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Random's Retarded Quest Collection (First and the Sequel)
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Random's Retarded Quest 1 Remake coming soon!

To a theatre near you

Hey there, everyone!

YES, I HAVE THE PERMISSION TO USE VIP'S GRAPHICS, AND RAOCOW'S GRAPHICS TOO. Please stop complaining about it, as I'm going to ignore you.

Anyone who doesn't know me already - It's-a me, Vanilla Pudding

I was the one (a very masochistic one - if I may add) that created 'Random's Retarded Quest', you may have played it already, you might have heard about it, but that's not the point.

Point is, I've been working on my second hack, the sequel of RRQ (the abbreviation, obviously) and I've finally decided to drop the project, as I'm not having fun hacking SMW anymore.

So I decided to release a demo, beta thingy so any of you who have some serious problems can play it (and possibly even enjoy it).

NOTE: Full credits in the .txt

Random's Retarded Quest

I started the project of random's retarded quest about 4 years ago inspired by VIP&WALL MIX 4, had a lot of people saying it was pretty good, some said it was bad, I ignored everyone and I made my own review about my own first hack and I thought to myself that it was somewhat bad - kind of average - which wasn't the point. Because what I wanted was to make an awesome hack.

The difficulty of the first hack is pretty hard - it's necessary to know some of the most popular SMW bugs, like double grabbing, It's totally possible without slowdown (I know because I've tested it all multiple times, obviously there might be a problem with sprite limitation if you don't do exactly what you're supposed to do.) It's a hack with rising difficulty and near the end it gets pretty crazy.
It's challenging and it's supposed to be played without slowdown with maybe the exception of the last level and another misc level too. (Those would be 'Shogun' and 'Solid 7 Seconds').

About them looks - it's pretty vanilla with VIP graphics, if there's a cuttoff or another that I forgot and any problems with the OW, I'm sorry cause I can't fix it anymore. (Also I didn't make the OW.)

The hack was accepted into SMWCentral's Kaizo hack list but I'm going to repost it here so you guys don't have to look around for it.

Here are some screenshots:


Download link:
Bin file link:'

Random's Retarded Quest - The Sequel - Random Must Die BETA V0.08

This is the reason I made the thread, obviously.
It took me about one year and a half to get to this point in the hack.
As you can see, I was lazy as hell, but that didn't make the levels any worse or something. They are top-notch quality, I really think they're awesome not only in graphical terms but also in ideas and all that kinda stuff.
This hack has a few levels (Not a whole much). Every level is possible without slowdown with the exception of 'Test', as I couldn't play 'Test' without it.
The majority of the levels took DAYS to make - I tried to be as not-repetitive as much as I could (if you get what I mean), I used custom graphics, some made by me, some made by the Vip makers and some made by Raocow. I also selected the music properly as to fit the levels.
What was vanilla had all palettes changed so they would be prettier and stuff.
About the difficulty, it's pretty damn hard, and if you thought the first hack was difficult, then you're gonna alot of problems playing this! (In average, it took me 2 hours to test about every level, some even more.)
I had very few betatesters - I was pretty much alone testing all these levels - since they're very difficult. I had some help from SoulJester - but he was very busy so he didn't help me as much as I wanted him to. The only one that actually beta tested it all was me. I wanted this project to be bigger - I didn't have that many people working with me so it turned out to be pretty dull making pretty much any progress.

I don't think I've anything else to say, thanks to any one that helped
and I hope you all enjoy playing it as much as I did enjoy making it, as I made it all for you guys. A challenging hack with fancy graphics and cool music.

Here are some screenshots of the second hack:


Bin file link:

NOTE: There is one level (the one without name), that's unfinished, by the way levels aren't in order of difficulty, you can go into any level freely as it's a beta overworld. I'm sorry for the simplicity!

If you want to check or preview some levels and stuff you can take a look at my youtube account where I uploaded various videos about the first and the second hack.

[Here you go]


Download it, play it, I hope you enjoy it.

Also, why are you still reading this? You crazy or somethin'?

I've added a Version History txt so you can now know which beta did what; you're supposed to open it with WordPad, by the way.
Thanks to Undefinied3 for playing the hack and reporting the bug so that I could fix it.

If you find any bugs whatsoever, send me a message or something and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

I remember when you sent this hack, it was a nice little (well, not little) hack. Too bad I didn't finish it before the virus. D:

Also you actually got permission to use the VIP graphics? That's pretty cool.

Professional frame-by-frame time wizard. YouTube - Twitter - SMW Glitch List - SMW Randomizer
Looks interesting. I will play it.
... I think the patch for The Sequel is broken...

Edit: Also, for god's sake, use your files, not a Wait (Number) Seconds site!

Good fucking bye.
DON'T use 4shared! That upload site is crap. I once had to wait like 600 seconds.

Also, I'm currently getting "503 Service Unavailable."
I fixed it, also the new link is from my bin file, I'm gonna edit my post right now.
Sorry guys I did a stuped mistake.

New link (Random Must Die):

New link (Random's Retarded Quest):'
Can't wait to see RRQ2 TAS'd. I tried the hack but I could only beat one level "π is for pie."
who did you email to get permission to use vip's graphics. I've been wanting to use the castle enemies for a single level but I never knew who to contact.

I remember when you asked me to beta test RRQ2. It was quite fun. Gonna play RRQ1 whenever I get a bit of time.

Edit: Wtf? No credit? Really?

Editedit: Also, in Read Me dot Jay Peg, it's, not


Warning: Opinions expressed by Lexie or others in this post do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or position of Lexie himself on the matter(s) being discussed therein.

Yoshi's Island Disassembly C3 Thread
SPASM - LevelASM for Yoshi's Island!
Yoshi's Island Disassembly Data Dump Wiki
im so going to tas Random Must Die.

Originally posted by read me dot jay peg
NOTES: Project dropped for now, for no reasons at all, except that MockingGod doesn't let me call him MockingGod,
Apparently it's MockingGod but without CAPS or something.

Sorry for the wait guys...
Sorry DJ Secret, I missed a lot of people in the credits, my memory never was good.
MarioFan22 I can't wait too, but like I've seen, this project isn't having accompaniment, so I doubt that will be various TAS of it.
mockingod =D, I can't wait to see this TAS.
And I would really like to see people TASing this, cause I really want to see my errors and stuff. I would be very thankful to mockingod and other people that would make this.
Well of course I have to do a pre-run before I blindly TAS everything and realize that I messed something up.

But fuuuuu how do I get past the first area in the first level D:

anyways, I loved the look of this hack. Although I did complain about the graphics before, I kinda feel like an idiot since the hack is what matters and this is awsome!

Pudim, I'm sad that you have dropped this hack, it looks awesome... At least, all of our work was not in vain :D

Originally posted by mockingod
Well of course I have to do a pre-run before I blindly TAS everything and realize that I messed something up.

But fuuuuu how do I get past the first area in the first level D:

You need to use cape in the buzzy bettle. When he is in air, jump on him.
Thats a buzzy beetle? I think thats a koopa. But ok I get it now.
Well RRQ was fun, sorry I didn't finish TASing it, I usually don't finish projects..

Anyway, I hope RRQ2 is just as much fun, but without so many breaks..

Done with SMW for a while.
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Man, this hack is hard and cool, filled with creative ideas.
I beated the level Makjang Quality. It took me a lot of hours to pass.
I also beated the Pie level.
Now I'm trying to pass the level Shattering the skies above.

Sorry for the wait, I was gonna teach you how to pass through the level but WOW! You did it by yourself! I'm very proud of you because this level is damn freakin' hard, it took me hours to make/play.

Also Soul Jester has found a error in the level It's a cave story (in the Random's Retarded Quest - The Sequel - Random Must Die), I'm sorry for the people who didn't beat the level because of that error, it's all my fault, I already fixed it and chaged the download links, who wants to give another try in the level, feel free to do so.

Now I have another problem in the level Shattering the skies above.

What I have to do here?

You need a P-Switch to jump over there.
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