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Your Favorite School Subject

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What's your favorite school subject and why?

My favorite subject is science because I love learning more about the way the world works.
Science, all the way, because you learn so many cool and amazing things about our world and space. Plus you can do cool experiments and such.
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Definitely science -- I love learning about the world and how things work, so-to-speak.

And at that, Neuroscience. I just got into it, and yet it's awesome.

The brain is amazing and overlooked, really.
Used to be Math a couple of years ago, but now I will have to say Biology. And Chemistry too, except the teacher makes it so much more boring than it actually could be.
I don't really have reasons why I like these two subjects and not, for example, Physics. I guess for Chemistry, I just like the experimenting part mostly, and for Biology, the part where I can relate to my own life. Physics has none of that (although it has its experiments, those are usually less interesting to me).
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I like both Math and Science classes equally. I like them it's because I have an easy time with those kinds of classes. Also, I don't have to write stupid, annoying, pointless, and aggravating essays in those classes either.

Edit: I just remembered, but I also like gym class, since it was usually a fun class. Plus, no essays!
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Math, for sure.
Thanks to that class, I can understand half of the stuff Smallhacker says now.
Programming Class, simply because it's fun to me and I can actually make use of it at home already (why would I need to know Math for this!).
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My favourite subjects are Math, Physics and Chemical.

Math because I like challenges, Physics because I like to discover things about the "functionality" of the universe, and Chemical because it's basically Math with difficulty++.

Japanese is by far my favorite subject in school.
u jelly?
Japanese & Math.
I'm tired.

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English because I usually don't have to learn for it (my class knows much less English than me, and we learn very simple things) and IT because we learn cool stuff there.
But I also like Physics, Math and History sometimes.
In high school, it was English (i.e. literature). I also liked some social studies classes, such as U.S. History and International Relations.

Which sort of transferred to college as well, since I'm majoring in Political Science and English.
Maths, it's useful and interesting and I'm pretty handy at it.

Also Physics, 'cus it's all about the miracles.
My favorite school subjects are English and Biology.
English, because it's rather easy and I don't really have to learn for it, and Biology... well, because I find it interesting.

Also, I hate Math because I suck at it.
Math and English, I'd say, mostly because they're so easy to me.

...except I'm pretty much done with school now. Time flies.

If Music counts then I'd definitely go with that. Really fun and easy class, plus the kids in my class are all hysterical.

Otherwise, Math and Physics. Math is just fun overall and Physics is a lot more interesting than pretty much every other class.
Am I the only person here who likes History? I find it fascinating.
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