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Level Testing
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Originally posted by TomPhanto

Any chance you could reupload those images? All of them appear to be broken, which makes responding to most of your criticism rather difficult.

My YouTube channel
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Originally posted by Teyla
Here's Togepuku Tussle V4

Just some notes
-Graphics for above water still not in, still waiting on the map16
-Underwater severely lacks a BG. The only one in the ROM from what I've seen takes up an FG slot I'm using.
-The red porcupuffer isn't red because I was too lazy to move stuff to the new baserom :V

Great level so far, I don't really have time right now to critique it, but do you want to use the layer 3 water that I'm using in 1F? I got it working correctly, it now works just like the tide. Just toss me a PM if you'd like to.
Level 129 First Draft

So, I finally have the first draft of my level ready. I've already gotten some critique on the first half of the level, with some changes being made in the process.

Also, yoshicookiezeus, I reuploaded those photos for the critique.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
I played your level. There are 4 things I discovered:
1 and 2:

I'm pretty sure someone already told you that these spikes hurt when you touch the side.
Also, the blue mountains in the BG don't look well. Light the seemingly 2 colors on the mountain a bit and it's gonna be good.

The stars do vary, but only the colors. There aren't stars even further. I assume you didn't have more for more GFX in this case.

I guess the bonus room FG isn't inserted in the ROM. Else why is the ice FG here?
I'm torn on your level, TomPhanto. The first half is excellent; I think you've done a great job of making it fun and creative, barring a few minor bugs (which I'll point out). The second half .. well ..

You see, I like the idea of multiple ice block types. I also like that you introduce them. However, I feel that some of them are completely unnecessary - for instance, the one that forces Mario to duck. Not only does it make the gameplay incredibly tedious, but it's also so arbitrary and ridiculous. I also think the green block is unnecessary - that is the tile I used in my level, correct? I set it up in a very specific way so that sprites can't die and have their death frames continue bouncing around. Here .. well, that's exactly what happens. That, and you have a blue block that does the exact same thing pretty much.

My suggestion? Scrap the green and purple blocks entirely, and redesign a couple of parts in the second half to account for it. Other than that, it's well designed overall.

Here are some lesser issues:

I'd rework this message a bit to make it less first-person-esque and more .. fitting, I suppose?

This is an example of that animation frame issue I was talking about.

The right side there is cut off, as are most of those platforms.
And here's version 4.5 of Togepuku Tussle!

Couple things are still problems though. Again, lack of water BG, couple palette issues here and there, and there's no pretty above-water graphics, but at this point, hopefully everything that needs to be done on my end is graphical only from this point on.

One other thing though, the jumping puffer in this version isn't tweaked to be immune to fireballs, or use the right palette. (Should use F not E, so he's red.)



Originally posted by LunarYoshi


fixed link

Your layout has been removed.

Cross post comin' at ya!

Originally posted by Lightvayne in that other thread

Everything should be done except for the NCP at the end. He's suppose to mention something about the rumbling after you exit the pyramid. Also I just noticed the Goombas feet are a weird color at the end which I'll also fix.

Questions? Comments? Answers?

@Teyla; Tried you level and I like what you did. The only complaint I have is at the end where the level goal is the water at the bottom right causes a bit of cutoff on one frame, other than that, I didn't see and major complaints. Good job.

@ LunarYoshi; Not sure what to do here, I can only get as far as 2 screens before getting blocked by the wall. The message box is empty and you can't enter the pipe. :/
EDIT 2: Looked at SNN's post. The balloon didn't show up for me for some reason the first time around. I'll give it another shot.
EDIT 3: Tried it and had the same issues SNN had. That balloon popping glitch is a bit annoying hopefully you can fix it.
Layout by LDA during C3.

You should probably put a message there.

What happened to the Chuck that was here? This area is too bare without one.

That jump with the balloon is far, far too hard. Raise the low part there by at least two tiles.

-No screenshot, but the balloon popping bug still triggers when you carry a P-Switch in the first half. I'd fix this by getting rid of the P-Switch, and having a chain of P-Switch blocks that you need to use to get up.

Once you fix those, I'll put your level in the base ROM.

Lightvayne: Everything looks good, except:

Are you able to darken this door's palette a bit? It sort of sticks out like a sore thumb.
Hopefully the final version of my level, Coral Corridor.

Layout by Mirann <3

I'm probably retired tbh
Originally posted by ZMann
Hopefully the final version of my level, Coral Corridor.


I just got back from a week long surfing trip. Here's my take on this level:

The design of this level is really simple; this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I feel that the level could benefit from some more interesting enemy placements (perhaps using those circular swimming spiny cheep-cheeps in interesting patterns together).

Also, I'd like to see what other testers have to say about the placement and use of the SMWC coins. To me, it seemed like they weren't difficult to obtain (with the exception of the one guarded by the chargin' chuck), or well-hidden. I personally feel that allowing inconsistencies with the behavior of the coral tiles is not a good idea (for example, having some coral tiles act solid, while having others act like walk-through tiles). Unfortunately, it seems that the current setup for most of the SMWC coins revolves around this design strategy. It may just be that my views on this particular aspect of design stray from those of the leaders of this project, which is completely fine.

A couple minor issues I'd like to point out:

Some of the coral tile set-ups (such as this one) didn't look the most natural to me.

Not sure what you guys are going to have for the final goal tile, but you can kill yourself after getting the goal if you jump from the right (as seen in the images).

Graphically wise, I really like the tile sets used. Good choices, and I hope these suggestions will help you create the best possible level.



I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

The Goal Roulette is done and not done at the same time. It functions properly and serves its purpose, but SNN and some others want to either have Mario's movement function closer to either an actual Goal Sphere, Goal Tape, or just freeze him in place.

Speaking of the Goal Sphere, any chance of a level/boss complete jingle being made?

Originally posted by MrDeePay
Speaking of the Goal Sphere, any chance of a level/boss complete jingle being made?

I don't know, but I whipped up something just now in 30 minutes.

I'll post it in the Compositions thread when I upload the spc.

Check out my music!


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

More of the level; if you encounter a dead end, just rewind. I'm thinking about redoing everything after the second purple water room depending on if anyone well actually ever do that Layer 2 request I made.

In the section where there are a lot of pushable rocks, going further suddenly causes tremendous slowdown. I'm guessing the sprite itself is processing when off-screen. You should probably fix this.
Version 5! Hopefully done for now.

Just some notes.

-The red porcupuffer still isn't red :V
-The first message box has an odd palette because of the background.


IPS time. So far we have finished up to part 3 (which means only one part left to go).

Level 128 version 0_2
Level 128 version 0_3

Levels 128, 157, and most of 159 were made by me
Levels 158, and a few portions of 159 were made by EvilDounts

Things to note:
>Midway Point doesn't work at the moment
>On level 128 I forgot to put the beginning pipe back in the proper place
>Since it was left there, the pipe tile on screen 00 can be used to go straight to level 159 (due to the midway not working)
>The Boos have one glitched animation frame if you look at them long enough (not sure what we're going to do about it since the Fire Lakitu and the boos share that tile).
>And pieces of the second skull raft like to disappear occassionally (if anyone knows how to fix this without removing sprites it would be nice to know)

Thats about all I can think of for notes, enjoy

Red Tales: [Insert Subtitle here]: Hack is being worked on (actually being worked on), demo next c3 (summer 2022) hopefully
Levels Complete: 5/50+

Originally posted by Teyla
Version 5! Hopefully done for now.

Just some notes.

-The red porcupuffer still isn't red :V
-The first message box has an odd palette because of the background.

I can't really think of very many changes to suggest right now, other than maybe adding a background to the swimming section. Sometimes the Pionpis behave oddly when interacting with ground tiles, but that's not your problem. Good level overall.

----|Version 0.8 (9/2/11)|------

New in this Version:
-Extended first room (about 10 screens).
-Still no second room.
-Intro to level.
-Fixed various things.

Known problems:
-Pipes are oddly colored.
-Problem with some sprites not showing...mainly the venus plants.
-Going to add stretches sprite at some point.
-Need more sprites (variation).

Untitled Hack Progress:

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