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Most difficult thing you've done in a video game
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Most likely completing DKC2 without savestates. Now THAT was pretty tough.

Oh, and beating Brawl's final boss, Tabuu, on intense.
Originally posted by Chikane
In pokemon yellow, beating brock with a pikachu :<


-Probably beating ASMT. With savestates. Stupid void.

-Boss rushes. :/

Good fucking bye.

- Resident Evil Code Veronica X:
Trying to beat Wesker's Stage. It made easier when I found the Magnum in the Casino Room.

- Metal Gear Solid 3:
Completing the Groznyj Grad area when you're itemless, naked (literally) and starving. MOST. DIFFICULT. PART. PERIOD.

- Resident Evil Outbreak File #2:
Attempting to beat ANY stage on Very Hard difficulty.

- Touhou 12.8 Yousei Daisensou - Great Fairy Wars-:
Beating the Extra Stage Boss (Name won't be revealed due to spoilers) without using the Ice Shield.

That's all I can recall now.

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- Completing Crash Bandicoot Warped full. Like 105% I think it is.

- Completing the whole game of 'pitfall'.

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I spontaneously think there are only 2 things which were a pain in the ass in my "gamer-career":

- Getting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64... Today it would be easier but I was more or less a 6 year old child... so it was quiet hard.

- Getting the special rank in Resident Evil 1 - 3. You need less than 4 (or was it 3?) hours to play through. And there were other special conditions you need to comply to get this award... But I forgot what it actually was :O

Did I mention any campaign in the Left for Dead series, on your own, on a difficulty higher then normal, with shitty Bots?
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Some of these:

Mario Kart Wii:
-Unlocking almost every character and kart.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
-Capturing boss using Trophy Stand on Intense (Rayquaza, Duon).
-Finishing 15-Minute Brawl with low damage.
-Getting some trophies that requires you to beat it on Intense.
-Playing 450 VS matches in two days.

Super Mario 64 DS:
-Going to the rooftop using Luigi to get the rabbit.

That's all I can remember for now...
There's three things which I consider I done most difficult:
- in Trackmania United Forever, I've gained all 588 medals in StarTrack campaign, everyone in official races.

- in Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan, I've beat normal worlds (1-8, so not A-D) with a score 3762500, I had 26 lives (so 1162500+26*100000=3762500).
I didn't use savestates like in all games, I like only play fair :P

- I've defeated Bowser in TSRPR, not the entire game, because 5 exits are left to find :/ Also w/o states.

-unlocked zero beat in jet set radio future (and all other characters, just zero beat was the last, fucking terminals)
-got 800+ in pokemon platinum battle tower
-S rank on all SP/RV navis (and bass BX) in mega man battle network 6

i can't think of anything else 'cool'.


-I've beaten every Metal Gear Solid game except for 4 on the highest difficulty setting (excluding European Extreme on MGS3... I'm not sneaky enough to never get caught ONCE throughout the entire game).

-Clearing I Want To Be The Guy on normal. While I know a lot of people have done this, it was a huge achievement for me (I also deleted the game right after the credits finished).

-I've beaten Resident Evil 4 and 5 on the highest difficulty setting without using infinite ammo weapons or spamming RPGs. Never going to do it again. Ever.

-Not sure what the difficulty before Impossible was on Dead Space, but I've cleared it... can't imagine going through that game on Impossible, Weeabuu :v

-Got all the harvest sprites on Harvest Moon DS, which ultimately made me hate the game completely.

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@ Dimentio

Beating Resident Evil 4 is easy. Even in Professional. I challange you to beat it only with the Handgun, Grenades and the Knife, now THAT'S a challenge.

- Also, recently managed to Beat MGS3 in under 6 hours on the hardest difficulty. Now to make that time more lower (Current Personal Record: 5:59:42)

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Hmm... Off the top of my head, the most difficult thing I've ever done is getting the secret message in Metroid Fusion the intended way. And I am VERY proud of myself for being able to do it. Oh sure, it LOOKS easy, but have fun wasting like, 30 minutes trying to do everything QUICKLY!

Aside from that, I've beaten Metroid Prime 2 100% (I think) on Hard. Honestly, after I beat Boost Guardian, the rest of the game wasn't THAT hard. In fact, the hardest parts of Hard Mode are, in order: Boost Guardian, Alpha Blogg, and running out of beam ammo. Not kidding about the last one.

Hmm... I need to get around to beating the New Game Plus on Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. Gentleman Mode is like...REALLY HARD, since the touch screen's puzzle is much faster, and the game's already wickedly hard. Then I can add a new item to the list of very difficult things I've accomplished!

also i envy those of you that have beaten the perfect run in SMG2 >:<

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1.Battling 700 battles to unlock Mewtwo in SSBM, possibly the insanest way to unlock a character.

2.Beating Bonetail in Paper Mario 2, it was a long and hard battle.

3.Getting an adamant Red Gyarados in Pokemon HG, I tried like over 30 times.
- Completing the Perfect Run Star on Super Mario Galaxy 2. WTF Nintendo?! They surely should've called that Kaizo Galaxy!

- Passing "Through The Fire and Flames" on Guitar Hero: Greatest/Smash Hits. I thought that was really hard until I played the Rock Band version.

- Getting 5* on "Play With Me" in Guitar Hero 5/Warriors of Rock.

- Completing BOTH the Flipside AND Flopside Pits of 100 Trials in Super Paper Mario.
Aww come on, The Perfect Run wasn't that difficult. There are certainly much worse things. :P


Perfect Run? Ha, challenge my ass!
Off the top of my head, Hector Hard Mode from Fire Emblem 7 was pretty tough, but also very engaging. I'll probably try it again sometime.

Getting as high on the Super Meat Boy Steam leaderboards as I have- mostly with Naija- took dedication and patience.

I haven't tried in a long time, but I could never beat the original Prince of Persia, or its sequel, when I was younger.

I remember the first Alma fight in Ninja Gaiden gave me plenty of trouble.

Beating the Elephant in an old ImagiSoft PC game called Wari...good times.

Beating all of Lode Runner: The Legend Returns was pretty tough, and definitely a marathon. Level 149 is one of the hardest levels I have ever played in a puzzle platformer. Well, except user-created levels. I made a set of truly sadistic, unfair levels, with layouts based on the background images for each world. A good exercise in deeply understanding the mechanics of the game, but of course no one could complete them without rote memorization. Be glad that I didn't know what a backup was and my hard drive crashed, so unless I try to recreate them from memory (hell no), I can't share them with you :p

The last few levels of Buster Bros. games always seemed difficult. They probably still are.

Psychologically, playing through every level of Icebreaker. That game was tedious. I can't believe I convinced myself I had to play through that whole game. Geez.

Learning how to play Smash Bros. Melee competitively was an enormous undertaking, but also one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. If any of you play the original 64 Smash Bros. on Kaillera, drop me a PM sometime :p

The secret exit of Flood Fright Night in Rise to the Challenge (oh snap)

Getting the Super Suit in Super Mario RPG is something I tend to have trouble with.

The last wall in Okami (in Kamui). Oh wait, I haven't done that.

Getting over 200 takedowns in a single race on Silverlake South in Burnout 3: Takedown. The music alleviated frustration ^_^

Beating the Enigma table in Epic Pinball was a real accomplishment for me the first time around, and it's still fairly difficult.

Doing an almost-Crusader-only run on Hard difficulty (Gamer mode...someday) in U.N. Squadron, which I've uploaded to Youtube. What's that? Why isn't it 100% Crusader-only? Hey, why don't you try beating the cave boss without vertical specials?! Sheesh.

Beating Turtles in Time in over 20 minutes (oh snap) (disclaimer: random approximation)

Clearing hard difficulty on all the story mode chapters in F-Zero GX was...well, hard.

Psychologically, going through the ghost ship in Rogue Galaxy. I shouldn't have bothered.

Trying to understand how it all ties together in Chrono Cross.

Psychologically, unlocking everything in Mario Kart games. I just can't do it anymore.

Learning how to play Master of Orion II as a young teen. But wow, that's easily one of the best games I've ever played.

Taking breaks from Oblivion the first time around. That world really sucked me in...

Saying goodbye to my first playthrough of Xenogears, which I played parallel to watching the entire Rurouni Kenshin anime series. What a combination.

Getting a pearl cluster in Hexic HD (hey, it's an accomplishment for me :p)

Surviving Baten Kaitos' voice acting (very nice game though)

Beating You Have to Burn the Rope. So difficult.

Getting past the rabid bear in SkiFree. Oh wait- ARGH

You know, just getting through the Myst games was really tough for me! I had to look up hints all the time. Still, I remember doing one level of Myst III: Exile all by myself, and I was so proud XD

Resisting the power of Peggle. That's one mistake I'll never make again.

Finding someone to play the PC game My Little Furries (or some title like that) with. What an obscure game- I would be EXTREMELY surprised if someone knew what I'm talking about here.

...Well, that was quite the laundry list, and I could probably come up with more, too! :p

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The hardest thing I ever had to do was play Kaizo mario world that's really hard!!!!:)
Just beat all of Fei Long's Trials on Super Street Fighter IV. This is now on my list of difficult things, especially considering that I'm new to the series in general. The last several trials were absolutely brutal.

Not even going to attempt anyone else's trials yet. I'll stick with my bro Fei Long for a while <3.
O shit, I got stuck at trial 16 with Fei Long. Connecting the Rekkukyaku with the hard punch is cruel, but then canceling into a three-hit Rekkaken as well is hard as fuck. I wish I had a Fightstick though, SSFIV is unplayable with a controller for me. :V
Unlocking Mii Outfit B from Mario Kart Wii is recently my most difficult thing I have done. I haven't unlocked Outfit C, but it's a fake task to complete, even if it's extremely hard to do.

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