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International SMW Hacking Forum Rules (Updated 2023/09/02)

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Welcome to the International SMW Hacking forum! Bienvenue au forum de hacking de SMW international! A space for you to communicate with other SMW hackers in your native tongue.

About This Forum

This forum, and subforums, exists to provide a space for SMW hackers to communicate with other SMW hackers in languages other than English. Languages that see more activity on the site than others have their own subforums (Deutsch, Português, and Español), and all other languages use threads within the main International SMW Hacking forum itself.

Despite posts not being written in English, this forum, and its subforums, are still moderated just as much as any other forum on the site, so all site rules still apply. These forum rules also apply to all subforums of this forum.

Forum Rules

1. Make sure you understand the language well enough to communicate properly.

Translation tools, for all their usefulness, are not conversation devices. Do not use translation tools to communicate in this forum. If you need a translation tool to make a post in a language for this forum, you shouldn't be making that post.

2. Do not post in other languages, other than the main language of the thread/forum you're posting in.

For example, do not start speaking Japanese in the Português, and so on. Stick to the main language of the thread/forum at all times.

3. This forum is not for speaking in English.

The whole site is dedicated to English-speaking users, apart from this forum. Please be respectful, and do not use this forum to communicate in English. Use the rest of the site instead.

Should you have a question about this forum, please feel free to PM one of the moderators of this forum (listed under the "Moderated by:" section on the Forum Index/subforums).

While we do not offer any non-English-speaking channels on our Discord, there are various non-English SMW hacking communities and Discords linked throughout this forum and subforums.
We have changed the two lines in this thread to actual forum rules to make everything clearer for this forum, and its subforums.
Link Thread Closed