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Level Testing
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Agie, your level was really good. The only thing I'd recommend changing is maybe removing the chuck that's at the start of the third section of the level. It was really annoying and it was responsible for many deaths. Other than that, good job!

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2dareduck: One of the only things that seemed weird to me was the fact that I could climb down from some platforms onto rope, but not others. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with how this level has turned out. Did you change the ice cream cone graphics? Somehow they look better now.

Also, I don't know if this is intended, but you can still take the life preserver out of the underwater section. I'm not really worried about players carrying them around, though- it's just that, even without the life preservers, the level has a few places with slowdown.

I would like to hear other opinions about whether 2dareduck does a good job of introducing things like the outline blocks and the drop-through platforms/rope climbing. Does everything feel intuitive, or should 2dareduck make the introductions more explicit? That's not really something I can answer on my own, so I'd appreciate other viewpoints. Personally, I think it's more or less fine apart from the first comment I made above.

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Keep in mind that this is my first time playing the level since the first version, and I'm willing to agree with AxemJinx. It has turned out very nicely done - perhaps just a tad on the easy side overall, but I still got killed once, so it still had a slight challenge to it.

My thoughts on the ropes-to-platforms? Include some sort of message box that says you can climb down them. When I got to the wall with the two blue cannons, I was stuck on figuring out how to proceed until I accidentally pressed down on the rope. If you didn't climb one earlier in the level, this wouldn't be immediately obvious and you'd basically be stuck guessing.

Here are my shortened thoughts:

-Great level overall, but as AxemJinx said, more of an "introduction" to the rope concept would be nice.
-Slowdown DOES occur in some spots (usually in areas with tank oversaturation), but this happened rarely for me.
Originally posted by AxemJinx
One of the only things that seemed weird to me was the fact that I could climb down from some platforms
onto rope, but not others.

I was treating them like pipes. Some you can you in others you can't. Plus i use some of the ropes for
decoration and if you were to climb down it would just look weird.

Originally posted by AxemJinx
I don't know if this is intended, but you can still take the life preserver out of the underwater section.

*goes and tests*
Oh i so LOLed. It's easy to fix.

Originally posted by S.N.N
My thoughts on the ropes-to-platforms? Include some sort of message box that says you can climb down them

Personally i hate message boxes that tell the player what to do. like where is this magical "tip" box coming
from and who is saying it? I want the level to flow smooth with out any type of "hey when you see such and such do this" it takes the fun out of experimenting with the level.
When i played SMW i never read those boxes i just figureed out myself what i was sopposed to do and it was more fun. Later when you relize how it's done you'll want to replay the level for the
sake exploreing new things you missed. To make a long story short i'll just introduce it better.

Originally posted by AxemJinx and S.N.N
Stuff about slow downs

Nothing that can't be fixed.

Also i did fix up the Ice Cream Cone. Thanks.

Originally posted by SNN
It has turned out very nicely done


I tested the level.

- the major issue you will notice when you just start the level is that there ar many lines in the background and checkered foregrounds, they will hurt the player's eyes (the checkered forground is hard to notice, they seem to create some kind of blur which I can really see.)

- a quick thing, it MAY be better to move the koopa to the second ledge, but its not that important.

- fix up the third ledge, there is a spike there and a chargin' chuck behind it, which will kill you easily, especially because no power ups were added yet.

- you place some spikes on the grounds on spaces to jump to.

- most of the enemies are just koopas and chucks, in fact, it is lacking in a variety and amount of enemies (especially part 2).

- screen A is an infinite 1up spot, unless it is supposed to be a cool trick, you might want to fix it.

- around screen E is very eye searing, espcially becuase of that blur in the forgound I mentioned earlier.

- The level does seem just a bit long because I thought part 2 was where it would end and I saw where the midway was. It would only be a problem for repay value and since this conatins a lot of stages. But that is just me, I guess.

Overall, the level seemed interesting for abstract, but there is just some stuff to be fixed. It also wolud seem a bit easy because there is not realy that much enemies but there are lots of angles and then pits and spikes. This I belive needs more action. The angles, too, stand out from the P switch part at screen 11 - 16.
Level 130 - World 8 - Mechanical Cave.

Your layout has been removed.
The First World Castle Level

Please excuse the cut-off in the first part, I'm going to replace it with something else.
I'll do Jorshamo's tomorrow. I did the grass/industry castle right now, so I'll offer my thoughts on that.

Let me say right away that I am quite pleased with this level overall. This is my first time playing it, but I know you have already made updates and such, and you have done quite well. The split paths are executed very cleverly - I especially like how one goes over the others, and how some obstacles even intermix (such as the Thwomps near the end of the upper path). The length and difficulty are spot-on for the most part - I do hope that you'll throw a midpoint in before the boss once we get it in.

Anyway, I have a few questionable screenshots to post. Sorry for the BMPs, but they're small enough that it shouldn't make much of a difference (I'll actually remember to switch my image format to PNG tomorrow).

Is it just me, or am I missing how to get this SMWC Coin? Falling down the pit simply leads to my death, which seems a little cheap.

I assume the intended solution here was to bring a throw block and hit it. It's possible (and easy) to hit the turn block by simply running off this platform and jumping. Might want to raise that block up a tile or shift the platform back a bit.

It's actually quite difficult to reach that platform before the Thwomp hits you. Perhaps you could move the Thwomp back two tiles and reshape that little portion of the level.

Other than that, I'm satisfied with this level. It's much, much better than SMWCP's first castle was in that both the difficulty AND the design are up there in quality. Good work - I'll let others offer their thoughts as well.
Going to test those 2 to soon...

World 1 Castle: Everything is said by S.N.N. already

Level 130:

Please, remove this funny... thing. Forgot his name

Your layout has been removed.
A Patch of what i have currently for my level

I would make a video... but something is going on with the screen recorders...

Some things i'm currently working on that isn't in the level yet:
• Better Cave bonus room/Palette for cave
• Secret exit room
• Background
• Need to find a way to make it so that you don't end up stuck if the Omb-Bomb dies...
• Everything is always up for change, as long as i see it convenient for the level
• Waiting for the next update to fix some minor palette problems with the Omb-bomb blocks, since they are currently using Mario's palette.
Ended up playing losoall's instead since someone already hit Jorshamo's (sorry!).

Your design is a little questionable, especially for level 2 of all things. The way you use the girders is fine in general, and I rather like the Bob-Omb block gimmick, but the level itself lacks a real progression. As far as I can tell, the first instance of said blocks is at the SMWC coin (in which you need to drag a springboard from later back a ways, which I'm not sure I agree with either). It IS a good idea, but it needs to be introduced and executed better, especially if you're going to do it this early in the game.

Here are some screenshots.

Don't really see the point of it/like it. It'll either act as a blind trap if you try and go up, or the Bob-Ombs will simply walk off the edge.

The block's palette is red. I'm assuming this is simply because you altered Mario's palette to work with the blocks (I've actually changed their palette in the latest base ROM if I recall, so it might be worth check it out).

This part is tight + a little too hard for level 2.

This is the first instance of these blocks. No sort of introduction or obvious way to break them is given. I found out accidentally at a later time.

You could have added text to these so we can test, you know (and in fact, I'd recommend doing so once you update your level again).

I'm beginning to think we should insert a Bob-Omb generator into the ROM (or you should put reset pipes in each of these areas). In this particular case, even putting a 16x16 block at the end of that platform to block the Bob-Omb from falling would work.

Too hard to dodge these. I'd just extend each platform.

Kind of hard to blow these up.

Overall thoughts:
-There is some quality design here, but the level is lacking a real sense of progression.
-Tight spaces here and there which are a little inappropriate for the second level.
-Introduce the Bob-Omb block gimmick in a more reasonable way.

That's all.
Thank you SNN.

I do not think we would need to take up a space of a generator sprite just for Omb-bombs (unless it is usable by others), as for everything else. I'm making changes


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by S.N.N.

Kind of hard to blow these up.

Not really. Just get a little height then kick it straight up when the Bob-omb begins to explode.

I moved them to the front of the pipe now. (now only 2)

The idea was that it slowly moves out of the factory theme, since the next main level seems to have no factory tiles.
Good start even though there are a few places with slow down now and then. Some places
over use factory tile set that i get confused on where to go and where i can stand that i end up falling
in lave or hit a wall which will lead me to the lava.

Also does it seem that most levels are using the on/off blocks a bit to much? They'll be the
new "p-switch/spring board babysitting gimmick" pretty soon.


Good levels don't need them, although a small one every once in awhile is fine
Yes, the things I'm worried about are on/off blocks, parallel paths, and sprite set overusage (though I'm fuzzy on that last one). We should keep an eye on anything that gets too common.

Jorshamo, I'll try to elaborate later, but I think your level might have dominant strategy issues (i.e. one path being clearly easier than others), and I think the layout is complex without rewarding players for exploration per se.

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Posting from my level thread
Originally posted by Bloop
I have an update!
Here is it. This time, there's no image, because there's an surprise at the 2nd room.

Also, I didn't inserted the blocks at the end of level 7A yet, so you can't go further there. You still would take look if you get what the puzzle is, and look if I have to replace some things.

And I didn't fix the first muncher row problem yet AxemJinx, I'm waiting on a block for that.

EDIT: And note that I fixed the "Purple" Triangle who doesn't work (don't have anything above there), and the pipe that leads to the beginning of level 7A in place of the place of the midway point. Whaha, double words.

EDIT 2: AND the glitched On/Off animation *sigh*

Your layout has been removed.
In the start the mushroom should be a little easier to get. It takes me about 6 jumps just to get up there.
Those two muncher hops are not all that interesting. Replacing them with enemies is a better idea.
Also i don't see how the transition from outside carnival to factory makes any sense. I think
you should just keep it all carnival.

I want to changing the entrance to the factory later. BTW, I think it was intended that Norveg built factory's all over the worlds...

Your layout has been removed.
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