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Why did you pick your name?
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Why did you make you name what it is? And if you've had multiple names, why did you pick those aswell?

I picked my name because it is a spin-off of one of the nicknames I've given myself.


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
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I started out with "Buu-Huu" which is the german name for the Mario enemy "Boo".

Then I changed it to "Buu" and eventually changed it to "Weeabuu", a play on the word weeaboo and my main nick Buu. Inbetween I had a few really silly nickchanges all being somethingBuu variations. Nothing really interesting.
Roy has nothing to do with Roy Koopa - it's a name I formed out of a Touhou name I once saw, Yamaeroxanadu. I figured I'd create a character for myself called Roy Sax a Canadu - in short, just Roy.

This was in June 2008. Back then I was still known as Fuzzyfreak, and I still use it as my alternative nick if Roy doesn't apply - because, as you can see in my new hack thread, I am still a fuzzy freak. xD

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Originally posted by Roy
it's a name I formed out of a Touhou name I once saw, Yamaeroxanadu.

Actually "Yamaeroxanadu" is a lulzy variation of Yamaxanadu. A friend of mine once coded a bot which mixed touhou names giving weird results, and I felt like putting the element of air in Yamaxanadu. I should ask if the code still exists :P

Also, Ersanio came from Ersan + io. At one site I once registered (I think buziol's forums, the creator of Mario Forever) the name had to be longer than x characters. Then I came up with my real name + "io". The "io" probably came from Mario, I don't remember. Nonetheless, I like my name: Ersan I/O, Ersan10tonnes, etc.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
Oh, that's right. I stole it from you because you changed your nick to Yamaeroxanadu on IRC. Never figured the 'aero' part until now when you told it, though. xD

Thanks for clarifying the latter.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Lol, I really did think your name was based of the koopa, Roy. #w{x(}
I' don't think I was alone about that...

Anyways, it started off when me and my brother decided to play World of Warcraft together. He made a Human called Senan. I, being the little brother and always looking up to big bro, chose the name Senjan to clarify to the other gamers that we knew each other.

Not long after that I found out about Youtube (This was long ago!), and decided to make an user there. Ironically, I chose the name Senjan, because I thought it was the way to go. And not many weeks after that I stopped playing WoW and went to other games with other names. I wanted to change name and create a new account but I already had some vids up & even some subscribers. So what the heck, I thought. Lets just go with it. I'd probably learn to like it soon enough.

Now I do :3
My name was originally "manaphy87" waaaaay back when I first registered here in late 2006/ early 2007 (before that time I was a lurker around here) Manaphy was at the time, and still is, my favorite Pokemon. However, later on Tatrion started using the name "Manaphy" on IRC and sometimes on the site, so I decided to change my name to my second favorite Pokemon, Octillery. I used that name for a really long time, sometimes temporarily changing my name to other things like "Parabuzzy," after my favorite Mario creature. (This was back in the days when name changes were a common practice instead of limited to only 1)

Anyway, all that aside, I eventually finally settled on Raibys, the name of one of my main original characters. I first made him up as long ago as 2005, but for some reason I never got the idea to use him as a username until a couple years ago. *shrugs*
My IRL nickname was "Zero". Seeing at that was already taken on here, I simply added the extension of X.

I might request a name change, in the meantime...
When I joined, I was The Hidden Missingno, which I came up off the top of my head to get people to notice my username when I first used it on ROBLOX in IIRC 2008.

Now I'm Dragonite, my personal favorite pseudo-legendary Pokemon (aside from Hydreigon, but that's not important). This name was actually more of an accident than on purpose when an in-joke between me and Ludwig sprouted up on the IRC and I changed my nick to Dragonite. Of course, I never changed it back, but then became better known as Dragonite and decided it was easier to remember than spelling out a long abstract name.


Around six years ago, my friend wanted me to play Warrock with him. My first ever FPS shooter game. I was 13 years old. He told me he made two accounts, Cyphermur8t and Cyphermur9t. So I just picked 9t. After a couple years of playing people were trying to buy my Cyphermur9t account. I kept rejecting their offer because I really like the name. It's unique in my opinion.

My Youtube Channel. 79,000+ subscribers!

My Steam Profile

mayan goddess of suicide. but originally i chose an episode of dexter's laboratory that hated called SightForSoreEyes.


Ludus, TheGamer, this one is simple, I love games, So i thought on... TheGamer, simple as that, though, i also created a character to use as my avatar with the name Ludus Ludicrum, that means in Latin, Gamer, so it is Ludus(character name) TheGamer (Character title). i thought on Ludus name last year, and i don't want to request a name change, so let TheGamer stay.

Like /Everlude
Follow @Ludus.Art

I chose deedeedeechu because 3 or 4 years ago I signed up on Youtube. A comedian(Carlos Mencia)and he pretty much invented the word Dee Dee Dee. He used it when he called someone stupid. the chu part was came from my favorite pokemon years ago, which was pichu. Now I changed to to DDDchu because it's shorter and each individual letter stands for something. I haven't finished what it stands for, but soon.
I picked my username simply because I'm a big Yoshi fan. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

My Hacks:
Mario's Strange Quest V1.6
Yoshi's Inside Story (on hold)
Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3 / V1.3.1 Beta 4.6 / Latest Test Build (Mario & Yoshi's Strange Quests)

Other stuff:
My WIP SMW/SMAS+W disassembly
Yoshifanatic's Discord Server: A place for fans of my stuff and/or Yoshi to chat with others.
My name is based off an old joke that I already explained in another name thread. I've been running with it ever since Christmas Break 2009, when I joined.

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible.” - Salman Rushdie
Originally posted by Ixtab
mayan goddess of suicide.

I was actually wondering about yours a bit. I was looking through my FFXII guide while playing a while back, and saw one of the monsters name was Ixtab.


Also, still alive, just lost in life stuff
last edited March 7th
My original name back last year was HyperShadow32, because I was (or still am) obsessed with Sonic Adventure 2 and found shadow to be the coolest character ever. The hyper was added on because that's what shadow was commonly called in his super form. And 32 is just my favorite number. That name was actually from quite a while before smwc, when I was in an SSBB clan called Clan World Legends. Either way, I kept the name (5280 was actually the ending for it back then because of the last 4 digits of my friend code) for a while. Then after my wipe (the time my mom wiped everything off my account and stole my computer for a portion of the summer) I decided to start somewhat fresh with a new name. I'd already contemplated the name before, and I felt HyperShadow32 was a bit too... noobish, for lack of better word. Around this time was when the forums were down after the takeover, in retrospect not the best time to change one's name. I thought about a few variations of the name, such as NightZephyr or other variants. Eventually I settled for Zephyr. Now, where I'd gotten the name from was from playing Pokemon Crystal as a child and getting the Zephyr Badge. I'd looked up its meaning: a breeze or the west wind. I really love wind, so the name is fitting. Its not the most unique name but oh well. Because of that, I used the variant MoonlightZephyr for Minecraft and a couple other places. It's a bit long, so I thought I should shorten it to LunaZephyr or ZephyrMoon or something.

And that's my story ~

I've realized this was outdated.
It was only two months ago today that I was sitting at the register screen, having no idea what I would put as the username. I'd use my usual nickname, but I'd rather not let my parents know I'm here. I thought through a few until I thought of using something from SMW - specifically, a secret exit. And thus, The Secret Exit was born.

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
My first name was The Albatross. It's one of my nick names IRL. My friend gave it to me, because it sounds like my real name.

My second name, Tom Servo, was picked, because he's my favorite robot from MST3K.

My current name, Nocturne, is the latest character released in League of Legends who is a living nightmare. By far, he has the best character design in the game.

I picked Mario's Hat because i like it.It's simple and his colour is my favourite,red.
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