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Level Testing
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Okay, agie777. I've tested your level. I know you fixed most of the flaws. But there's one thing.

I can't get into the pipe as I got or lost a key (not shown) or had Yoshi.

Overall, this level is great.

Layout by piranhaplant.
Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
Random note regarding linking to the middle of a YouTube video: This should work.

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap (demo 3)
Could someone please test my level?
The ips is in my files, and the level-to-be-tested is 1-4.

SNN edit: link for convenience.

AnybodyAgrees edit: The file is now deleted, as a newer version exists.
Thank you for making Outrageous Mario World the 11th most downloaded hack on the site!

Ham Sandwich progress: v1378 (Now with more arbitrary version numbering than ZGC!) Waiting to get around to working on it again.

I occasionally stream ROM hacks on Yoshi Lighthouse's Twitch account. Be sure to check it out!

Layout by Counterfeit.
Just tested it, and I gotta say, it's nice for a preliminary design, but it seems...short. Like, really short, even for world 1. I know SNN and the other higher-ups told you guys to make the earlier levels short and easy, but it's still okay to make this level a bit more immersive.

It seems a bit empty in a few parts as well. It is possible to keep a level easy enough while still adding enough features to keep the level seeming busy...if that makes sense at all. Be sure and add some coins here and there, as well as some ? Blocks (was there a powerup in there at all?). Plus, don't forget to indicate where the three SMWC Coins will go in the future by adding square groups of 4 purple coins where you want them to be.

Still, I like that you added a few secrets in the level that take decent effort to find, and your introduction to the concept of P-Switches was executed rather efficiently. I actually thought that one part with the On/Off switch was kinda clever. Just flesh out the level concept a bit more and it should end up pretty great.

Oh, one more thing, I love that you made a sunset BG palette for the level, but you might wanna consider also editing the FG palette, or even use a different grass FG set to set your level more apart from W1-1, visuals wise.
I would think that the feed back from testing would go in the same thread that the person signed up for the level in.

If this one thread will be used to give feed back on multiple levels, its going to be very hard to keep up with all of the posts.

I think each level should get its own feed back thread.

Your layout has been removed.
Each level already has its own thread. From what I gathered, this was supposed to be sort of like a level clearing type thing, but I don't know really.

If this isn't for that, then we probably need a level clearing thread.
This is essentially the level clearing thread, yes. Once the people here approve of the level, it will be forwarded to FirePhoenix and myself for final testing and insertion.

The level threads are there for progress updates.
AxemJinx: Thank you for all that information. I'll give it another try now that I know all this.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.

Just tested the level. I have a few comments that would make the level a bit better.

Good things about the level:

1. For a World 1 Level, the Nipper thing seems to be a pretty neat challenge. I assume an SMWCP coin is going to be in there.
2. I love how falling down the pit brings you to a secret area.
3. The sunset background is great.

Things that could be changed a bit:

1. The level looks pretty empty. I think adding a few coin trails and "?" blocks throughout the level would make it a bit more interesting. Specific areas include the beginning, the area with the triangle blocks, and the midpoint.
2. Add more of a variety of enemies. It seemed odd just seeing a Splittin' Chuck/Charlie at one point of the level. I think one (A bouncing one) should be guarding the goal. I think there should also be another Bullet Bill Blaster as well.
3. For a World 1 level, this is too hard (Picture is below). The jump timing seems to be very hard and along with the "rush" of reaching the "ON/OFF" switch without falling down makes the job harder than it should be. I think adding two more "?" blocks could make this part seem a bit easier.
4. Too short of a level. I know it's a World 1 Level but it just needs an extension. Probably like something else interesting between the Blue/Red Block and the goal area.

I hope my feedback was useful. :)
It's good to see you're accepting criticism and willing to improve, agie. It's especially important to me because, well, I made the tileset, and I'd like to see it used in the best way possible. :P

One more graphical thing, by the way: Most of your platforms are missing the supporting tile on the right, which makes the whole thing look kind of unbalanced. Here's some fancy ASCII art to help me expain:

     |   |
     |   |
     |   |
  \ \|   |/ /
   \ |   | /  <-- This diagonal thing right there
    \|   |/
     |   |


i can be a tester. I want to test this hack.
i want to help with this hack.
and i can make some levels

Alex No

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I have re-informed myself on everything, and I've made a completely new level.

Level 00F

The leafs are yet to be added, but right now it's more important to have the level design in ultimate shape.

Alex No: The levels have been assigned already. All there is left to do right now is testing. You dont have to sign up for it. Just download the files that pop up on this thread, and give some feedback on them.

Edit: Old link. Look for next reply.

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
That level isn't too bad. The best idea in it was definitely the part where you have to wait out the blue POW while two football chucks are showering football death down on you. Enemy placement is pretty fair, though in the section with all the chucks, it really helps to understand their hitbox and patterns, and if you don't, it's a lot more difficult. I would consider *slightly* tweaking the enemy placement to make it a bit more merciful and perhaps varying the level design somewhat more, wavy, perhaps? as opposed to instead always going forward.

Also, I would try to omit the blue POW after the high-up section, there are better ways to take the player to the next area, like just simply putting them there.
I personally don't like the football part too much... It feels kind of tedious having to wait until the switch runs out while being bombarded with footballs, especially for a world 2 level.

In general the level's better than last time, but be careful not to overuse Chucks and P-Switches.


Another update. I've made things a bit calmer, and removed some chucks.
The P-switch and puntin' chuck part is still in, but now you are given a flower near the entrance. This should make things a bit easier.
For the higher part, I've done a bit of Tails155's styled landmass creating.

Level 00F

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
I'm taking a punch at level 00F as well. One question, was any custom music made for levels that follow this theme? (Because the regular SMW Music really turns me away.

Also, the graphics for coins (in coin boxes) are a little glitched, although I'm pretty sure you know that. Just wanted to state it just incase.
Originally posted by S.N.N. in agie's level thread

Music Options: 1, 2, 3, 4, or compose your own.

Your layout has been removed.
Thank you. The reason there were no coins/powerups was because the level still needs some feedback. The coins will be inserted today.
Thank you for making Outrageous Mario World the 11th most downloaded hack on the site!

Ham Sandwich progress: v1378 (Now with more arbitrary version numbering than ZGC!) Waiting to get around to working on it again.

I occasionally stream ROM hacks on Yoshi Lighthouse's Twitch account. Be sure to check it out!

Layout by Counterfeit.


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

- Disable the palette animation in Levels F and 30. There are many graphics in this game that use color 64.
- Initial FG Position is too low on the entrance. Set both the FG and BG to 00.
- Pitchin' Chuck with a jump like that is a mean situation for a World 2 level. Either remove him with something more fair.
- Note to SNN and/or FirePhoenix: The Chuck SP4 graphics in GFX 9 (and maybe the Volcano Lotus as well) need to be pasted over to E. The ones in E still use Vanilla SMW's graphics.
- The lower Ninji on screen 2 needs to either be moved one tile to the left or outright removed. One tile of wiggle room with an enemy like him is not good to have in World 2.
- The higher Ninja on the right on screen 2 needs to either be moved two tiles to the left or outright removed.
- Are you really trying to make the player wait out a P-Switch while being bombarded by footballs for 16 seconds this early in the game while there is no place for these things to dump into to prevent slowdown? I know you offer a flower beforehand and there is a way to skip the onslaught anyway, but come on now.
- What's with the sudden change in palette with the BG? Keep it consistent with Level F's.
- Level 30 needs more enemies in the first part. Too empty.
- Remove the Spiny from screen 5 or replace him with a stompable enemy. At that point, Mario will be moving quickly from platform to platform and will want to get on some solid ground. That Spiny is placed in a matter that isn't fair for World 2 at all.
- Extend the ledges/slopes on screen 7 a little. It's too easy to screw up here and fall.
- Extend the ledge that the Chuck on screen A is on by at least two tiles. Not enough wiggle room otherwise.
- Don't use Green Parakoopas on the upper half of that junction. They can easily become ambush enemies if Mario takes the lower route instead.
- Remove the flower from the midway starting point. It does nothing but encourage the player to come back to this level and get this checkpoint for a free two hits otherwise (SMB3 power-down is being used for this game).

Final version of today, I'll look into the replies tomorrow.

Level 00F

Violators will be prosecutedt to the full extent of the jam.
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