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Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]
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Yup, they sure are.#w{=P}

EDIT: Well, anyway, here are more screens:

That Blurp! It's huuuuuuuuge!!!!

Corals block my way... I'll have to go through the upper part of the level (not that's much of a big deal ._.)

Multicolored multidirectional corals is win


This Mr. Blobby! It's huuuuuuuuge!!!!

That Snifit! It's huuuuuuuuge!!!! (by the way, that thing on the far left of the screen is his bullet)

The image says all.

Looks cool,the Blurps's glasses bugs me by some reason. the way, are you using a sprite for the underwater gradient? Or is made via level asm?
Looks pretty Nice; I'm really loving the Background.

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
Looking very nice, though there are a few problems about this screen:

Compared to the stars in the blue ground from the last screen you showed, the stars here seem a bit off. Their shadows really don't look good at all here; they seem more cutoff-y than anything. I can spot some cutoff in the background as well with that pink bush (or cloud?).

Everything else looks really neat, though!
Layout by Mirann <3
Originally posted by Dakress the way, are you using a sprite for the underwater gradient? Or is made via level asm?

The effects he used are all part of Ice Man's HDMA Effects 1.0 pack. They are patched to the ROM separately like normal patches, but the effects themselves are activated via LevelASM. Also, it works as long as each HDMA effect is using a different HDMA channel.

@Dakress: The Blurp is on SPP style.

@EvilGuy0613: Thanks! ^ω^

Zmann: I do really agree with you about the cutoffness in the stars (and they also seem more solid than the hill they are in, giving the fake impression you can interact with them when they are just another "tile 25"). I'll see if I can change them to other "type" of star. But I fail to see the cutoffness on the pink hill :/

@karatekid5: Actually, I'm using Ersanio's LevelASM and HDMA Gradient ripper. I rip those gradients with the... ripper '-' and insert them via LevelASM, and the wAvY effects are just from a generator Wiiqwertyuiop did for me (still, it can be found in the sprites section).


Right there (circled in blue).

Now that I think about it, though, it seems like only minor cutoff, so it's not that big of a deal.

E: Bleh, never mind; now that I looked at the original YI background, it's fine. I was just thrown off by how it looked in the screen.
Layout by Mirann <3
That isn't cutoff, it's arranged just like it was in SMW2 '.___.

As for updates, I'm making some hex edits, such as changing the sound effects of a bunch of things, also, I no more need to replace the goal tapes for ? spheres as I made a hex edit that fixes the HDMA flicker glitch. I finished remaking the water level, and to remake another level, I need someone that can rip this BG:

make it use Map16 page 54, palette 5, and if another BG slot is needed, use BG3 (but without using tiles 28Cx28D until 2DCx2DD.



That's all.

First: You are the most awesome graphics designer I ever saw here, because FINALLY a artist who uses cheerful, colorful, happy graphics. Really if everyone wants something dark, you have a RL lol

Second you have good taste in graphics, so yeah^^

And finally:

Could you improve the dirt a bit? It looks so repetitive, because you use only one tile for it.

And nice Forest BG :>
I actually think that underground section is okay the way it is. I mean, yeah, it does look a bit boring in the screenshot, but that's because it's a still image of the game. I'm sure if you were actually playing, you'd be more focused on Luigi than the scenery (and you'd be moving).
Not exactly an update but I made a custom LM toolbar that's in my hack's style.

download link

Instructions: Download the file, place it in the same folder as your LM, and voilà!


Thats pretty neat!
I want to make one in a Super "Mario" style like what is in my hacks.
Do you know if theres a base one from LM I could use?
Hmm... I don't know, actually, I downloaded one from SMWCP2 (in .bmp format) and edited it (and transforming it into .ff4 format).

Oki doki then.
Are there any limits to colours? Or can you replace them?
Not exactly (256 colors isn't much of a "limit" when it comes to a toolbar that uses normal 16-bit graphics).

Thanks! :D
Im hoping to see more on your hack soon!
Well, just saying that I'm obviously er... still working on this, I just didn't post anything because I think the updates would be considered irrelevant (and also because none did rip that forest BG for me) so... yeah, just so you know.

Well, I'll post the "irrelevant" updates just because I feel like it '^v^

The final level of the demo, Acoustic Aridity, a preview of the desert world (OH RLY?)

YAY! SMB2 pyramids!

In case you thought the BG had nothing to do with music, think twice.

Remember that healthly food level with "TEH AMAZEEING FLYIEING HAMMR BUNNEH"? I added more decorations and changed its BG to a generic hilly one (cool gradient included).

Standing-on-a-deadly-endless-abyss-platform jumping time!

It's literally a carrot lift.


WARNING: you can be hit by deadly random flying chicken in this area, take care.


Due to the 84 sprites on level limit, I had to make a cave section, but, should it be "foresty"? (a bunch of bushes, trees and whatnot.)

I literally love everything.
All the GFX and pallettes. :O

I really like that flying chicken sign as it reminded me of the Chomp sign in YI to warn you of flying chomps.

Cant wait for the demo release!!!
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Luigi in: The Crazy Dreamy Mayhem! [progress is just as fast as a slug]

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