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Mario and luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 1.5 by Master mario 27

NAME: Mario and luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 1.5
AUTHOR: Master mario 27
This is the demo 1.5 from Mario and Luigi MEGA Adventure 1!!
I Fixed some errors like The climbing net error (When you are big mario you can´t climb the climbing net)
Tested on Snes9x


Firstly, the stars all over the title screen have some extra pixels (from the "[star]96" message that appears next to your file when you get all the exits) that you might want to remove. Secondly, the brown colour of the horizontal pipe doesn't look all that good. And thirdly, this image will help you get rid of the garbage tile that appears during the spotlight effect.

Also, when on the file select screen, one of the stars turns green and flips upside-down. Yoshi isn't allowed to enter Yoshi's house? :V

The perspective on the main island could be better: while the island seems to be completely flat, its height over the sea varies wildly. Also, those small hills in the water don't have a very good palette.

Putting enemies below blind drops isn't very nice of you D:

Tons of slowdown here.

Apart from the pipe issue already pointed out, the muncher also has sort of a bad palette; to be specific, the stem outline doesn't look very good.

Again, lots of slowdown here.

And more bad pipe colouring.

Falling down here sometimes teleports me...

...but most of the time I just land on something that hurts me and then breaks, leaving me to fall to my death. You'd think this would be caught during testing...

This jump is just ridiculously obnoxious for no apparent reason. This kind of precision jumping really doesn't belong in level 1.

This just looks weird, to be honest.

...I can stand on the ledges, but not on the slopes? Way to be consistent.

What's the point of making these three single-coin blocks so annoying to get as big Mario? I don't get it.

Your tree trunks seem to be acting strange: if you throw a sprite into one of them, it floats.

This level really felt kind of uninspired: you jump over some pits and enemies for a couple of screens, throw a block at a Lakitu to steal his cloud, and use it to ride over a larger pit. And that's it.

Is this level supposed to not have a name?

wait what

...oh. So you're making an object from the original game act completely different, and then expect the player to figure this out without any explanation in a situation that kills him if he doesn't? What in the world made you think this was a good idea?

Loads of Charging Chucks here cause loads of slowdown.

Seems like you accidentally the formatting for this message block.

...was this really the message you meant to put here?

So what exactly is the point of this, other than pointing out that you know how to insert custom blocks? They appear in exactly two places in the level, look exactly the same as the normal walls you can't walljump off of, and don't serve any obvious purpose whatsoever.

And, for that matter, what is the point of these sections, other than wasting the player's time?

Nice job creating a passage that is physically impossible for big Mario to get through without taking a hit. You may want to pay attention to those tips that keep appearing below the online users field; one of them tells you to always make sure to test your levels as all forms of Mario, something you obviously didn't.

The Adventures of Major Slowdown - The Return of the Revenge!

Sprite memory issues here: the Wigglers are missing their flowers, and a Goomba just outright vanished.

And finally, you appear to be missing the candle flame generator for the end-of-demo level.

Quite a few issues here; seems like you have your work all cut out for you. While your at it, you may also want to try to improve your level design a bit: from what I saw in this hack, it really isn't all that stellar. And lastly, remember to always test your hack before you release it.
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NAME: Mario and luigi MEGA Adventure 1 Demo 2.0
AUTHOR: Master mario 27
DESCRIPTION: ( This is the demo 2.0 because the older demos were deleted :B )
This is the demo 2.0 from Mario and Luigi MEGA Adventure 1!!
This new version includes:
New palettes
Better level design
And Different music

Enjoy My demo!!!

Deleted the old version!
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Exits done: 45, Overworld: 85%
Play through Taomb Demo 3
Taomb is alive again. For how long I don't know. But it's "only" four more levels to go.