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animal crossing

post stuff about it
my towns name is darkland I only need to pay like 500,000 more bells I get like 90,000 points from the HRA
I have nookingtons
and I almost have every fish and insect.
I tried to play AC, but it was too RPGish for me, it was OK, though.
For the GC Version, I lost my memory card, but almost had everything.

For AC:WW, I have one house upgrade left, make the big house! But then I lost interest, now it's just sitting on my shelf. I have almost no bugs, and not alot of fish. Yeah. Fun game while it lasts, hope the Wii comes out with one, so I can do it again.
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full museum,all bug and fish,i have nookington,big house,full super mario bros set,and i mansion on the little island :)
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I don't have a gamecube, and i can't find a translation of animal forest for the n64. Its animal crossing, but it only comes in japanese.

I tried playing the game once but i never understood what the story or plot of the game was. so eventually i just stopped playing.
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It has no story or plot, just like the sims. Its just fun.

It is Pretty fun, although it's Kinda hard to hit your neighbors with the axe.
I just found this out recently, but....



There's an Animal Crossing movie.

Yaaaa... It even has the game music in it and is a pretty good representation of the game. And f*** ya at the guy dressed as a Ninja! Because my Wild World character is dressed as a ninja XD I haven't actually seen the whole thing though, so I have no idea what to expect in the long run.

Oh, and my AC for the GC game had full debt paid off with a full museum except for 2 bugs, an awsome house with like 7 NES games, and some kick-ass (and some not as cool) designs. My WW game has less than half of that and is nowhere near full completion. I do have nothing but kick-ass designs though. Like a 2x2 design grid of a Yoshi's Island yoshi with baby mario. I also created my own ninja garb, and even made a SMB3 desert OW design with the tree, a vertical path, and a rock, and mario next to a goomba from SMB1.
I have 1 word to add to the title.

May we meet again outside the battlefield.
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I have 1 word to add to the title.