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"Current Contests & Events" Rules and Approvals (Re-Opened)
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#1- The contest must be reasonable in length and work required.
- This means don't create a "BEST 20 LEVEL HACK CONTEST" or something like it.

#2- Have judging and rules planned.
- This means have your rules laid out when the contest is first posted. Judges should either be predetermined or be applied for. On that note, make sure your judges are competent.

#3- Don't tread on official contest ideas.
- This basically means no "Chocolate Level Design Contest held by MarioBag589" This doesn't mean you can't hold contests that are similar.

#4- Make sure all contested are approved of before starting them
- Ask for approval in this thread.

Good day, gentlemen.
Don't forget people advertising for graphics/levels for their contest so they can use the stuff for a romhack...

Living life takes forever
Originally posted by Thehoundsquad
Don't forget people advertising for graphics/levels for their contest so they can use the stuff for a romhack...


and a quick reminder that there should be more then one judge, only having one person judge a contest is both Time consuming for the judge and Biased in some ways...
I'd like to share my own contest idea for approval.

The Pokemon Creationist Challenge.
Basically, it's a contest where users play a Pokemon game and try to see who can beat each gym leader, or story battle the fastest (For example, Giovani in FR and LG), or the elite four, the fastest. The only catch however, is that your team CANNOT contain any evolved pokemon or pokemon that are the evolution of another, for example, if you let your Squirtle evolve into a Wartortle, you cannot use it, or if you catch a Pikachu, you cannot use it either, since it is the evolved form of pichu. This contest will take place in the GBA games, in other words FR/LG, and Emerald (There won't be Ruby/Saphire), and once all the battles for a game is finished, we will move on to the next. So basically, users choose to play FireRed or LeafGreen, I post which Gym Leader or Story Battle they have to face next, level limits, etc. and when all of these battles are completed, we move on to Emerald. Also, yeah, I'm making level limits in order to make this fair for everyone, or something. Other rules are that if your pokemon dies, it's dead forever, and has moved onto the afterlife, and you cannot use it in future battles in the same game. However, if your pokemon dies in FireRed or LeafGreen, you can transfer it to Emerald for use, if the rules allow it (Level limits and whatnot). I would like to use Platinum, and HG/SS, but I'm not sure yet. For this contest, you can use either Emulators or your own actual copy of the game. I'm allowing emulators in order for people who don't have a GBA player for the GCN and Capture Card, to have some quality videos to show, even though camcorder quality won't really affect anything score related, since this is time we're talking about. The way the scoring system will work is relatively simple, basically, whoever gets the fastest time, let's say 120 seconds, gets their points by subtracting the slowest time, 1120 seconds for example, and they get 1000 points. Second place, subtract second slowest time, third, third slowest, fourth, fourth slowest, etc. Until we reach a point in which we've passed the median. In addition, I will give a score for each battle, i.e. 100 points. And you are given a time limit, let's say 100 seconds, and if you pass 100 seconds, the difference will be added to your total score. For example, if you get 120 seconds, you will be ahead of the time limit by 20 seconds, and you will get 80 bonus points. However, if the opposite occurs, and you get 80 seconds, the difference is 20, and you will get 120 bonus points. Rounds will also have a gimmick bonus, where if you comply with the gimmick, you will get a certain amount of bonus points. As for prizes, let's pretend pride is an incredible prize, unless this contest becomes popular, and S.N.N. chooses to make some Pokemon Creationist badge. Here's an example of how a round would look:

FR/LG Round X

Battle: Gym 1: Brock

Time Limit: 200 Seconds

Level Limit: Level 15

Gimmick: You cannot use pokemon with 2 or more possible evolved forms. For example, Polywag, Eevee, etc.

So, what do you think? Can this contest be approved? Also, hoorah for me being the first to actually ask permission for a contest on this thread.
give me some time to read it over again, then I'll edit this post with an answer.

Welp here goes nothing!

Originally posted by What the thread will say

Pure Pokemon Tournament!

Basically this is a tournament where all pokemon's moves get a STAB.

1. You have to have at least 3 Pokemon.

2. Each Pokemon must have ONLY moves of it's type. If it has one that is'nt it's type, you can't use it. (A dual type can have moves for both of it's types)

3. When your opponent is decided, decide between yourselves any type of battle.

4. Put the code "STAB" in your post.

5. Do not lie about winning. I will find out the truth.

6. Pokemon are lowered to level 50


Breaking a rule results in disqualification.

The tournament will start at (i'll put the date when this gets accepted) No matter how many contestants. (unless of course i'm the only one)

The prize will be your choice between any of the legendaries from the Unova Trio. (Verizion and the other two)

To join:
Post your trainers name, your friend code, and the code to make sure you read the rules.


Would this be okay?

Edit: added some stuff

(don't really think we should have two pokemon tours at the same time)
You know, why don't you make a separate thread for approvals? It seems like the rules thread should be for rules and approvals be a different thing. Maybe getting people to pay attention to approvals would be to have the separate thread with the all caps ASK FOR APPROVAL HERE.
Name: Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkainchi 3 Contest

Rules: 20 Opponents will be selected and 2 judges will be selected (2 already selected), and and each battle will done and sent to me in tthe order they appear on the tournment board (not everyone that is in that round do their match), they will be 5 rounds, (Practice 1, Practice 2, Championchips, semi-finals, finals). The winner will recive a special prize which has not be decided yet. There will be another part on how each selected oppoents would perform in a batttle on very hard difficulty aganist the cpu, the Judges will be given a rating system on how each one preformed, and those videos can be sent in multiple times and the winner of that will earn a special prize which has also not be decided.
Okay, this is an idea that I came up with off of the top of my head:


Whats an inverse level competition? Well you design the inverse of what you would normally do. As in, people who lean more towards designing chocolate hacks would design a vanilla level, and vice versa.


DON'T LIE! If you prefer making chocolate, make vanilla, and vice versa.

Strawberry/Choconilla counts as chocolate.

Insert custom music. Period. No exceptions. This is the only custom thing allowed for vanilla. I'm adding this just because almost no one likes hearing the same music over and over.

Blatant edits are NOT allowed. I think this is self explanatory.


??/50 Fun
Is your level fun to play? This is the most important factor.

??/20 Pleasantness
Is your level pleasant? Does it use good palettes? Is there no cutoff?

??/10 Custom music
Did you use fitting custom music, or did you use music just because it's overused? Did you use unfitting music just because it was underused?

??/20 Specific:
Vanilla: Did you use the resources that the original SMW gave you well? Were you able to create a entirely new experience from the original game?

Chocolate: Did you use the resources on the site well? Did you create a fun new experience? Did you still focus on level design and not let infinite possibilities overwhelm you?

Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
Name: 2011 automatic mario contest
As the name says, consists on making automatic mario levels.
There will be two categories:
-Custom music is accepted
-Only one level, no secondary exits, ect.
-no custom sprites/blocks
-map16/palette editing is allowed
-no patches
-custom music is allowed
-only one level
-custom blocks/ sprites are allowed
-map16/`palette editting is allowed
-no patches
-custom gfx are mandatory

There will be a total of five who will be:

*complexety/10 (not just a ramp and goal sphere, nor a 100 screen level)
*level desing/10 (its automatic, yes, but is it plain cement blocks or eyepleazing?)
*(chocolate only)gfx/10 (how good are they?)
*(chocolate only)custom sprites/blocks usage/10 (are they used properly?)
*palette/5 (eye searing or pleasing?)
*Fun to watch/15 (boring or fun?)
Judging starts when theres no one else interested in submiting, the maximum of 32 levels is exceded, or (undefined deadline).

Is this acceptable as a contest???

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by xlk

Sure, why not.
I want to hold a 'Title Screen design' competition, like before but with changed rules:

You make a title screen level -C7, and record a movie in ZSNES. Points are rewarded for the following categories:
It can be either vanilla or Chocolate. There are no restrictions.

Is the level design good? Is it too hard or too easy?

Does the level look nice? Is it glitchy? If vanilla - are the
SMW GFX used in clever ways? Is it nicely decorated or is it plain?

Is it well polished, or a glitchy mess? Does the movie work? Is it too long or too short.

There is a prize. The winner will get a virtual console/wiiware game(s) of their choice. Up to 1000 Nintendo points. You can pass the prize to someone else if you wish.

I will have a deadline by the 1st of September.

Is this a good idea?
Originally posted by JDC
There is a prize. The winner will get a virtual console/wiiware game(s) of their choice. Up to 1000 Nintendo points. You can pass the prize to someone else if you wish.

Your layout has been removed.
Yes. I'm serious. I gives people a reason to work on the contest. Also, I haven't seen anyone else do it since the winter contest.
Sounds good
Originally posted by JDC
Yes. I'm serious. I gives people a reason to work on the contest. Also, I haven't seen anyone else do it since the winter contest.

Nice it'll save me dishing out for Starfox 64 on virtual console if I win. Can't wait for this to start :)
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I'll start now, I guess. Good luck everyone.
I've had an idea for a contest for awhile now, I spent a good amount of time thinking it out. Here is what the first post would say:


--Strawberry “Short and Sweet” Level Design Contest--
The idea of this contest is to see how well people can design a short level with some new kind of restrictions.

This submission period will last 2 months (from the date officially announced)


• length can be only 10 screens max

• Can use multiple lunar magic levels if desired but total screen amount must be 10 or lower.

• intro screen and title screen do not count toward the screen amount, they aren’t being judged anyway

• Cut scenes do count towards the screen amount

• Only can use 4 GFX files max for TILES (includes ExGFX and original files already inserted) Basically the files that are inserted in the Super GFX Bypass FG/BG (GFX 0 and GFX 1 do not count toward the total) This is to prevent people from going overboard with the graphics.

• Only permitted to use one map 16 page

• Unlimited amount of GFX files for sprites allowed

• Can be vanilla, chocolate, water. (I will not favor one over the other!)

• Please do not submit old levels created prior to the start of this contest

• Can use any version of Lunar Magic

• You can only enter one level into this contest

• Entries MUST be in IPS form and submitted using the file bin (or other method for instant download access)

• Post a link to your ips patch in this topic if you decide to update make a NEW post

• Leave your level unlocked in lunar magic

• Please name your level and put the name in the same post as your submission

• Please ensure your level is satisfactory prior to submitting it, you will not be permitted to update your level after the deadline.

• No need to sign up or contact me that you want to enter, everyone is welcome so just post your level when you are done.

How a level will be judged:

Level Design -/10
How interesting a unique was the level? Was it original or something we’ve all seen before. If custom sprites were used how well did they fit the level? If Vanilla did the person make good use of original resources?

Graphics -/10
How did the level look? Did it have an ugly palette, has the palette been used a 100 times before? Is there any graphical or color clash?

Difficulty & Funfactor -/10
Is the level actually enjoyable or does it just annoy or stress the player out? Is it super easy to beat or borderline impossible?

Functionality -/10
Does everything work like it’s supposed to? Are their sprite limitations, or does slowdown occur?

Maximum points possible 40

Besides a little image or a trophy for the top three level designers I will give out a $5 Amazon gift card for the winner of the contest.
I’ll up the amount to $10 if I get a least 20 Quality entries

I will of course be one of the judges and would prefer at least 2 more.
People who are serious about judging please PM me with a request.

Originally posted by SilverSwallow
contest stuff

Found some things that caught my eye.
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
• length can be only 10 screens max

10 screens in hex or decimal? Be specific.
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
• Only permitted to use one map 16 page

So what you're saying is we can only have either a custom FG, a custom BG, neither, but not both. Am I the only one who sees a fault in this?
Originally posted by SilverSwallow
• Cut scenes do count towards the screen amount

I see no reason for this. Cutscenes barely contribute anything to the level.

Also, are you serious about that prize? And by that I mean are you just going to skimp out on the prize when someone wins with the excuse of "I don't have money for it, sorry!" or something of the like or are you actually going to be SERIOUS about the prize?

Other than those few key things, great idea.
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