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Messed Up Super Mario World - by Brentinitis

Hack Name: Messed Up Super Mario World
Author: Brentinitis
Description:Fun and challenging



Not a real removal reason, but the title screen is almost totally unedited.

I'm not sure everybody agrees, but I think floating Munchers don't look good at all...just pointing that out.

Again, floating Munchers, and this is considered as Kaizo difficulty. If you want to post a Kaizo hack on this site, please do it in this forum, but don't submit it!

I honestly have no clue how to pass this, so I can't even finish the level.

You know, instant deaths right at level start aren't really nice (even if you have a little time to escape).

This really reminds me on level 106...

Kaizo traps aren't accepted at all.

Check out this forum for Kaizo hacks.

Read this!

Watch this!
Hack Name: Messed Up Super Mario World V3,1
Author: Brentinitis
Description: Updated from the original to make it more fun and more fair.

Still a glitchy Kaizo hack. Keep this type of hack to this forum only.

Read the Hack Submission Guidelines.