and those who played the old demo/ watched the LP might know the difference). But... I still don't know of I should replace Goal tapes with Goal spheres, and chucks with pandas... or other creature (say if I should replace them by saying this on the end of your post:

1: replace/don't replace
2: replace/don't replace

Knowing that "1" refers to the goal tape, and "2" to the chucks

Looks really awesome Magiluigi. I love your style of GFX and how you overall design levels. I like the fishes with the big lips, Im guessing there trying to kiss luigi? :D
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]

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