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SMW The Eradication of Bowser: CLOSED

Link Thread Closed


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Hi everyone! I has recently released my new demo of SMW Xtreme Edition! The old demo had a bunch of glitchy stuff going on, and I fixed as much as I could find. So this new one is a lot better than my original demo! The demo is located in My Files. Hope you guys like it! And please give me any feedback, and tell me about problems that you find in it. Thanks!

EDIT: Here are some screenshots on my flickr account:[email protected]/?saved=1

EDIT: I have renamed the hack SMW: The Eradication of Bowser!

GvS ~ u:11380
Screenshots? Well, from what I can say the name is pretty... Unoriginal?
It's nice to hear your hack has been released, but you definitely should provide some screenshots about it (and a link leading to your hack would be handy as well). You have 24 hours to update your first post with some screenshots, it shouldn't be hard at all.

This is the file for My Hack, here you go guys, have fun!

Hey everyone, just updating my thread. I have renamed my hack "SMW:The Eradication of Bowser!". Also I have completely redesigned the OW! I have also inserted more custom sprites, and custom music. And I have fixed some of the stupid glitches, like when only a few sprites would appear in Shyguy Cave, which was really annoying. But anyways the newer version is uploaded in MY FILES. Here is a link to it:

P.S. The newest one is called "NEW SMW The Eradication of Bowser!" If you go to my files instead of using this link.

... Eradication? XD

Anyways, might play it when I get home from vacation.
Good fucking bye.
Haha, yeah, I tried to make the name more original than "SMW Xtreme Edition" because that is just plain. Still working on the name, thought this new name would be good ATM lol.

Lol'd, anyway looks good!
This is an OK hack. Your level design is not bad. There are some issues that need to be fixed.

The Goal Post creates cutoff in the tree, just move it to the right. Easy fix.

The path looks cutoff the way it goes into the tree.

Cutoff rope and wrong corner tile. You used the bottom row of Lunar Magic which is not visible in game. Also, the Munchers look weird on top of the Bullet Shooters.

There is a better way to join up the ground. Use tiles 1E2 and 1E5.

Cutoff pipe and FOUR silent Bullet Bills.

I can see what you are trying to do here but the way it is done looks cutoff.

I know you gave a message about this but if you are going to do a P-Switch puzzle like that then provide the player with a reset door so that they can try again if they mess up.

Cutoff above and below the pipe. Just extend the floor to the left. For the top, insert the corner tile and add the ceiling. Note that the corner tile acts blank for some reason. Just set it to act like tile 130.

Ummm... wrong message. The Switch message uses the same text as in Message Block 1. Put this text in block 2 and insert the usual Switch Palace message in block 1. Also, make sure the Special Message is set for the right level. Go to Overworld -> "Change Special Message Levels..." The Yellow Switch here uses level 139 so change the Yellow Switch drop-down box to Level 139.

Yoshi Coin on boundary line. Press F2 in Lunar Magic and make sure that the Coin is not overlapping any of the green lines.

Cutoff. Either insert the top of the wood under the shooter or use the standard Bullet Shooter graphics.

What's the point of these 2 coins? If I collect them then Mario falls to his death. Remove these.

The Torpedo Ted skull blocks create cutoff in the ground. I know Nintendo did this in the original SMW but it just doesn't look good. Also, I found this underwater level a bit boring.

Really bad slowdown here.

Cutoff where the water meets the pipe.

The event above Mario creates cutoff in the cliff.

Slight cutoff where the lava meets the corner tile.

When I enter this pipe the game crashes. Did you use Podoboos (fireballs) or fish in the next room? If you did then ENABLE SPRITE BUOYANCY otherwise the game will just crash.
Dang, I hate it when I forget things like enabling sprite buoyancy. It makes the gaming a lot less fun for the player, and I feel bad about that. I really need to keep an eye on that kind of stuff a lot more often. But anyways, I'm probably going to release another Demo(a more updated version) on Sunday. Sorry you couldn't view the hack past that point, because the excellency of the hack starts to come out at about Castle #2, which is King Thwomp's Castle. There always seems to be an error generally around the beginning of the hack, which this should be the area I should be paying more attention to, which I am going to correct most likely starting today. Again, I am sorry about this inconvenience, Hopefully after I correct these mistakes, they will be the last to deal with in the beginning of this hack. Stills burns me how I can forget simple things like that..

Hey! Just updated my status on my hack "SMW The Eradication of Bowser!". I have completed Worlds 1-3, and I am currently working on World 4. There are going to be 6 Worlds, and one bonus World. I'm going to be updating this post in about an hour with pictures of World 4. World 1 is a mix of almost all of the Worlds to get you ready, World 2 is water and sky based levels, World 3 is mostly YI based, World 4 is the Ice World (which is where custom really gets serious :D ), World 5 is Forest/Ghost based, World 6 is Bowser's Domain, and I am still deciding on what to make the Bonus World, I was thinking Candy and Dessert based.

But that is where I need other people to step in. What do you think I should base the Bonus World on? If you come up with a different Idea than Candy/Dessert based Levels, and I choose your Idea, I will add you to the credits.

Well anyways, since I finally found out how to seriously customize my levels with ExGFX, it is going to take a load of time and work to finish this hack. I really like making a different look, but still having the original Mario touch. I mean this is a SMW hack lol. But I do admire other people's hacks where they completely redisgn the hack, like a Megaman based, or Yoshi based, those are pretty cool. But anyways I am getting a bit of topic here, and thanks advance for your ideas, opinions, and criticism!

EDIT: I also fixed all of the problems located in the above pictures, thanks for showing me about those problems!

Here are some screenshots of World 4 submap and 4-2.

The submap!

Oh gah a chain chomp!!


Cool Background, huh?

The hole of DEATH!

The Lakitu kinda blended in with the Background...

GvS ~ u:11380
I beg you, please, please, PLEASE change the overworld palette and the level palette. I think I'm blind now.

But the level design looks decent.
Haha, yeah I think it should be a bit darker. I tried to make it looked very icy, but I guess that was too light. In a little bit I'm going to post pics of "Artic Pathway" here, I would like some feedback on those pics too if you guys wouldn't mind doing so :) The names of the levels in World 4 are Icy Switch Path, Frozen Cavern, Artic Pathway, Slippery Cliffs, Frosty Plains, and I am still trying to think of names for the Ghost House and Castle. Tell me what you think of the names too, thanks!

Alright! Here are some pics of the level "Artic Pathway":

Shhh, he's hiding...

Oh no, someone save that Shyguy!

Block Hoppin'

Mama mia, that's a BIG Mushroom!

Alternate path to a 1-UP.

End of the level!

I also have a second part of the level I am making for that, which is accessible through a pipe. I'm going to use YI sprites with this level too :D

Status Bar has a bad palette. You could try edit's Sprite Status Bar so that the colours don't get messed up.

Also, the background is very bland and I see that the crystals don't fade out correctly. Either apply the Fade Fix patch or use Lunar Magic 1.8+

And about 4-2. Sorry, but that palette is just puke. Make smooth gradients with by holding down Alt and right clicking on the first colour you want to change and then Alt + Right click on another colour to create a smooth gradient.
Besides those palettes, most everything looks ok. some of your level design looks kind of..meh. But not really bad or anything (I am not so great at level design myself, believe me) Its good that you gave an alternate path for the player, you should always have more areas or paths for almost, if not all, the levels you use.

P.S. That level with the Chainchomp looks really good so far! just change the blues and such maybe to something like a faded grey or maybe white but try not to keep it too bright. If it hurts your eyes, even only a little, tone it down until it looks good and natural.

keep up the good work :D
Thanks! I changed 4-2 to some darker stuff, so it won't be as blinding haha. But I haven't been working on it this weekend because it was my nephew's birthday (he's 7! damn time flies!), but I am going to continue work probably tonight because I have nothing else to do, except watch Family Guy. But tonight I am going to be filling the YI level with sprites and an alternate path. Then I will post an updated demo, and new pics. Hope you guys will like the newer version better!

EDIT: Apparently, on the level "Sea Lava Pit" even though I enabled sprite buoyancy it still crashes... I fixed that now, but tonight I will not be releasing a newer version of the demo because I have found some more major glitches which really need to be fixed. Also I added a background to "Artic Pathway" finally, credit to Frozen Mario 2009. But anyways, here are some new pics of the level "Artic Pathway"!:

A simple background :D

Parakoopas and the Background.

I like the YI pipes a lot, they are pretty cool.

Just a pic of the YI pipe, and a bit of the BG.

Give me some thoughts on this BG, is it too bland? Or is it good for this level?

GvS ~ u:11380
That BG is pretty bland and needs some work IMO. Also, a bit more sprites in your level would look better =)
Yeah, I do need to update the background, looks pretty bland. Also I just got finished with adding the sprites and completed the alternate pathway in the level :D Also I need a background for the Ice world castle... Does anybody have any suggestions of a BG for me that could use??

Slash Mans SMB3 castle BG would be nice if you added a custom palette thats icy looking. hope he doesnt mind me putting a link 0_o
Alright, thanks for the BG recommendation! I will be updating this post with pictures of the Ice castle. I still haven't really decided a name for the castle yet, but the boss is going to be a Mouser. I really like designing castles, I can never wait to get to them haha.

Alright, so I am adding some pictures of "Frosty Plains". Yes I said I was going to post pictures of the Ice Castle, but I haven't gotten to that yet, so I am posting these instead. Please give your full opinions, thanks!

Beginning of the Level.

Try to make it across!


Brr, chilly...

Alternate Pathway (Not Finished!)

Hope this level looks good so far!

EDIT: Credit to Ripperton-X for the BG! Just had to put that in there :D

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Link Thread Closed