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Level Testing
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So yeah, I improved my level, 3-1, and here is some info of it copied from my level thread:

Originally posted by Teo17
What's New:
- Bugfixes
- Improved Design
- New Enemies
- Level Title

My Worries:
- Palette of New Enemies
- My Oriental Athmosphere Knowledge

- Akarui Avenue 3-1

Additional Notes:
- Post suggestions in Level Testing Thread.
- Did everyone forget that this level has secret exit? =P

So yeah, thanks for taking time for playing this level. :)

New version.

The new jumping Porcupuffer still isn't in, and no I haven't fixed graphics yet, but it should be good.

The torpedo teds made it too hard to drag around the key, so I moved it right by the secret exit like SMW would've.

More level testing! (Hope I'm doing a good job)
Wow, I really liked this level. The music gave it that atmosphere that you wanted, and I'd say that this level is really well done. Only a few errors I could spot, and most of them are:

Slopes! The ledge right next to the top of the slope act like 130, which causes Mario to sometimes stop when climbing up it, change it to 100.

The sun doesn't fade out well.

I may have missed some slopes, so try to fix all of them, and if there is anything else I missed, well nobody's perfect.
Secret exit found: yes
SMWC Coins: 3/3

I'm not usually a fan of water levels, but I found this one quite enjoyable. I have a few recommendations to make:

Add something here, it was a bit bland holding right, up and jump.

Originally posted by Teyla
I haven't fixed graphics yet
Would that happen to be the BG graphics? If so, ignore this.

The fadeout is off, and the 'Mario' palette is also. (Plus a tiny bit of cutoff at the bottom.)

Upon attempting to locate the secret exit, I found a few instances of cutoff:

In the last picture, at the bottom, there is a bit of cutoff when the dirt meets nothing (since the pipe isn't covering it, but that isn't that major.)

All in all, this feels like a very well executed water level, just those fixes need to be performed.
Secret exit found: yes
SMWC Coins: 3/3
Here is my suggestion to a previous level a few posts back.

I think I would be a really good idea to differentiate between the foreground and the background more clearly.

You don't want the background and the platforms to be very close in color.

Your layout has been removed.
Originally posted by Fellowroot
Here is my suggestion to a previous level a few posts back.

I think I would be a really good idea to differentiate between the foreground and the background more clearly.

You don't want the background and the platforms to be very close in color.

----|Version 0.7 (8/6/11)|------

New in this version (v0.7):
-New BG made by Lynnes.
-Holdboo reduced time to 3 seconds.
-Updated second room.

Known Problems:
-*I had sent S.N.N. the wrong updated meter and ExGFX (made by Lynnes) for it. It will be updated in the next version. As a result, in this version, the timer is much faster. I tried to edit the level to accomadate, and if the faster timer is better, I'll probably keep it. (You might have a little issue at the end of the second part with time).
-Not the greatest number of sprites.

Figured I'd better post this new version for others to test.

@Fellowroot, that is fixed. Thanks for testing!

Untitled Hack Progress:

Timer is definitely too fast. Other than that, overall the level is awesome (from what I saw).
Originally posted by Atma
Timer is definitely too fast. Other than that, overall the level is awesome (from what I saw).

Thanks! I really appreciate the nice comment. Once S.N.N. updates the base rom today or tomorrow, that will be fixed. =)

Untitled Hack Progress:

I disagree with the comments regarding this level being awesome. The first part is good, but the second half causes it all to fall apart.

Weirdly worded message, and I think you could explain both better at once. Try this:

"The Boos in these hot ruins don't hurt you, but they will stun you and keep you in the sun. Stay in the shade for safety."

I'm pretty sure mercury is red. I'd fix that (unless you did in the new version you sent me).

The block I'm in acts like tile 25 when it should be tile 130.

Going this way is really pointless. Why wouldn't you put an SMWC coin here or something?

This run is pointless too - there are no threats (the Eerie is too high).

...and then this part is impossible to get past while you're big.

Now these are minor issues, and I think the first area is good, but two minutes into the second area and I was done. Vision-obstructions and item babysitting "puzzles" mixed with an abnormally fast thermometer made this area a complete chore to play. Honestly, I'd redesign it and come up with a different idea. I can already guarantee a good chunk of people who play this will hate that part if you leave it in.

New version of 3-1:

Akarui Avenue, v1.3

Thanks for suggestions and level testing.

My level is ready for wider testing.

Level 127 - Volcanic Panic

Things to note/I am aware of:

- Do NOT use the small door at the beginning, that is a testing door.
- There is a bunch of cutoff detail in the inner part of the level.
- There is no background on the secret path.
- The wall details have not been added after the midpoint.
- Venus Fire Traps have wrong layer priority, this is not my fault.
- The outline switch blocks next to filled in ones are there for testing purposes.
Great level as always. Your strategic use of .. well, pretty much everything (sprites, architecture, etc.) means that everything in this level will be a clever obstacle. The difficulty was up there, but also incredibly fair. I managed to beat both exits savestateless on my third try, so that's pretty good.

Minus the stuff you mentioned, I have two minor complaints:

That chainsaw (and vertical line guide) should probably be lowered a tile.

This Venus Fire Trap is ultimately useless simply because it shoots too low. The rest of this secret exit is pretty awesome, but this one sprite stood out as not being a threat at all. Try raising it a bit.

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Sticking this here because it got no replies in my level thread and I really need feedback.

Originally posted by TRS
Is a new IPS for testing

I've been working off the .ips I posted a while ago (since I lost access to everything since then), so the slope edges have been unfixed. I'll fix them next.

The first section has been lengthened with a midpoint added. the second section has been fixed to match the picture I last posted, but everything after the rocks and feather has been cut out. The fading asm hasn't been implemented yet.

Uses an older base ROM.
SNN: Strange, I don't think I've even once managed to get hit by that chainsaw. I think I'll leave it for now unless I get more responses about it. As for the piranha plant, it's been moved up and is now more of a threat.
Originally posted by another thread
Version 2 (it's a link)

Here is an updated version of the level that lacks a few things. The main focus with this beta is that it's only the area before the roller-coaster carts as it still is in bug fixes with HuFlungDu. This level features a sublevel that was made before the deadline, but didn't make it the first version (it was accidentally overwritten with the light game room, which isn't featured in this version either as it is being fixed with HuFlungDu as well). This level also contains more Yoshi and a not mandatory puzzle for Yoshi.

Also, ignore the bad BG scroll in the first area, I'll fix it now.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
First half finished.

While I get what I need for the second half, I'd like to see how I can improve on what I have so far.

Level 129: Chilly Colors

Remember, it's still a demo, but I'd like to get some feedback on my current work. Oh, and please use images to illustrate what I need to work on.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
I tried out your level Tom Phanto, and I think it was both good looking (you like multi-colored stuff don't you?) and well designed, you made a good use of the spin jump block, and you combined it pretty well with the ball 'n' chains to pull out a nice challenge. Now for the stuff you have to fix:

Not only these spikes can hurt the player from the side, but they are hard to see if you're not paying attention, I felt on them more than once because of that. You should use some more appropriate graphics for them.

This SMWC coin was too easy to find for world 7, I wasn't even looking for it, I just thought I was following the main way and I ended up here.

Also, I didn't take a picture of this, but the other SMWC coin wasn't that hard to find either, even if it was harder than the one near the midway point. Take my level or MrDeePay's level as a reference, the SMWC coins are way harder to find in those levels.

Finally, you should disable the original palette Exanimations in your level since color 64 (the shiny color used for the yoshi coin) is being used as a normal color for some blocks in this project.
Here's the first room of my level. The green switch palace (doesn't have a name. Maybe someone could think of one.) It's kind of short but I still would like some feedback.

Green Switch Palace - Level 23

Fawful says farewell to all your fink-rat faces forever!


Either I did something horribly wrong, or the IPS patch is wrong.

Your layout has been removed.
I tried it out myself and it works fine. That's really odd. Does it look like that in lunar magic or just in game? The only thing I can think of is you patched it to an already modified rom. But it still shouldn't cause graphical glitches like that.
Please someone else try the ips to see if it works!

Fawful says farewell to all your fink-rat faces forever!


No i get the same screen flarebladee26 got. Post a new ips.

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