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Level Testing
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Originally posted by Bloop
Isn't it "funniest" instead of "funnest"?

Just a minor addition; it's "most fun", if I am correct.

I'll play the level now, and edit this post when I'm done.
Edit: playthrough finished

-Any reason why I can't go through this floor onto the rope? Yeah, I know it's not needed, but consistency, man.

-Disable the Global palette ExAnimation field here. It gives off a ugly yellow shine when the coin is primarily green.

-I found this SMWC coin to be very easy to get. At least, easier than the other two by a whole lot.

aran - Graces of Heaven
I think all 3 are possible (I used google translate, cuz that works right with words. Mostly.)

Your layout has been removed.
Funniest comes from funny, while funnest is an incorrect form. Most fun is the one we're looking for.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
Originally posted by SNN
The bottom row of empty pixels is visible here...
...but it's not as visible as this! (bottom right)

How did i miss that!

Originally posted by SNN
This part could benefit from a strategically-placed diagonal bullet shooter. It's a bit easy.

Will do.

This part could also benefit from one to make it a bit more challenging. Perhaps you could put one on the platform next to the pipe?

Harder you say? *evil laugh* I'll try.
Originally posted by Lightvayne
The only issue I had was at the very beginning. I took me a few seconds to figure out that I could climb down the rope with hanging life preserver. Is there some way to make this more noticeable?

I'm pretty sure people will realize what to do in < a few seconds.

@Bloop, Guess i wasn't thinking about architecture while designing. Pretty easy fix. Also Goolge said that Funnest is a word and it shall stay.

Originally posted by GN
Any reason why I can't go through this floor onto the rope? Yeah, I know it's not needed, but consistency, man.

I like to think that they act like pipes. Some you can go down while others you can't.
Palette animation is an easy fix. I'll see what i'll do with that SMWCP coin.

Thanks everybody!!#w{=P}
So, I got down to business today and scrapped the second half of my secret exit... then I got down to business again and made a new one! What does this mean? Well, it means you fine people now have something that I created for your testing pleasure, to test. Without spiralin' completely out of control into the fiery, brimstone-addled depths of Hades, I will end my message with a link to said content.

Level 007 (1-5 on the overworld)


I lied, I ain't done yet. Hades, here we come!

Some notes about this level of mine to consider when sharpenin' your axes:

1) I am totally aware of the messed up graphics on a few types of blocks (solid when Blue P-switch is on, and solid when on/off switch is OFF, and one of my own special types of blocks, the enemy disintegrator). I just decided to put up something to test with some fairly dodgy graphics, rather than holding off any longer for eye candy.

2) the useless bomb thrower will become more meaningful once I get around to throwing some graphics over the surroundings.

3) I think that might be it, actually! Just be honest in your thoughts as you encounter anything you find to be problematic or in need of change.

Thanks for your time and effort!
I really enjoyed the level, and from what I saw it looked great. I am presuming the message box is about the ending part when you have to run with the fountains and jump and the end, which I rather enjoyed. I enjoyed the fountain gimmick as well, or whatever they are called. It reminded me of a real builiding site.

You didn't have access to any slopes, and without them the land can get flat and boring, but you made it work without them. Good job!
Vic Rattlehead: Amazing work on this level. I think it easily will be one of the best levels in the entire hack, or at least one of the most fun ones. I'm glad there's no time limit, because I loved screwing around with the gas leaks and exploring every corner of the level, and spent a lot of time doing so as well. Oh, and the secret exit room was hilarious. Seeing original enemies bounce around/fly at high speed was really amusing to watch. ^^
Aside from the aforementioned notes about things that need to be fixed, I encountered major slowdown at some parts, more specifically screen 08, 0B and 10/11. The left midway point bar had an odd color(pink) as well.

As a side note, the first part of the secret exit room felt a little unnecessary. While it's great fun to bounce along on the wooden platform, there's no real danger for a good three screens, but if you stand on the platform, you've got three green Paratroopas that are quite hard to dodge. Maybe you should redesign/tweak this part?

aran - Graces of Heaven
Each time I end up with a favorite level (GeminiRage's, Milk's), someone comes along and really blows me away. Not only is this level utterly hilarious (really, seeing that key fly along just made my day for whatever reason), it's also incredibly well designed and well thought-out. My only complaint is that the Spiny right before the midway point (below the second SMWC coin) tends to walk off to the right. You might want to entrap him, or even put a vent so that he'll bounce over and become a threat from the right side as well. The message box near the end is empty too.

...oh, and if I may make one other suggestion: would you possible be able to use the third grass/industry track (Jimmy's, the upbeat one) rather than Kadyastar's? The only reason I'm asking it because I didn't really feel it fit with the hectic vent atmosphere, and .. well, quite a few other world 1 levels are using it already.

Other than that .. yeah, I have to say, this is a fantastic job you've done here, which I honestly totally expected. You actually built the level around your gimmick, and it paid off in the end. Once you fix up the graphics, and make whatever changes you want, feel free to send it my way for insertion into the base ROM. might want to whip up a level name too.
I thought launching the key at light speed would be a nice touch! Changing the music would be no problem; I got pretty caught up in nitpicking and actually kinda forgot all about the music... whoops! I'll give a few enemies the sack and fix up the slowdown, start working on some more graphics, and we'll see what happens then! Thanks for the kind words, all.
Young man, would you DIRECTLY send those blocks to S.N.N. so that he can insert them so that I use them in my level!

Your layout has been removed.
Absolutely! I'll take down notes of which block goes in which slot, package 'em up, and hand 'em to the boss before the day is over!
I'm a little late to the party here, but I just have a few minor nitpicks:

-The vent to the secret path activates when the on/off block is in the "off" position.
-It's possible to grab the key before it starts flying, which is something I'd rather not see happen, so perhaps you could lower the key so it starts flying earlier (or something equivalent)?
-It's possible to grab the last smwcoin from the right by just jumping from the edge of the ledge. Maybe that was intentional, but I like the other method a lot better, and I wonder if it should be the only method.

But yeah, I think it's safe to say this level just four-stocked the project, so it's time for the rest of us to step up our game ;p The way your vent blocks turn old enemies into new contraptions is delightful, whether it's seeing a koopa flying out of a shell over several vents or a berserk diagonal fireball. I'm looking forward to what other designers make of these vents in later worlds.

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
Those are all totally legitimate concerns to me! Thanks very much for reinforcing some of my own thoughts (which I purposely left out to see if others had similar thoughts without my influence)!

I'm not sure if I should recode and resubmit the on/off one to work when the switch is ON, and set the switch to OFF on level load, or if I should just try to skate by on graphically altering the on/off switch for this level, but forcing it to make sense should not be too much trouble either way!

I've since altered the key segment to slow down the player's advance enough to have to really try to snatch the key before it makes its rounds, so consider the issue resolved!

I have removed that foot stool block, forcing the extra path to be a requirement for the final coin. Well, maybe not forced; I think it's still possible to snatch it up when you're big and do some creative running, but if you're that skilled, you kinda deserve it I think!

Hopefully these changes are enough to consider the project JV five-stocked (Well, once I come up with a background... I sort of have an idea already, so maybe I should throw in a request with concept art, and see if any of the brilliant artists here can assist me! I know you lovely folks know your way around YY-CHR pretty well! (Hey, my posts are starting to resemble Zeldara's, with all these parenthesis!))

Also, the pink midway point is a product of changing the unappealing blue squares (during the period I lacked vent graphics) to a more pretty color that I happen to like very much. It has actually come to grow on me, though if it sticks out that much, I'll set it back!
I've been accepting levels into the base ROM that don't have backgrounds. It obviously makes it easier if you can snag one yourself (and more useful, since designers can share said backgrounds), but it's not an absolute requirement. People have already expressed interest in drawing BGs once most of the levels are done, so if all else fails, we can wait it out.

Just throwing that out there. Don't stress out too much if you can't come up with anything right now.

Final version maybe?
Layout by LDA during C3.
I think all the major issues I had have been addressed- it's looking pretty polished now to me. I do have one random suggestion, which is that it might be interesting to have a section like screen 15 in level 59, except without the throw blocks, so Mario has to climb up with a bunch of small jumps. I leave it up to you whether to implement something like that, but I bring it up because I don't think that aspect of the stage has been fully explored yet. Otherwise, good work.

Youtube (Main) | Youtube (Alt) | Bandcamp | DeviantART
The level was great! It was very fun to play through, the gimmick was well executed and the SMWC coins were hid well, and you had to explore a lot to find them.
However, I found a lot of areas which had major slowdown:

And the midway point and a pair of note blocks in a bonus area:

Furthermore, the goal was bugged, and the goal didn't function properly.

I don't know if these issues are already known/a product of using a old base ROM/whatever, but there you go.

aran - Graces of Heaven

All the slowdown issues should be fixed when SNN inserts the fastrom patch, which I don't think will be done until the end.

I accidentally uninstalled the goal roulette and other sprites with I reinserted the newer version of the throw block generator. The issue will be fixed once its inserted in the main base.

The midpoint I believe looks like it was overwritten in the main base, but I'll look into it a bit more

@Axem: Not a bad idea. I may just use that. ;) I'll play around with it a bit and get something out by tomorrow...
Layout by LDA during C3.

As promised:
Final version (again)

Fixed the mid-way point gfx. The overwrite was an problem I made. :P
Fixed the Green Block palette
Fixed the Bounce Block Palette
Extended the last part of the level to include an area like Axem described (although you can still actually pass this area with a throw block if your quick enough. :P)

Anyways Enjoy so I can submit it to SNN.
Layout by LDA during C3.
I have 2 screenshots, but I don't need to want to upload and post them.

The midwaypoint misses tile 35 (bit nitpicky actually).
The goal roulette... just falls.

Your layout has been removed.
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