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The Missing Plot Demo (V1.0) - DDM295

Hack Name: The Missing Plot Demo (V1.0) Demo - 35.4 KB - 10 downloads.
Length: 11 levels
Author: DDM295 - Submitted by: DDM295
Description: Difficulty- easy to medium Compatible With NTSC SMW

This is my first attempt at a hack strong enough for Publishing here. Bowser has stolen the plot to the hack, and it's up to you to recover it back and find out what is going on here..

- 11 exciting levels to enjoy!

- Varied environments to explore!

- A castle to besiege!

- Witty Infobox messages!

If you find ANY bugs please notify me via PM ASAP. Something may have slipped through my neon claws!

Read the readme file included for more information on the hack.

Reasons for removal:

YOu can see the lava platform falling thought the ground.

Bad File select text pallette

gpahical issue with the hills in the bg

This overworld is horrid and blocky.

At least put an invisible coin block here you I can get back over if I want.

I see what you were trying to do with this by making the player have to run around to the other end to get the p-switch, but i can easily pass though right here.

aw crap, I didn't know THIS is where I needed the p-switch. Now I'm stuck.

There is cutoffness near the back of the pipe. I believe the switch places where build like this from the original SMW, but you can still fit it.

Cut off rope

cut off gray lava, which by the way you should never use.

cut off dirt tiles

enable sprite buoyancy.


Another "Oh I should of grabbed that P-switch moment again" unfortunately, its an auto scrolling level, so I'm screwed.

a bit of cut-off

water cutoff

do not use the Unused tiles as actual brick. They look ugly.

Fence missing a bit of tile on the edge.

bounce block glitch.

Don't put ground the bottom row in LM, it doesn't look good.

I stopped playing after this. Too many glitches this far into the game, and photobucket would probably kill me for uploading 100+ photos at a time.

Overall level design wasn't too bad. Too many coins in certain places I think and the Bowsers fun land level was way to boring, it was basically just running till you got to the end, tho the trick you threw in was kinda funny.
Layout by LDA during C3.
Hack Name: The Missing Plot Demo (V1.1)
Length: 11 levels
Author: DDM295 - Submitted by: DDM295
Description: Compatible With NTSC SMW
Difficulty= Average

Bowser has stolen the plot to this hack and it's up to you, as Mario, to get it back and find out just what is going on here!


11 Exciting levels (now improved over V1.0!)

Varied environments to traverse!

A Castle to besiege! (now longer!)

A twisted fun land to escape...

If you find ANY problems, PM me and I will fix them.

Hope you have fun!

Read the included readme file for the full information on what has been updated over V1.0


Not too shabby, but there's still a lot of things left to fix.

There's still room for improvement on the menu palette.

The overworld still leaves a lot to be desired - cutoff tiles everywhere. Learn how to properly use edge tiles (I believe there's a tutorial for it in the aptly-named subforum), and if that doesn't help you, better use the original SMW overworld or have someone else make one for you.

Minor issue: The top tiles of Yoshi's paw print aren't aligned correctly.

The background palette could use some work here. Try creating a smooth dark->bright gradient - it helps to click on the first and last color of the gradient while holding down the Alt key in the palette editor.

A wrong corner tile just beside me. Remember:

Why the sudden style change? Not every word needs to be capitalized.

The pipes cut off the ground a little.

Another wrong corner tile + slightly cutoff pipe.

You shouldn't be able to walk inside diagonal pipes like this. Block the right side off, just like SMW did it.

More cutoff... And since there's no proper "bottom outline" tile (to properly end the dirt tiles above the coins), I'd suggest rebuilding those structures completely.

Cutoff caused by the pipe and missing ledge edge tiles.

Random blank tile in the ground?

The question blocks also cut off the dirt behind them a little.

The goal tape goes a little too high - make sure to place it right above the ground, with no space in between.

You're using the wrong type of moles here - The ones with this animation should be placed on the ground, not inside it.

Sorry, but that's not an excuse for not using sprite E6.

The blocks and the pipes cut into the lava.

Incorrect initial FG position - the camera starts too high up and has to scroll down to Mario. Fix this by changing the settings there → ().

The power of changing the message box text will turn readable text into text partially covered by switch blocks.

I see you changed things around here a bit at Lightvayne's suggestion, but unfortunately it's still slightly cutoff.

Another wrong corner tile, right below the brown block.

Lower the entrance position here to not make Mario stand in the air like this.

Cutoff right wall.

Cutoff block.

Nice idea actually, although a tad boring when all you have to do is run as fast as you can. Why don't you spice this part up a bit by varying the mushrooms' heights and/or adding a few small obstacles?

Is it just me, or does the goal walk take way longer than necessary? I suggest putting a pipe in the last scree leading you to the actual goal.

Cutoff corners.
Also, I'm not sure if the moon is too big of a reward for such a relatively small task... I guess it's fine, though.

So... as you can see, your main problem here is the large amount of cut-off tiles. When placing objects in a level, make sure they don't overlap another object in a way that reveals the background behind them or makes them look cut-off in some other way. Also make sure to always end your ledges etc. with the proper edge tiles. Look out for cases of cut-off everywhere - the ones I showed here might not be all of them.

You might want to take a look at this video to get an idea of what you should avoid in the future.
As I said, though, the level design is quite nice, and it looks like a rather promising hack overall. Keep on trying!
Hack Name: The Missing Plot Demo (V1.2)
Author: DDM295
Description: Difficulty= Average Compatible With NTSC SMW

Bowser has stolen the plot to this hack, and it's up to you to recover it and figure out what is going on!


11 dynamic levels to conquer (Now even better than V1.1!)

Plenty of environments to explore!

A castle to besiege!

A fun land, now more twisted than ever!

For a full list of changes from 1.1, consult the file included in the zip.



I feel sorry that I have to remove this hack, but yeah...there are still a couple of things that should be fixed. The hack is coming up nicely though, and as I see there are a lot of less problems in the new version than in the older.

It seems you didn't take/notice WYE's advice, the menu palette isn't the best (you could change it back to the original).

I'm still not sure about the OW, those brown tiles look really weird there...also, the whole OW is pretty blocky, you could help on that with a few hills or curves. Just a suggestion.

The blank line in the message box looks rather pointless, I'd rather you removed it.

Just a small bad tile there.

The OW events create a bunch of cutoff on the map...I recommend you using the proper layer 2 event tiles to create events, they look pretty weird now...

Having these blocks like this isn't that great.

Two smaller cutoff tiles and I still can go "into" the pipe.

Cutoff again. :(

Yeah, now this isn't beautiful at all. I don't recommend using the "pool" layer 1 graphics in a lake.

Just another small cutoff.

I can see the Sumo Bro falling down, which is quite weird. You should just place him on the ground.

Small cutoff.

And another one. Also, you shouldn't use the grass palette in a cave level, since it looks pretty weird. Use one of the cave palettes or make your own one.

Bunch of cutoff tiles.

The Piranha Plant gets stuck there, then jumps into the wall. Not the worst thing, but should be fixed I think.

Well, I think you can't just edit Switch Palace messages just like that. The two sprites (the dotted and filled green "!" blocks) will still remain in the box.

Avoid situations like this, because it's easy to get infinite lives this way.

The camera started a bit too low.


Yay for infinite2 lives! Also, more incorrect corner tiles.

So, that's it, I guess. Most of these weren't huge problems at all (well, maybe except the OW...), so it probably won't take a lot of time to fix these. Good luck, and have a nice day!