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Most difficult thing you've done in a video game
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What are the most difficult tasks you've ever accomplished, self-imposed or not, in a video game? Off the top of my head, I can think of two:

-Getting 100% on More Monkey Madness in Yoshi's Island. Getting through the stage normally is a relative cakewalk, but trying to get every red coin, all five flowers, and not die in the process? It's an absolute nightmare. It mostly boiled down to the fact that there's virtually no ground anywhere, so getting hit twice in a row pretty much meant instant death, regardless of how many stars you had. And since the monkeys that populate the level like to snipe you down while you're spending time collecting red coins and such, and there's a green toady there to ensure you're not getting Baby Mario back if you lose him...yeah, it's not easy.

-Clearing Helper to Hero in Kirby Super Star Ultra with the ice helper. The fire helper comes in a close second here. I don't care what anyone says, the True Arena has got nothing on Helper to Hero with these two guys (I actually found the True Arena to be not all that hard...with the hammer powerup). It was mostly because both helpers have no useful attacks in the air, which is where most boss fights take place, but the ice helper was especially bad because the running physics are completely changed when you play as him. Combine that with pathetically weak attacks and you have an extremely difficult challenge.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
Actually, I thought the Ice Helper was pretty damn easy on H2H. I'll agree no doubt when using the Fire guy, though.

Hmm, let's see:

- Unlocking Mii Outfit B in Mario Kart Wii.

Some of those fast staff ghosts really do live up to their name. I then stumbled upon the Daisy/Mach Bike combo and breezed through everything.

- Level Grinding in Diablo.

You see, when you get through a third of the game (give or take), you can't just stay in one place anymore. Enemies reserve the right to fuck you up where you stand. You can't attack and move at the same time, usually there'll be melee enemies and archers, and the cherry on top is you've only got so much room to put items in your inventory. Better stack up on potions, but not too much!

- Playing through any level in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter on Serious difficulty.

If you're playing this game on Serious difficulty (the hardest), you better watch your back. If a Touhou game got addicted to crack and steroids then wanted to become an FPS for some weird reason, it still wouldn't measure up to everything you have to go through in this game on Serious mode. And you don't even have the Serious Bomb in Touhou!

I'm serious!

You know me if you know me.
Getting 2000 wood in Rune Factory: A fantasy Harvest Moon, jeez thats a REAL PAIN.
Getting the Veni Vidi Vici trinket in VVVVVV.

'Nuff said.
Getting 100% in Burnout Paradise. Good Lord there is SO MUCH to do in that game. So, very, much!
1. Making the jump from the Labyrinth to the jazzy monster area of the Labyrinth in Cave Story. You know, the part where Booster just suddenly comes out of nowhere and falls down.

That part is like, the most hardest part of the game, right there.
2. Finishing Syobon Action without dying.
These are what I've considered difficult accomplishments.

- Getting 100% in Banjo-Tooie.
- Ran through Megaman 9 without taking any damage.
- Finished Ecco the Dolphin.
- Back when I was 5 years old, I beat Wily in Megaman 7.
- Beat Bowser in Tetris Attack on very hard mode with 8 continues.
- Beat Rockman & Forte without using a continue.

That's all I can think of right now.

I think a post layout goes here somewhere...
As far as self-imposed challenges go, the task that gave me the most trouble is definitely the minimalist run in Cave Story. Imagine, if you will, a 3-hp Quote, and only the forced weapons on hand. With the best available weapon being the level 1-2 knife, and going through the Hell stage, my death count had to hit 4 digits easily. In the end, I conquered the challenge, and it was easily one of the most satisfying moments I'll ever have with a game. After doing this, I now breeze through Hell without even breaking a sweat on a regular, max HP run.

The toughest challenge that I've done that was actually expected of the player was probably beating Ninja Gaiden 2, for the xbox 360, on the hardest setting. This is one of those infamously hard games, but modernized. From the moment the difficulty is raised above Normal, the enemies have an apparent fondness for throwing explosive knives, and going suicidal and blowing you up with their last breath for insane damage. Considering that almost any given attack that you fail to block will knock off probably a good tenth of a maximum hp bar, which translates to about a third of the starting one, and that there are dozens of attacks on-screen at pretty much all times... any lapse in judgement for more than a split second probably means your odds just got screwed!

An educational video of someone getting through one of the tougher parts using the "I've tried everything else and just can't do it" method of skipping fights and Izuna Drop spamming. Let's play try to count the explosions! Yeah. Every painful minute was fun, though, thanks to a great combat system.

Other than that, beating IWBTG on Very Hard was pretty tough, though it compares not to those two. Same for beating Super Meat Boy; though the achievements for beating a given world without any deaths is a whole other can of worms.
Playthrough on Impossible in Dead Space. Now that was some hardcore stuff.
So far, the only difficult thing i've done was beating GTA: Vice City 100%. Man, there's like a lot of stuff you need to do and it's pretty time consuming as well.
Back around 2005 I wanted to complete F-Zero GX 100%. Easily the most frustrating time I've ever had with a videogame. I mean, holy crap at some of those story mode missions. I remember spending DAYS trying to beat single chapters on Very Hard mode. I actually did manage to beat the game 100% after a lot of effort and it felt freaking fantastic.
Here is a list of some of the most difficult things I've done in video games:

- I beat Boss Battles mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl on Intense difficulty using Ganondorf. I'm not even that great with Ganondorf, yet I wasn't able to do it with the characters I'm good with (Wario, Yoshi, and Toon Link).
- I got a perfect score on all levels in Yoshi's Island DS, except one level (Darn that Yoshi Tower!)
- I did the same thing as the one above in Yoshi's Island, except I was able to get a perfect score on all the levels (in both the SNES and GBA versions).
- I beat Bowser's Inside Story without fighting any battles that weren't required to advance and without equipping any gear besides the challenge medal (so basically, I'm underpowered throughout the game, so I had to rely on skillful dodging and well timed attacks to survive the battles).
- I beat Red in Pokemon Heartgold, even though my pokemon were about ten levels lower than his. Needless to say, I used A LOT of healing items in that battle.
- When I was younger, I was able to get to the 150cc class in Super Mario Kart, despite the cheap difficulty.
- I beat Donkey Kong in Punch Out!! for the Wii.
- I beat Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on the hard difficulty (that Boost Guardian is a real piece of work, and so is the final boss.)
- In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, I beat Dark Samus on Hypermode difficulty (I wasn't able to beat the boss after Dark Samus, though. Maybe someday).
- I beat the Pit of 100 trials in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.(I had to be level 50 to do it, though.)

That's all I got. I'll add in more if I think of any.

My Hacks:
Mario's Strange Quest V1.6
Yoshi's Inside Story (on hold)
Yoshi's Strange Quest V1.3 / V1.3.1 Beta 4.6 / Latest Test Build (Mario & Yoshi's Strange Quests)

Other stuff:
My SMW/SMAS/SMAS+W disassembly
Yoshifanatic's Discord Server: A place for fans of my stuff and/or Yoshi to chat with others.
Here are a few I did:

1. Getting the trophies for every Subspace Emissary boss and enemy (including the regular Tabuu).

2. Getting the Shiny gold on Poppin' Planks in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

3. Getting to the castle roof in SM64DS with no stars.

4. Eirin's stage in MegaMari. Enough said.

Originally posted by yoshifanatic
- I got a perfect score on all levels in Yoshi's Island DS, except one level (Darn that Yoshi Tower!)

Oh no, I remember that level. I actually did get 100% on that level but I had to bring in red eggs to get enough stars. Those gusties at the top were a huge pain, mixed with the rotating spikes.

Aside from the various glitches I've done in my SMW TASes (like walljumping, corner clipping etc.), only one thing comes to my mind at the moment:
Beating Demon's Crest 100% and defeating the secret boss Dark Demon, without savestates. God, that was like the hardest thing ever. Collecting all the items and stuff was pretty challenging, but the secret final boss was the real trip to hell: it was probably the most insane and unpredictable boss I've ever seen. Totally recommended for those who like real challenges.
Beating tubular w/o savestates.
- Cave Story: Ballos
I know there are ways to make him piss easy but for me it was hard cause I went heads in with my own tactics. Makes it harder you have to get through the sanctuary and also try to keep the only health giving power-up until the endo of game. Cave Story is hard if you dont have a clue what your getting it to

- SMG2: Perfect Run
No Comment, but yeah it was a really good challenge from nintendo...

- SMW:
Yup, I found SMW diffcult when I first played it on the wii. I used a GC controller so yeah, not great with controls. Only after I beat chocolate isaldn I learnt about how you can spin jump on spiky things..

-Pokemon Yellow: First gym with a metapod
Not shitting, I beat onix with a metapod when I was like 6 by keep using harden and eventully the onix went to stuggle and killed itself.
Hmmm... quite a lot of things for me to choose from... what will I list?

- Completing the GBA version of Yoshi's Island 100% without ever dying (resetting the game mid-death-sequence allowed, but I couldn't ever take advantage of Middle Ring checkpoints)
- Completing all exits in the SMW hacks TSRP2, TSRPR, Rise to the Challenge (with the exception of the Kaizo-ish-memorization-based secret exit of Flood Fright Night), and Luigi's Adventure OSE, savestates only on the world map
- Completing the very glitchy Kamek's Revenge v1 with nearly 100%, savestates only on the world map and at glitched Middle Rings (if you're unfamiliar with that hack, I suggest watching 5-6, 5-8, or any level from 6-2 to 6-8)
- Completing the Pit of 100 Trials in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door before entering Chapter 4
- Reaching maximum score/phase on the Mario Bros. Classic minigame (the version included with all Super Mario Advance games)
- Just about everything I've done in a Touhou game (besides dying, restarting, and navigating the menus, that is), including completing most of the main series games on Normal, and several Extra stages

Alyssa's Unlikely Trap - Zeldara's Glitch City
- Basicly just playing I wanna be the guy.

- Getting some of the bandages in Super Meat Boy so far.

- In pokemon yellow, beating brock with a pikachu :<
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SMWHacking? I rest my case.
SMWCentral? I leave it to rest.

-Donkey Kong Country Returns final boss.
When I beat that boss, I said, "YEAH, FUCK YOU, YOU TIKI BASTARD!" (With my bedroom window wide open, I might add. And since I live in an apartment building everyone outside could hear me.) and I started crying tears of joy when the credits started rolling.

-Metroid Queen in Metroid: Other M
The battle wasn't very hard, but trying to kill all the Metroids by freezing them, going into first person, and shoot them three times with other Metroids coming to kill you, the first part was pretty damn hard.

-Stone Cyclone Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2
I hated the fast-foe comet in SMG1 of this level, so I was angry when they brought it back WITH fast enemies. Now trying to get the comet coin AND silver stars without dying was a fucking nightmare, and I got so mad trying to beat it, I haven't played SMG2 since.
Through the fire and flames, Guitar Hero 3. I felt so totally awesome after that.

I've got 100% on the original Meat boy, too. I'm currently trying to beat Super meat boy, and it's very hard D:

I've also beaten Ganon in Ocarina of Time... with iron boots equipped. It was pretty cool, but damn hard as well. I wish I had gotten a video of that, but I don't have anything but a camera.

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