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Link Thread Closed
I remade this thread with the intention of making it easier to find out who is moderating what without having to scroll through the entire thread.

So it's as simple as this, just edit this first post here with the hack name you are moderating. Linking to it is not necessary.

aj6666 N/A
Andy Legend of the Four Switches
Camerin N/A
Cyphermur9t N/A
Dotsarecool Super Mario World- Challenge Worlds
Hadron N/A
Lightvayne Aventureiro Mario 2
Masashi27 N/A
Raibys N/A
WhiteYoshiEgg N/A

Hacks Accepted:[5]
[Translation] Super Mario World (Korean)
Aether: The Paramount Omnibus
Hunter and SCORPION's Bet 2 - The Twilight Gem
Adventure Land: Darkness Rising Demo 2.1,

Hacks Burned in a fiery pit of death:[49]
A Strange World DEMO
A Nova Aventura de Mario
Outrageous Mario World {x2}
Adventure Land Legend of the Stars demo v2
The Old Mansion
Eine Nachtwanderung
Fortune Islands
Peach Melba Tempted Demo v1.02
Blurp's Adventure
Euphoria Isle - A Vanilla Team Hack
H&SB2 - The Twilight Gem Demo{x2}
Mario's New Islands
Super Mario loco {x2}
Super Hacked World {x2}
Darey's Nightmare
Pay attention Mario!
Fursen's Adventures 1: Defence of the Lakitu Kingdom Demo 1
Mario on His Way Home (Demo 1)
Maxodex's World 1.5 [Demo 2] {x2}
AlexMario Blast 2000
Mario B v1.30
Mario and his search for princess Peach
Nick the forbidden forest {x2}
super mario world 3 part1
The Missing Plot Demo (V1.0)
Mario is thirsty
Super Mario in: Yoshi's Revenge
Super cRazy world [Demo 2]
The 5 Keys -(DEMO)-
Mario in a Mysterious World (DEMO 1)
Another Mario Adventure
Mario Brothers Adventures (Demo/Beta-v1.0)
T.H.T.S.B. Waff's Journey
Mario and Luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 2.2
bad ASM world
Plain Vanilla
Mario's bad vacation
Mario's sad adventure
Mario's Adventures: 5 in 1: Adventure 1 demo
Yoshi's Island of Secrets [Demo 1.1]
The Cyber World [Demo2]
SMW: Super!
Layout by LDA during C3.
A list of hacks I have accepted and denied.

Hacks Accepted: 0

Hacks Denied: 54
Mario undLuigis Time Demo
Let's play my/your level by Renopph
Super Mario 1 Up (ROM)
Mario: Lost in the Forest Demo (Bad Patch)
other stupid rom
[Demo]MyL: A Race Against the Clock
Lotty World hard Demo 1
Super Mario Land,the 2 part journey part 1 (ROM)
Marios Adventure in Enemy Island
super mario bros bowser chaos
Super Mario World Land of Seasons
Marios Adventure in Enemy Island
Every Level Changed DEMO 1
Yoshis golden egg
super mario bros bowser chaos
Mario: Lost in the Forest
Mario World Super: Yuri's Hack
Nintendo's Mario World
(Xkas)smw with extra stuff
Mario World Super: Yuri's Hack
Super Lario World (ROM)
Mario and Luigi: Revenge of the Shroobs
Super World Demo "Fixed Version"
Super TailsFiraga World
Super Mario World Custom 2
Super Mario World Custom 2 v1.1
Mario my 1st
Outrageous Mario World Demo 2
Super TailsFiraga World (Beta 2)
Marios Adventure in Yoshis Island (Demo)
Super Mario World RomHack Demo
World Story (Bad Patch)
Mario Vs LEMMY
Super LAYER World
Super Mario Bros. 4 (GFX and Fixings)
Ultra Puzzle World Demo
Super Mario - Koopa's Island [Demo 1]
Outrageous Mario World [Demo 1]
The Legacy SAGA Demo 1
Mario and the Boo's (Repeat Submission)
Marios little adventure (Bad Patch)
Bowser's Return (Demo 5)
Adventure Land: Darkness Rising Demo 2
Fortune Islands
Super Hack World Demo 1.5
Mega Mario world demo one
Unnamed SMW Hack
Super Mario and the Church of Koopa
Super Mario World 1.1 for contest (ROM)
Super Easy World
Super Mario Mega Man Legends 3: GetMeOffTheMoon


Accepted: (19)
- Super Yoshi's Land 1 - An adventure to rescue Mario!
- Super Mario Bros. 3 X (Final) v2.5
- Super "Dark" World (Demo)
- Super Mario World ALPHA 2 (demo ver.2)
- Sniggerbobble's Nightmare - Randor's Inside Story

- Mario and the 5 Golden Eggs
- Super Mario World Expansion (C3 vesrion update)
- Mario & Luigi DOS Remake
- Mario: Other M
- Super Mario Adventure: C3 Fall 2010 Demo v1.2

- Mario's Redrawn Adventure(Demo 1.2)
- [Collab] VIP and Wall Mix 1: Mario Edition
- [Collab] VIP and Wall Mix 2: Mario Edition
- [Collab] VIP and Wall Mix 4: Mario Edition
- Super Mario World Custom 2 v1.4

- Chocolate Flavour!
- Vanilla Failure - Blind Devil's Final Stand [Demo 1]
- Euphoria Isle
- Combo Breaker (1st demo)

Removed: (119)
- Super Mario goes to Gehland
- SMW - The Deathly Posion - Episode 1 v.0.5
- New Super Mario World Beta 1
- Super Better World "Flash Mario"
- Super Pimpin World

- Super Boss World 1.0
- Island of the Damned (Demo)
- 1 level hack Mario:The switch tower
- Super "Dark" World (Fixed Demo v1.0)
- Super Boss World 1.0

- SMW the new saga BETA 1.2
- Super Mario's Special Adventure Fixed v3 (Demo 1)
- Alternate Mario World [Fix] v1.3
- Super Mario Inundation
- Strange Island

- Mario World REMIX
- Yoshi's Emergency
- Bowser's Return [Demo 1] Update
- Super Mario's Special Adventure Demo 1 fixed
- Yoshi's Emergency

- SMW 2: Mario's Return (1 World)
- Mario and the 3 Mysterious Doors
- Lake 2
- joshis rom hack v2

- SMW 4 Demo Real
- Super Luigi world (Demo)
- The Evil Maze Demo
- Munchy's Escape from Muncher Island V1.2
- Mario's Amazing Adventure

- Super Unknown World Demo 1.0
- Extreme Mario
- Super Luigi World 100%
- Super Kokunai World (demo)
- Luigi's island demo 1

- super broke world
- The Ice Floe
- A Generic SMW Hack
- SM: Escape From YI (Updated)
- Luigi's islands demo 1

- Legend of Mario
- Ultra Puzzle World! (DEMO!)
- My cool hack
- Legend of Mario
- The Mario Game

- Super Mario Bros.3 World (Demo)
- Mario in Morton Desert
- Mario in Morton Desert
- Mario in the Lemmy Sea
- I Hate Walls V1.1

- ''Marios Search for the Orb of the Kings''
- Luigi's Great Adventure
- iSuper Mario Central - Even Death Doesn't Stop Mario - DEMO 1
- Toad adventure(demo)
- A Plumber's Tale Demo 3

- Super Sunshine World
- Yellow-Mario
- Mario in Iggy Land
- Super Mario World 3: Mario's Epic Adventure
- Mario Superstar Shutdown --Demo One (DELETE OTHER)

- Majoras Hack(working title: Mario and the stolen stars)
- Mario's Superstar Shutdown- Demo One Re-Upload
- Bowser, the Super Usurper - DEMO 1
- Mario's Superstar Shutdown- Demo 1.1
- Super Mario Lost in Monochrom Land V2.31 Demo

- Super Mario Lost in Monochrome Land (Demo V2.4)
- Mario's Amazing Adventure [Demo]
- Talikuu Quest
- Super My World
- The Puzzle Kingdom 1 V1.5 Demo 1 [Demo]

- Super Ramdom Mario Bros.
- Wario Land: Wario's Super Gold Hunt DEMO
- Marios stupid adventure
- minor mario world
- Your Worst Nightmare

- Birdo's Mission
- 1st Challenge Mario
- **Super GVS World**
- Primal Mario World (Demo 3)
- Extreme Mario World [Demo]

- Mario's in a new world!
- SMW: Quest For the Eggicite [Take 2]
- Some Adventure (Fixed)
- Super Tobi World Demo
- Super Mario World: Remix

- Luigi and the Island of Mystery
- Run To The Hills! Demo 1
- Koopa's Aventure
- Dr. Mario World: House Calls
- Mario Is Missing 2: Luigi's New Adventure

- Super Mario Goes To Gehland
- Josh's Island v1
- Leo's Land Demo 1
- Super Mario Adventure: C3 Fall 2010 Demo v1.1
- A One World Hack

- smb bowser chaos(demo4))
- Mario World Super: Yuri's hack
- Super Mario XR v0.1 (Fall 2010 C3 Demo)
- Aether: The Paramount Omnibus
- The Next Generation Demo 1.0

- Crysis In The Mushroom Kingdom [Demo]
- Mario on Holiday
- Mario 's Redrawn Adventure (Demo 1.1)
- Mario's Redrawn Adventure(Demo 1.2)
- Mario In: Mad World V5.5

- Super Mario World 3 v1.1.
- Geltend's Hack
- Hatless Mario
- Adventure Land Legend of the Stars Demo v2
- Mario and luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 1.5

- Geltend's Hack
- Kewin's adventure 1 [BETA] - [DEMO] v0.3
- Kewin's adventure 1 [DEMO] v0.4
- The Mushroom Factor - Fun Size Edition
- Le avventure di Mario 2

- Super Mario Hack
- Yoster's Quest (Version 3.5)
- Mario Wendesday 2 v.1.2
- Mario Strike World - Demo 1

Total moderated: 138
My YouTube channel
Get the official ASMT resource pack here!

Last moderated Hack:
09.09.: Yoshi's World - contains glitches and empty levels :/

Hacks Accepted: 52
Hacks Rejected: 85
Total: 137 (not counting removal requests, duplicates, denied hacks due to one screen only, etc.)
I play different games on Twitch, I did speedruns of Pokemon Red and Gold, Mario Party 4, but I also do SMW stuff.
I only stream to make progress on my hack currently. Check out my twitch!

Exits done: 50, Overworld: 99%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. Check my Twitch as I work on in it when live.

Hacks Declined: 204

super mario: the next adventure by zack30

Super Mario Galaxy 3 by peytonbanks1234
Le avventure di Mario 2 by max.trio
A Volcanic Adventure Final Mix by peytonbanks1234
SMW Expansion Pack Demo 1 by Apeeps
Mario and the missing memories demo by Draaloff

Nerdina's World (Demo) by B-Yoshi
(remake remodelado )new super mariobros by mario gamerx74
Unnamed hack 1-level demo by MarioFan898
Shy Guy Purgatory by renzokuken17
ark demo 1 by acefan77 (x2)

Super Rodgar World by Rodgar40 (x5)
Iggys challenge by M96LPF
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Kingdom In Peril DEMO by SMB3Freak
Super Clone World [Demo] by 4W350M3f4c3 69
Three Stars by blackace

SUPER RANDOM WORLD v. 1.2 by TheKiter27
Kong Lee Demo by chineesmw
Super Mario World Again Cupids Turn Beta 1 by Cupid851
Mario in Morton Desert by moltensnow
Mario is thirsty by MagicianDP

Super Mario World: The Factory Scramble Domo 1 by Mrnintendorulez
Level Pack by DODODO
Super CCSU World by Pethanct01
austins 4th hack by austinbasque
DoKoPooDEMOv.1reloaded by BigMetaller

Emblazon Mario by Artemiscat55
Super Unplayable World by r2d2292
Super Mario Remix (Demo 1) by r2d2292
DEMO. by gyngets (x2)
"Super" Seamus World 2 by Mike8969

Super CCSU World by Pethanct01
Super Bobido World Graphical Fix by LemmyKoopa (x2)
Luke4smith World by Luke4smith
The Cyber World by kks227
Super Mario World Master Quest 8: The Final Quest by Alex No (x3)

Adventure Land: Darkness Rising Demo 2.1 by flareblade26
Mario's World War 1 by monster12034506
SMW - Looking For Bowser [Demo 1] by smasher
Zeldara's Glitch City demo 89 by Zeldara109
Yoshis Island of Secrets by UltraLuigi12

Quest on Full Moon Island by Storm Kyleis
Mario and Luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 2.1.5 by Master mario 27
Mario in a mysterious World (DEMO 1) by falconpunch
Moonwalk by hub911
Evil Mario World by 23cool1234

Super Mario World: Rebel Bullets V1.0 by Chargin Chuck
Super Alex World 3 by AlexMario
Super Six Flags World by Kaizokoban
Super Alex World 2 by AlexMario
Super Alex World by AlexMario

Project Super Mario World - Demo 1 by InfernoCorey by 12824q (x2)
Super Mario World Season Mix-Up Beta 1 Demo by TheSuperRotom
SP_Super Mario Hot World patch by CoolYoshifan
Super mario loco by yoshi3706

Super Mario World 3 Bowser's Revenge! by thekenbaum
Mario by MarioScatWorld
Messed Up Super Mario World V3,1 by Brentinitis
Fortune Islands by MegapiemanPHD
Super Mario Adventure by MarioScatWorld

Super-Awesome Wario World by wutproductions
Track by Clay_Buster
Super Mario Destruction Edition by Deathstar
Super Makio World by Dylans222 - Submitted by TurkishMario0909 (x2)
P-SWITCH TERROR by smwgoogle122

Super Pika Land Ultra by Doownayr89
Dman times have Changed 1 of 3 by Dman (x2)
Di er ci changshi (The second try) by EvilYOsH
Mario v.s Reznor by LuWiigi21 (x4)
Shikai Mario by Firyunda (x2)

Maxodex's World (huge demo) by Maxodex
Coelho azul o Aventureiro Demo 2 by dev15
On The Isle Of Trouble (DEMO) by DonnyKD
Super Miguel World - Demo by miguel21450
Best of Mario World Hawk v2.4 by Hawk0286

Mario World Super: Yuri's hack by Yurelvis123
the morning omlet by vhayes8886
Super Hard World V1 by Luigi Fan 15 (x2)
Super Human World by SevoK
Mario in Beetle Trouble by Nintendoguy09

Super Mario World Challege by PJ Reed
Super Mario Dragon Hunter - Full Demo by DeadlyDonut1
Rock Mario X by Gigcees
A ChocoNilla Hack [DEMO 1.1] by Masterlink
Mario In: Mad World V5.4 by The Christmas Reaper3397

Koopa's Adventure by vavoo
SMW double sprite edition by Hyruleagent (x2)
Super Hostile World by JP52397
Horray For 2011! (READ DESCRIPTION) by HackerOfTheLegend
Super Mario World "Missing From The Hack" by MERMAIDSEIRA6

Super Mario World "Snow-Ice World" by MERMAIDSEIRA6
Super Mario World "Lost In The Nightmare" by MERMAIDSEIRA6
Super Mario World "End Of The Line" by MERMAIDSEIRA6
No Name Needed - Demo 1 by 10204307 (x2)
Brandon's hack by Thatguy

SMW GFX SMB3 HACK by bottom killer
Run Run Mario Run by HeavyMetalGuy
Mario my 1st by Technopommes
Journey through the time by Meta101knight
Super Greenman's World Demo by greenman1147

Mario Dark Legacy Good Version by BobbyBombmaster
A Strange Planet by ypoora1
Super Joes World DEMO by tulsadlannce
Suicidal Mario v.1.1 by ThwompJr
Mario en la isla de yoshi by xpgnome

Billy Deerhead's Messed-Up Mario World by Billy A.D.
Mario's Super Land by ypoora1 (x2)
Super World Demo 1 by McMuffinMasterX (x2)
Super Easy World by nerd25101
Mario's Search for the 8 Jewels by Mawwo7

Yoshis golden egg by Wormy (x2)
Super Experimental World by Controversial-Corn (x2)
Super Easy World - Demo by Shadownuss
Super CW World by castleofwarriors
SMW - The Koopa Empire by 0000Nico

Black Mario Bros by 0000Nico
Metroid 1 Shadow Striker by 0000Nico
Kaizo Way by 0000Nico (x2)
Super Mario World 4 Modified Levels by MarioPikachu11 (x2)
Untitled BenSMWHacker Hack Demo 1 by bensmwhacker

Super Mario Land the 2 part series (part 1) by Dead Goomba
random mario sigma by afroblademaster (x2)
Mister Hyper-Shaker's Debut (demo) by MagicianDP
Alternative Super Mario World by mrfohlin
Mario Z world Bowser esta de volta by dev15

Marios "New" Journey by hotsos120
Super Pikachu World by PokeHacker6
The Return to Super Mario World (SMWEXP v3.1) by nnn
Hawk v1 (work in progress) by decap009
The Cursed Forest by NTI Productions

ofenkartoffel4emero by ofenkartoffel (x3)
Mario's Island Demo by PJ Reed
Super Different World Demo by wafflez pwn
Just Play It by Tubmuffin
Sa-Ga by MetalJo

Super Mario Lost in Monochrome V1.4 by EL santo (x2)
Lets play your Level Emero by imthe666st (x3)
SuperEmoWorld<demo> by tr9536on
Marios Allrun Mission 2 by klopapierrolle99
Koopa's Aventure by Blue_Raven

Mario in the stole Time by Yamobu
Super Mario Galactic Worlds by Michael Batista
lets play your level von Karabinator by Karabinator
super scary demo by tr9536on
Super Spanky Land by gamegame95

The Rift V1.3 (Demo) by kirbychris
KOOLS WORLD Demo 1 by kool
Super mario's super world by panman13
Marios Annoying Mission (G) by MrRabbitM
Mario in the land of Conkrypt by gner0in

Adventure Time with Yo and ShyGuy in: Zombie Attack! by Lunar Rico
Mario's Virtual Adventure by kingness701
Some Adventure by Jolpengammler
A New Journey by georgevssonic
Super Yoshis Adventure Demo1 by Courptendo

Challenge Bridge by bowser1625
Mario and luigi Plan Z 1.1 by bowser1625
Super Mario World Deluxe - The Third Graphics Edition (v1.60 AGH) by nipcen
Doonk's SMW Game Over Edition by D00NK (x2)
super easy word V.1 by yangyomaster

Sonic Graphics Base by 64domo (x2)
Super Test World by Marioplayer
"Super" Duper World by ColdBoy
Super Mario World Reloaded by vguniverse
SMW - Return To Dinosaur Land by RAGB

Try To Avoid by TheMetalYoshi
Super Mario World Remastered by thefriendlybaron
Mega Tank World by TheTank
Calm Mario World by DragonX123
Orange Trial World by Bullet King


Hack Moderation History

Time of Last Hack Moderated: Monday, January 7, 2013 8:49 PM EST (Rejected)
Number of Hacks Moderated since Tuesday, December 2, 2008: 56
Number Removed: 46
Number Accepted: 10
Hacks Moderated: 94
Hacks Approved: 24 (Since 2009-12-22)
A Strange Mission by WhiteYoshiEgg
Mario's Bathroom Adventure by Noobish Noobsicle [3]
Mario's Super Galactic Illusion Space Time by Sulcuryalt [2]
What the... Hack? Demo 1.1 by Hellbourne [2]
Lost Mario Bros. by Le Comte Niark
Super Mario World Hacks 101 by Tails_155 [Removed due to full version.]
Super Mario World Hacks 101 - Version 1.0 by Tails_155
Hyper Hentai Hotties by scrimpy
Kid Adventure 3 : The will of Sakito by Lunartoad
A Yoshi's Story by CaptainDazz
Karoshi Mario by HuFlungDu
Roy's Armada Demo 1.2 by Atma
Sniggerbobble's Nightmare - Randor's Inside Story by Chikane
The Title is Irrelevant by Forty2
8 Trials Await by GearboxGoober
Ketchup Adventure by mockingod
The Temple of Dinosaurs by Patgangster
Super "Mario" World by 1UPDudes
Insert Coin by Zildjian, noon
Super Mario and the Undersea Lab by Yonowaaru
Roy's Armada by Atma
A Vanilla Level by yoshiguy978
Mario Gives Up - v1.23 by cyphermur9t
Mario and luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 2.0.5 by Master mario 27

Hacks Rejected: 70 (Since 2009-12-22)
Mario's Bathroom Adventure by Noobish Noobsicle
Mario's Bathroom Adventure by Noobish Noobsicle [2]
super mario world - the new saga (beta) by mariolpmadness
SMW DSM#2: Sniggerbobble's Redemption: The Crystal of Disaster (Three Day Demo) by Sniggerb0bble [RR]
A Haunted Christmas by Team Haunted
A Haunted Christmas by Team Haunted [2]
Mario's Super Galactic Illusion Space Time by Sulcuryalt
Strange Island by Garis208
Strange Island by Garis208 [2]
Strange Island by Garis208 [3]
What the... Hack? Demo 1.1 by Hellbourne
Return To Super Matrio World by SuperSilverYoshi
Super Simple World by 1UPdudes
Epic Yoshi World [DEMO] by Immortality
Epic Yoshi World [DEMO]v1.1 by Immortality
Geno X- true version demo 1 by Yoshiro
Hypershadic's SMW world 1 demo by hypershadic
SMW - Press Z on Title Screen by Joshua Harrison
SMW - Darkened Palette Demo 1 by Joshua Harrison
Mario vs The Big Boo by super pokemon world
Kris' Adventure - Demo 1 by martin9172
The Ice Floe by Everandever
Motormaster's challange by Motorm
Cokelord's Rom Hack by cokelord
I Can't Believe It's One Level! by Ant 68
Sadow's World by sadow200
Mario In Iggy Land by moltensnow
The Legend Of Mario by 2spiner
Super mario world by Benjamin Pulido by Benjamin Pulido
Super Mario World Advance 5 World 1 Demo. by TeamTech
Thanskaro (Demo 2, bugfix again) by Neutron [RR]
Stupid Mario by P switch Masta
Super Mario: Iggy's Revenge by Doseianasan
"Beat" the World by Metalstriker
You Just Gotta Love Vanilla Levels by Wiistar97
Kris' Adventure - Demo 1 by martin9172
Waluigi Land: Quest for the 7 Golden Coins DEMO by mariomaster13
Super Generic Land by nitelich
Correus' Curse demo 1 by Yonowaaru
Luigi's Time Adventure DEMO V2.3 by hub911
Super Mario - Hunt For The Dragon Coins (FIXED) by JDC [RR]
You Just Gotta Love Vanilla Levels by Wiistar97 [2]
Daisy's Wrath by Yoshiro
"New Mario" by Ray321lolz
super mario the use of spin by joshi222
Mario's 2 ways 2 victory by aj6666
Mario's Epic Adventure by moltensnow
The Adventure of a Plumber by LuigiYoshi112
tale of springs demo by tr9536on
Super World Tour by s1lverkiller
The Land Of Chocolate by Saxon
SMB4 by xilith117
An Oreo World Redux by Boometh
popopo by Tubmuffin
Mario Gives Up v1.22 by cyphermur9t
"SMW" The New Saga - Beta 1.8 by mariolpmadness
A 3 Level Hack by BlackMarioHand
A Strange Planet by ypoora1
Bowsers Valley Final V 1.2 by bottom killer
No Name Needed - Demo 1 [FIX 2] by 10204307
Another Mario Adventure (Demo 1.1) by NismoZ
Super Greenman's World Demo by greenman1147
Nostalgic mario (demo #2) by deedeedeechu
A Nova Aventura de Mario by bxcz
Super Mario in: Yoshis Revenge by 2dareduck
Mario's Redrawn Adventure(Demo 1.2) by Dakress [RR]
Nostalgic Mario by deedeedeechu [2]
Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn by Gamma V
Ninja Mario by masterninja7
Hawk v3 final by Hawk0286

Hacks moderated since November 14, 2009:

Removed: 270
Approved: 33
Total: 303
(might be off by one or two)


Grand Total Approved: 29*

Total Approved (Since October 8, 2009): 22
[Translation] Super Mario World (Polish v2.1)
Rozen Maiden (The Lapislazuri Travel) [Demo]

Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Demo Edition v2
Mario Is Missing! 2: Luigi's New Adventure
It's another hack with Mario in it! Yay! [Demo]
[Translation] Super Mario World (Spanish)
[Translation] Super Mario World (Italian)
MarioX World SER
[Translation] Super Mario World (Greek)
Wario Land 6
Super Mario and Super Alli World
Doopliss Revenge (Demo 1)

Mario Got Bored
Retro Mario World - Super Mario Bros. Remake (Fixed)
[Translation] Super Mario World (Romanian)
Bowser's Plan, Part One - Alternate Universe
Varndts Castle
Super Mario Bros. 4 - The Mystery Of The Five Stones
Super Mario World Deluxe - Graphics Edition (Version 1.5) [Graphics Hack]
Super Mario World Beta
[Translation] Super Mario World (Dutch)
The Plumber Saga (Demo 1.01)

Total Approved (August 26, 2008 - October 8, 2009): 7*
Super Mario Brothers and the Giant Omelette (Demo)
Super Mario Brain Dead (Demo 3)
Super Mario "Tentative Title"
Chaos Chronicles (Demo 1)
Revenge Of Bowser - Legend Of The Seven Eggs (Demo)
New Super Mario Bros. - The Lost Levels (Demo)
Mario, Luigi, And The 7 Eggs Of Peace

* may be incomplete

Grand Total Rejected: 217!

Total Rejected (Since October 8, 2009): 111
A Ninji's Search For...

Super Duper Mario World [Demo 1]
Vanilla World (Demo)
Super Mario Hack: Hentai
Mario's Orange Ocean
Super Kitiku Mario (Demo 7.5)
Super Mario World 3: Reborn
Super Mario: The Next Adventure
"Super" Mario's Legend Quest
A One Level Hack - Sunny Beach
A Volcanic Adventure Final Mix

[Collab] VIP and Wall Mix 5
[Collab] VIP and Wall Mix 5 Mario Edition
Super Mario Galaxy v1.5
Super Mario In... Sweet World
Mario Wants His Coins (1.1 Demo)
SMW:Megaman Legends 3:Getmeoffthemoon
Super Short World
Warp Mario
Legend Of The Four Switches

VIP & Wall & Alaska Mix 5: Mario Edition
VIP & Wall & Alaska Mix 5
Super Kitiku World
Special Secrets
Super Mario Bros. Classics
A Yoshi's Story 2
Mario's Real Brother
A Yoshi's Story 2
Mario's Real Brother
Super Mario World: Mario & Luigi New Adventures (Demo)

Jerome's Adventure
Kernel World
Mario's Epic World
Super Pallets World
Super Mario World: Boshi in Dinosaur Land
SMB: The New Adventures
Yoshi Tales - Baby Bowser's Revenge [Demo]
Mario's Weird World
Super Har-De-Hard World
Super Mario Galaxy 3: Bowser's Great Empire (Demo)

Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft 2
Super Mario World New Gate Avanyft
Super Mario World Magnum Vabyor
Super Mario World Koncritef Edition
The Pikachu Crisis Demo One
Fun Run
Cursed Mario World
Let's Go To Super Mario World (Demo)
Alternate Mario World Graphics Hack (Version 1.3)
Luigi's Adventure (Demo)

Super Unknown World (Demo 1.0)
Super Zero World - The Dream Quests (Demo 1.5)
Super Mario World - The Iggy's Battle
Let's Go To Super Mario World (Demo)
Kid Adventure 2 (French Version)
Kid Adventure (French Version)
Purple Mario At The Red Cliffs (Glitch Free Version)
The Super World Of Mario
Super Pika Ultra Land (Version 1.1 Fixed)

Super Randome World
The Secret In Mario's Pad
Mario Got Bored
Mario's travels through a different part of a previously addressed land which hack players have known for a long time
My Mario World
Mario's Amazing Adventure
Super Mario World - The New Saga (Beta 1.4 Fix)
The Escape Door (Demo)
Super Hard World (Fixed Demo)
YG Hack World 1

Super Mario World: SMB3 GFX + Screen-Scrolling Pipes
Super Frenzy World [Beta/Demo Release]
Varndts Castle
The Sign Painter (Version 1.4)
Super Mario Weegee World (Demo)
Forever Gone (Version 2)
Super Mario World: Super Edition
Super Hammer World (Demo) (German)
Varndts Castle
Booyah Mario World!

Bowser's Plan, Part 1 - Alternate Universe (Demo)
Imperious Viking
Mario Vs. The Big Boo (Demo 1)
The Star Road (Demo)
Munchy's Escape From Muncher Island (Version 1.1)
Super Hardio World
Mario And The Time Toad (Demo 1.2)
Mario Got Bored
Super Mario Bros. 4 - The Mystery Of The Five Stones
Mario's Visit To Mushroom Island (Demo)

Evil Maze
Super Mario World Xtreme
The Sign Painter (Fixed)
The Deadly Demon Wall Variants
Super Mario Remix
Super Wario World: Wario's Legacy (Demo)
Super Mario's Special Adventure (Demo)
Link's Quest
Super Weird Mario Bros. World (Version 3 Demo)
Super Mario Bros. - Bowser's Kingdom (Demo 4) (English Version)

Super Mario World - Revenge Of The Koopa King (Demo)
Super Mario World - SMB3-Style Graphics Hack
Parallel Super Mario World
Suupaa Mario-Sama Seken (Demo)
Mario - Bowsers' Return (Version 1.2 Demo)
Beaver No Deserto (Demo)
Lieutenant Pie's Super Mario World Hack (Demo V 3.0)
The Plumber Saga (Demo 1)
Super mario World 4 - Bowser's Attacks Again! (Demo)
Alternate Colours For Super Mario World

Total Rejected (August 26, 2008 - October 8, 2009):106
(from the original Hack Removal Log)

Besthack In World (Demo)
Super Mario Land 128 (Demo)
Dinosaur Land Transformed (Demo)
Bowser's Homeland (Demo)
L4good Island (Fixed 2 Demo)
Rico Koopa: Rise To A New Koopa! (Part 1)
My Super Mario Hack Demo (Demo)
Hi Mario World
Ultra Mario Bros: The Mystic Ultra Wand (Demo)
Bowser Battle

Season Of Ice (Demo)
Super 3 Days ROM (Demo)
Super Mario Brothers & The GIANT Omelette (Demo)
Super Mario World: Dimensions
Super Mario World Land (Demo)
Super Mario Thousand Islands (Demo)
Super Bored World (Demo)
A Hard Battle
Super Mario SX - The Ghost Adventure (Demo)
Super Mario World Time Warped (Demo)

Bowser's Valley (Demo)
Mario: Dawn To Darkness (1.4)
Super J World
SMW 1.2 (Demo)
Super Mario Wuss
Mario's Mountain Kingdom Quest (Demo 1)
SMW Cartoony Redraw (0.1 Demo)
Sonic's Crazy World
L4good Island (Demo)
Lost In Yoshi Island (Demo)

Super Mario World: Master Quest 7 Redrawn
Departed Mario
Super Luigi Wrold (Demo)
The Mario
Super Luigi Wrold (Demo)
Super Mario :P:P:P
MiOr's Sprite Test Hack
Super Zelda 60 World (Demo)

The Mario
Super Mario Bros. 4: Mystery Of Five Stone
Blue World (Demo)
Four Level Hack Reloaded
The Saga - Kame (Demo)
Cool Spot
Super Yoshi Revenge World (Final)
A SMW Treasure Hunt (Demo)
Quest In The Mushroom Kingdom (Demo)

Trials (V 0.1 Demo)
Super Odd World (Demo)
Iggy's Island
Mario's Rainy Day Stories (Demo 1)
7 Level Hack
Super Oli World (Demo 1)
Super Pirated World
Mario's Fable (Demo 1)
Super Mario World: Mario's Cool Mission (Demo)
Super Learn World

Super Mario Thousand Islands (Demo 2)
Super Mario Thousand Islands (Demo 2)
Super Mario Kingdom 2 (Demo)
Super Mario Grand Adventure!
Mario Party (Demo One)
Super Mario World: Searchin' For Zelda [Spanish Hack] [Demo]
ProtonJonSA Demo
Mario's Amazing Adventure (Demo)
Fritz And The Mystery Of The Ocean: The Super Demo
Yoshiro Demo, Part 127

Yoshiro Demo One
Hakurankai Mario (Demo)
Super Mario World: The X Quest (Demo v.1)
Super Mario World Extra
OW Test (Fixed Error Demo)
OW Test (Please,don't reject! :( ) Demo
Super Mario Bros. Zero (Demo 1.5 Fixed)
SM: Search For The Green Pearl (Demo 2 Fixed)
Leafeh (Demo)
Super Mario Thousand Islands (Demo 2)

Chaotic Mario World
Super Test World
SM: Search For The Green Pearl (Demo 2)
Super Mario: Twilight Illusion
Mario And The Haunted Forest 2: Kamek's Reture (Demo V2.1 FIXED)
Super Plumber Mario World 1 (Demo 2)
Crazy World (v1.0 Demo)
Super Mario Tabarnak (1.1)
Super Mario Sunshine (Beta)
Super Pirate World (v1.4)

NEW Super Mario World: The Kaizo Returns
Mairo World Boo's Castle
Super Pirate World
Mario LPJ Two: Joker's Revenge
Mario's Final Battle
Super Mario In Bowser's Last Stand
Super Sloth World... (Beta Demo)
A Hack
Another ROM Hack (Demo 1)
M&L: Luigi's Diary (Demo 2)

Super Mario: Boo Kingdom
Yoshi Island 1 (Demo)
A Very Crappy Kaizoish Joke Hack
Crysis In The Mushroom Kingdom (Demo)
Super Block World
Super Mario Islands (Demo 2)


13.04% of hacks approved
86.96% of hacks denied
86 total moderations

Removal requests and repeated moderations of the same hack do not count towards hacks approved nor denied. total moderations is the sum of everything I have moderated including removal requests and repeated moderations of the same hack.

Hacks Approved: 9
A Maxi Mini Hack B-Sides
Quest on Full Moon Island (v1.2)
Nerdina's World - Demo V 1.0 - B-Yoshi
Mario's New World - noon - Submitted by: Zildjian
Luigi lost in Telinc's World - Demo 1.5
"Super" Mario's Legend Quest! - mario56
Shy Guy's Adventure (C3 Demo) - K3fka
Call of Cthulhu - Yashum
Mario's 2 Ways 2 Victory - aj6666

Hacks Denied: 60
Just Another Vanilla Hack
Super Jason World
Quest on Full Moon Island v1.1
Kewin's adventure 1 [DEMO 2] v0.1

Super mario world X V 1.0
Yoshi Hawk world 1 demo plus
Nerdina's World (Demo) - B-Yoshi
The Adventures Of Super Mario - 1xsonic
Forest Of Pain - Delthot
Mario's Way to the prinzess - BigMetaller

Super Mario World - The Great Adventure - Supermario9981
A Rondom Hack - Silvershadow
ALM Hack - AfroLichesMain777
Mario Wants His Coins 1.0 Demo - msi810
The Dark World v1 - Legokun
First try at kaizo - Onlyidiotswill - Submitted by: nonofurbessness
An SMW Puzzler-Demo
Luigi lost in Telinc's World - Demo 1 - telinc1
An Untitled Quest! [Demo I] - 1337H4mm3rBr0z
Special World Overtakes (Demo 1) - KevKot

Bowser Strikes Back: Valley Ruins - peytonbanks1234
Mario And Luigi Adventure (Beta) - JoJo_2001
[Translation] Super Mario World [German] - GMTC
Mario's New World - noon - Submitted by: Zildjian
Super Mario World - Quest of Doom [0.1 BETA] - couchuser
The War - nonofurbessness
Super Mario Bros 1X Demo - MarioBrosX
Just Another Vanilla Hack - RnmDHX
Slyfox homie hack beta - mogel56
Super Mario 18 - houbahunny96

Le avventure di Mario 2 - max.trio
Mario and Luigi: Deep Journey Demo 1/ Version 0.0 - TheSuperRotom
*REMADE* Super HARD World (Demo) - Luigi Fan 15
Rise Of The Spiegelei (GER) v.0.3 - RazeNippels
IEO - Demo 1 - Delta
[Translation] Super Mario World (Braille)- 2dareduck
The Lost Land - The Oncoming Storm
"Super" Awesome Mario[DEMO] 1.2 - mario56
Super Luigi Bros, Mystery Of the 7 jewels - Lexator
Sm2 the unknown threats - Dman

An unfinished Story - Pointslhalsbirnbarnd - Submitted by: KingOlaf
The Difficult Journey - bbk61
Mario and Luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo - Master mario 27
smw on the other dimensions - gusapno
First Strike [DEMO] - camoslash
Floors of Death - ShadowDragon121
Super Awesome World - Deseat
Mario 15 - WackyWorlds97
SMW: Adventures on Petite Island - FlyingpheonixMKW
Mario's Winter Adventure (V 1.0) - AntoineG782

hackhack - TzepDa
SMW vulcanic catastrophe dimensions - gusapno
super hack world - mryoshidude100
big boo island - iaso
Yoshi's adventure to save someone - BroDute
Super Mario World Asian Edition - TheNewbRadar
Yoshi Random Demo 1.3 Fixed - Frugo Man
"Dracula Blocks out the Sun" - levelengine
Super Mario Chaos Rising Beta I (1) - NEX and GBX
super mario world-the huge adventure - bandicoot

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Hacks Accepted: 0

Hacks Removed: 8
Mario's Drug Abuse by Ns816235
Mario's Illusionary Worlds Demo v1.2 by dartrixs
Bowser Stadium - Beta (2nd Version) by levelengine
Super Random Worldz! DEMO by SuperDestructionbros
Washed Ashore - Demo 3 - v1.1 by peytonbanks1234
Mario Super World by Ulikander4001
Homie hack Demo by mogel56
Yoshi's adventure to save someone by BroDute

Hacks accepted: 8
-Bowser Stadium - Gamma (3rd version) - levelengine
-Super Mario Planet Demo - Merthacks
-Super Pika Land Ultra: Chocolate Version - Doownayr89
-Mario's New Quest - Demo (v1.2) - Felipe H2
-Le avventure di mario 3 - Silver
-Mario Wants His Mushroom [Demo 3] - RaindropDry
Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure Rev. 1 - Gamma V
Lunar Legends - Purple Rex

Hacks denied: 40 (not counting repeated removals, requests, etc.)
-Bowser Stadium - levelengine
-Le avventure di Mario 2 - Silver
-The Koopa Ilands [Demo1.2] - BroDute
-Super Bombchu World 0.5 - Bombchu
-Super Mario World - The After Years - EvilGuy0613
-Vanilla Tower - SMW King 2000
-Mario's wrong exit demo - NICK 66
-Paper John Land - xxchainchomp01
-Super Mario in: The Crying Sheep - Demo 1 - mrdeppelman
-Super Pika Land Ultra: Chocolate Version (DEMO v2.0) - Doownayr89
-Iggy's Brutal Takeover - MasterLink120
-Mario's Orange Ocean - CH_EN_HD
-(Beta 1)New Super Mario World Gate Avanyft Switch of Wish - NewBetatendo
-Super Mario World Millenium Quest - Spreggatendo
-Super Qwholled World! - Qwholl
-[GFX Hack] Super Mario World: Gold 'n' Silver Version - Chargin Chuck
-Random Mario World Demo V2.0 - A_random_guy
-Mario Super World - Ulikander4001
-Luigi lost in Telinc's World - Telinc1 & thenextdoor
-Le Avventure di Mario 3 - Silver
-Super Mario and the Shwinks (Demo) - Takomega1
-The ultimate terror demo 1 - austincoolness123
-Mario Bros Adventure Land - LimeMaster92
-So Nick - nickofzo
-Kaiketsoy Mario / easy Edition - Bammcreeper
-SMW The Lost Adventure Episode I - isaix
-Super Pios World - alpaga
-Legend Of Darkness One 0.3,5 - Neo carld923
-Super Mario Bros. Remix [Demo] v2 - Phantom Kid
-Danmaku Mario World - Lunatic Team
-Yoshi's Bramble Blast - Ultradragonyoshi
-Que cosas no poner en los niveles de tus hacks - ChileLIMO54321
-Super Mario: Shipwrecked (Demo) - Araigen Rensutsu
-Yoshi Random Demo 2 - Frugo Man
-Super fun world - Mhacks_1996
-Super Mario World Millenium Quest 2 - Spreggatendo
-Aventureiro Mario 3 - Versão Demo 1 - Dev152
-Mario Adventure [1World Demo] - yoshi9429
-1 Level hack - ffffffff
-SMW ANA3 (Démo) - drake-68

Note: I keep the IPS of the hacks I removed, if you need any of them, send me a PM.

*Approved Hacks: 5
"SMW3" The Universe's Star! [Demo 1] - mariocool1999
Mario Silver Land Ep I - BS187
Super Mario World - Challenge Worlds - i'mbadwithusernames
SMW DLC Pack 1 - Cinnamon Hills - TRS
Mario Wants His Lemonade v1.3 - Gamma V

*Denied Hacks: 8
Magical of Elysium - PinkieV
New Super Mario World - MAXON
SMW The New Adventure - jacksparrow0

Mario's Masochistic Mission - Spiner
SMW A New Adventure 2 - drake-68
SMW A New Adventure - drake-68
SMW Pandora's Castle - Medlek
Yoshi Random Demo 2.1 - Frugo Man

* Since December 1, 2012
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