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Megaman 4 - Final Boss by BotCrazy
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Song Duration: ~0:11
Addmusic Compatibilty: AddmusicM/Romi's Addmusic
N-SPC Path Required?: Yes
Sample Bank/.brrs Required?: Yes
Header Type: Overworld/Level
The Final Boss theme from Megaman 4. Could suit a very fast paced boss, or the most epic overworld ever.

Tags: "Final" "Boss" "Overworld"


This port certainly isn't bad by any means, unfortunately, we already have a higher quality port on the site as well, that's also sampled. Just to give this log a little more substance, I can give some suggestions on what to improve on:

- Varied instrumentation: The same instrument, and even the same ADSR value, is used for the first 3 channels, making the song sound a bit bland. This shouldn't be the case, considering one of them is a bass, where @8 or @14 would serve as a much better instrument. Or heck, you probably have enough room in your bank to find a better bass as well.

- Varied percussion: I suppose this isn't a huge problem, considering the nature of the song, and the fact that you've used samples for the percussion anyways. However, the percussion does sound overpowering, considering it's made up of exclusively snare drums. Try varying it up a bit by using bass drums as well.
Removed again for the points shown above. Also a bad ADSR in the text.
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Music - Megaman 4 - Final Boss by BotCrazy